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Promotional Tool Kit

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These tips and timeline are specifically here in order to support your efforts to get the word out in your communities. There are many ways to publicize your event. Write emails to family members, friends, neighbors and community members. Ask people to RSVP for your event online via Facebook. Ask your school, place of worship, and any other organization you are a part of to help you publicize your film screening. Post flyers in your community and make announcements at community events and online through email listserves and social media to let everyone know about your event.

Here are some ways to get media attention:

• Write a letter to the editor, 150 to 200 about the issues covered in the film and why they are relevant.
• Write an Op-ed, providing background, a viewpoint.
• Blog about it and keep the conversation going online
• If local celebrities, like your Mayor, City Council Members, or important community members are participating include that in press releases.
• Write a short 30 second PSA for local radio stations that do community calendars.
• Submit to all local community calendars with who, what, when, where, why info.

Social Media: E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc., are ideal for networking and getting the word out to your lists, friends and other important people.  Link to your web site, or our site: http://www.agnt.org/

Make very  clear:  Date, Time, Location (with directions), Cost (if any)

Contact Local Media - Newspapers, local events magazines, radio, TV.  Perhaps tout this as a unique opportunity for the community to come together to discuss or dialogue about the issues in the film, get a Rabbi and an Iman. Call the paper and ask who usually covers issues, and then contact that person and invite them to come or to learn more about the movie and the event, including your organization.   Ask for the Assignment editors  or producers at local TV stations, radio or magazines and talk to them directly if you can. 

Directly invite your core audience—Church groups, family members, civic leaders, etc.  You know your community, what you are trying to accomplish, what is needed and who is important to include.  Make your invitations as personal as you can.
Have your event posted in local event calendars in your community's publications as well as on the web.
If you plan to have a panel discussion after the film, make sure that the news media knows about this and who will be on the panel (qualifications, etc.).  Also, make sure you have their commitment well in advance, and check in with them regularly.


Media Timeline:

As soon as possible:

1. Register your screening event with us so that we can publicize it.

2. "Like" and encourage friends to "Like" the Event on Facebook.

3. Follow @admissions and @underthesamesun on twitter and twitter about your event.

Two weeks out:

1. Blog, or ask a friend or favorite blogger to write about your event, The Welcome, and connect this event to the issues current in your community relating to veterans, community partnerships, etc.

2. Contact local paper or online news source and submit an op-ed to draw attention to your event and this issue.

3. Check in with your venue to make sure everything is ready to go on your screening date. Check in with your panel members to see if they have questions, etc.

One week out:

1. Send a short email description or a press release to reporters and follow up with a phone call to gauge their interest in attending. Include links to relevent websites, videos, press that Admissions or Under the Same Sun has already received, or anything else that would attract attention to your event. This email should be very succinct - date, time, location, as well as a short and strong statement about the film and the purpose your organizations has for putting on this screening.

2. Post on Facebook and Twitter to keep them involved and to make sure they know they are invited. This could be an exciting update as the event date approaches.

3. Post fliers locally. Make personal calls to local organizations, key people you would like to attend, screening partners, etc., and ask them to spread the word to their contacts as well.

4. Make sure you have information on the speakers, visuals, and other things needed to make your event easier to share.

The day of:

1. Have media representative from your organization or community on hand to answer questions.

2. Have your press release updated and ready for reporters and/or bloggers who show up, or to email out right after the event with highlights, images and a list of the key people or speakers who attended.