MTD & Festival Shuttle Schedules


Downtown & Waterfront Shuttle
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All guests can enjoy open-air, quiet Downtown and Waterfront Electric Shuttles. The fare is only 50 cents. The Downtown takes about 10-15 minutes to run from the waterfront up State to Sola St. before looping. All festival venues are between one and 4 blocks from stops. To attend films at Unity, get off at Sola & Anacapa and walk through the parks to 227 E. Arrellaga St. The Waterfront runs between the Harbor and East Beach. Use MTD for transport to shops and restaurants all day. They stop running at 6 PM.


Festival Shuttles

Mission Festival Shuttles will pick up and drop off passengers at the
BACK DRIVEWAY of the RETREAT CENTER (downhill from the
dining room), mornings, afternoons and evenings. They pickup and drop off at HOTELS in the EVENINGS ONLY after the MTD shuttles stop running at 6 PM. Below is a map showing the route. The Festival Shuttle schedule is here.


Downtown Shuttle
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Festival Shuttle Map
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waterfront shuttle

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