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Admissions is a short dramatic film starring Academy Award nominee James Cromwell that tells a transformational tale about what it takes to find lasting peace, even in war-torn places like the Middle East.



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Synopsis: Academy Award nominee James Cromwell plays an enlightened clerk who works in the admissions room for the afterlife. He is called on to guide an Israeli couple (Anna Khaja and Anthony Batarse), and a Palestinian (Oren Dayan), who go through admissions together because they have suffered similar tragic endings. As the details of their deaths and how their fates are intertwined become clear, the clerk attempts to teach them the wisdom required to find everlasting peace.



Is peace merely a utopian ideal or is it possible to achieve on earth? If hell is a nightmare that we have created for ourselves, what is the best way to wake up from it? What are problems caused by intolerance and closed-mindedness? Where do attack and condemnation come from? How can we stop the cycle of attack and counter attack?


The Global Resolution for the Establishment of Infrastructures to Support the Culture of Peace initiative is gathering ONE BILLION signatures to create peace departments, infrastructures for peace and economies of peace in countries worldwide.

Creator of the Film | John Viscount

JOHN VISCOUNT is a screenwriter, composer, author and creator of Admissions, winner of 26 international awards and starring Academy Award nominee, James Cromwell. John is also the author of Mind What Matters. A Pep Talk for Humanity. Currently John is a co-founder of PeaceNow.com, a non-profit organization that is gathering One Billion signatures to create peace departments in governments worldwide. Admissions is being offered as a ”Gift of Peace” free screening in five different languages to everyone who signs the petition. John also played a role in drafting the official Global Resolution of the movement in collaboration with United Nations Culture of Peace working groups. (www.peacenow.com/resolution/) Additionally, he has a slate of transformational film and television projects in development. John’s goal with all his writing is to cultivate more peace in the world through the creation of content that elevates as it entertains.