Association for Global New Thought presents Awakened World 2005


"Walk of Sacred Action: A Living Pilgrimage"


October 3-7, 2005  La Quinta Resort  La Quinta, California




Marianne Williamson

James and Salle Redfield

Jean Houston

Mrs. Ela Gandhi

Phil Cousineau

Andrew Cohen

Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Bill Ury

Jim Kenney

Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kelman

Rashied Omar

Dr. Samya Charika Marasinghe

Ashish Ramgobin

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Monday, October 3,

7:30 - 9:30 PM        Fiesta Ballroom

Opening Ceremonies:

"You will be Guided, You Will be Changed, You Will Be A Blessing "

Weaver: Dr. Michael Beckwith


Marianne Williamson


Musical performances by:

Joseph Lam

Peggy Lebo

Rickie Byars Beckwith

Jami Lula

Ester Nicholson


Tuesday-Friday, October 4-7

7-8 am                   Fiesta 14

Heart and Soul Yoga with Linda Watson


Join us each morning for an inspired experience of meditation-in-motion; gentle yoga and stretching to open your heart, soothe your soul, clear your mind and energize your body.  An invitation to ground and center yourself, preparing your body, mind and spirit for the fullness of the day.

Wear comfortable clothing - all levels of experience welcome!


Tuesday, October 4

9am - Noon             Fiesta Ballroom

"You will be Guided "

Weavers: Dr. Kathy Hearn, Dr. Barbara Fields


Jim Kenney 

"Sea Change: Living in a Time of Cultural Evolution"


We're living in a critical transformative period characterized by a steady decline in influence of some of our most familiar assumptions, values, and models for understanding. We've come increasingly to question and challenge the legitimacy of war, patriarchy, resource exploitation and pollution, racially-based policies, injustice, religious exclusivism, and imperialism. At the same time, we've begun to explore and even to commit to newer or rediscovered values including human rights, social justice, ecological sustainability, care for the Earth, non-violence, and interreligious harmony. Jim will discuss the implications for tomorrow's world of this extraordinary and promising dynamic in 21st-century cultural evolution, including his own organization's emerging partnership in the Abraham Path initiative.


Bill Ury * The Abraham Path Project

One of the core objectives of The Abraham Path initiative is a comprehensive education and awareness campaign centered on the understanding of, and respect for the three faiths that recognize the patriarch, Abraham, as their common forefather.   The Association for Global New Thought, partnering with the Interreligious Engagement Project for the 21st Century, and the Global Negotiation Project at Harvard University, plans to inspire 'Abraham Walks' in communities throughout the world whereby 'omni-local' grassroots teams comprised of people from all faiths and cultures will walk from churches to mosques to synagogues, and jointly create events and activities that exemplify new models for reconciliation. The walks will be undertaken in a context of deep study and dialogue focused on the complex religious, political, economic and humanitarian issues that underpin the seemingly intractable strife embedded in the region, itself, as well as the social tensions shared by 3 billion adherents of Abrahamic faith worldwide.


Levi Weiman-Kelman * (Videotaped Message) "Justice, Spirituality, and Peacemaking"

A rabbi's reflections on peace in the Middle East. A key figure among Israeli-Palestinian peace activists, Levi will offer a brief message on the realities and the possibilities of building cultures of peace in the Middle East.


A. Rashied Omar * The Role of Faith in Conflict Transformation in the Middle East

It is widely known that religion is deeply implicated in the conflict in the Middle East. The potential role of faith in conflict transformation, however, is less understood. One of the most important findings of conflict resolution research in recent years is that it is not sufficient for a sustainable peace agenda to be defined by secular approaches focusing exclusively on material interests. An emerging literature on religion, conflict, and peacebuilding is identifying modest ways in which religion can and is contributing to the transformation relationships and the healing of memories. This presentation will explore the efficacy of these new faith-based approaches to conflict transformation and strategic peacebuilding in the Middle East.



Musical performances by:


Peggy Lebo

Jami Lula

Brenda Marie Eager

Ester Nicholson



Presentation & Film Screening

Tuesday, October 4

12:15-1:30pm         Fiesta Ballroom


Gay Hendricks, Co-Founder (with Stephen Simon) of The Spiritual Cinema Circle


SPIRITUAL CINEMA: A Catalyst for New Activism
In this presentation, by viewing touching sequences from some of the best offerings of spiritually-inspired cinema over the past few years, you'll see why this compelling new genre of movies is making news and making a difference around the world. Spiritual cinema is the medium through which we have the most powerful possibility of inspiring the world and instilling messages of hope for the future.  It focuses on two important questions: Who are we? Why are we here? As demonstrated in today's presentation, this new catalyst for activism entails a personal, inner-directed and individual experience of the Divine as an integral part of our own humanity that illuminates the landscape of our evolution. It stirs us to remember whom we can be when we reach beyond the 'seen,' into a realm where we engage the magic and the miracle of the upper reaches of the human potential.


Tuesday, October 4, BREAKOUT SECTIONS

2:00 - 3:30 pm


Fiesta Ballroom 8
Jean Houston


A Mythic Journey as a Spiritual Activist.

Using the  seven stages of the powerful  myth of the Seven Brothers, Jean Houston will guide you through the essential trainings of those who would be world servers, spiritual activists who  are social artists and therefore can profoundly make a difference.      


Fiesta Ballroom 7

Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne and Samya Charika Marasinge


Tsunami: An opportunity for spiritual re-awakening

Dr. A.T. Ariyaratne


In Buddhist philosophy first of the four noble truths The Buddha discovered was the noble truth of suffering; second, the noble truth that there is the cause that brings about suffering; third, the noble truth that this cause can be removed, and fourth, that there is a path leading to the removal of suffering. Sarvodaya looked at Tsunami keeping in mind these four noble truths. Accordingly, the movement responded to this catastrophe by launching the  'Tsuami to Deshodaya', the Sarvodaya Plan for National Re-awakening.


Sarvodaya strongly believes that Tsunami is an opportunity for spiritual re-awakening. For example, Sarvodaya attempts to understand this unprecedented disaster in terms of the five cosmic laws taught by the Buddha. To protect and sustain our life support systems and prevent them from being subjected to man made or natural catastrophes. The Buddha advised us not to violate the five cosmic laws: cosmic law pertaining to genetic order (Bija Niyama), cosmic law pertaining to climatic cycles (Utu Niyama), cosmic law pertaining to cause and effect (Kamma Niyama), cosmic law pertaining to all phenomenon (Dhamma Niyama) and cosmic law pertaining to consciousness (Citta Niayama).   


From Tsunami tidal waves to spiritual healing waves

Dr. Charika Marasinghe


Charika Marasinghe will share with you how the feelings of fear, anxiety, stress and confusion in the hearts and minds of Tsunami survivors are being transformed into calm, tranquil, peaceful and contended thoughts through the Sarvodaya's psycho-spiritual healing programme. Charika will relate real life stories where survivors are trying to reconnect with the immense spiritual resources from which they can draw energy to heal the pain and suffering and to reawaken their lives with renewed faith and hope. Furthermore, this presentation will also highlight the initiatives adopted to transform the collective consciousness of tsunami survivors thus enabling the communities to develop right understanding and self-reliance based on strong spiritual energies and values.

Fiesta Ballroom 9
Jim Kenney


10 Reasons for Hope: Evolving Values in the Early 21st Century


Join Jim for an upbeat look at a world in the process of a major advance in cultural evolution. It may not seem like it, but ours is one of those rare times of sweeping positive change in understanding and values. We'll consider 10 signs of change that will get you thinking and hoping again. Among them: An emerging global consensus of values grounded in new approaches to peace and conflict transformation, social and economic justice and human rights, and ecological sustainability. Along the way, we'll consider vital corollary developments, from women's empowerment to the global interreligious movement and the rise of integral thinking.


Fiesta Ballroom 10

Sally Carless


Education for a Better World: envisioning, exploring, and experiencing a model of education that empowers, informs, enlivens, and plants the seeds for a peaceful, just, and sustainable future.


How do we prepare our children (and ourselves) to be wise, compassionate, and capable stewards of the planet? How can we be informed about our world without succumbing to apathy and despair? How do we translate our deepest yearnings for the planet and future generations into meaningful and effective action?  


These are the kinds of questions that led to the creation of Global Village School ( Using Global Village as a model, we will discuss methods of teaching peace, justice, diversity, and sustainability in ways that inspire and empower students of all ages to find their own ways to make a contribution to the world. We will explore the ongoing spiritual journey involved in bringing a vision into manifestation and encounter inspiring examples of 'ordinary' people whose spirituality sustains them and helps them do extraordinary things in service of the planet. We will also investigate some of the traps and pitfalls that can divert us from our deepest desires and intentions.


Participants will reflect together upon their own experiences and visions. In addition, everyone will receive a list of books, Web sites, and other resources that can be easily integrated into educational programs in schools, spiritual communities, or personal study.    


Tuesday, October 4, BREAKOUT SECTIONS

4:00 - 5:30 pm


Fiesta Ballroom 7

Rev. Wendy Craig Purcell, John McNeil and Christine Elliot 

Church of Today, San Diego, CA


Courage, Conviction and Commitment: Broadening Your New Thought Ministry To Include Spiritual Activism


 "It is more important to create a safer, kinder world than to recruit more people to the religion that happens to satisfy us."

~ Dalai Lama


Reverend Wendy Craig Purcell has stepped forward into the realm of leading her Unity Church into spiritual activism. At her Church of Today in San Diego, a group of over 70 congregants  meet regularly to educate themselves about how to advocate with Congressional Representatives to pass the Bill to establish a cabinet-level Department of Peace. Wendy has also sponsored speakers and activities at the church encouraging her congregation to apply their spiritual principles in the broader context of world events. In this session Wendy will share her experience “walking the fine line” between maintaining her support of the spiritual growth of her congregation, while encouraging them to go beyond and to truly live their spirituality to make positive changes in our world. John McNeil and Christine Elliot are co-coordinators of Church of Today's 'Americans For the Department of Peace' group and will share their perspectives of participating in the Church's evolution into spiritual activism.


 "It isn't enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn't enough to believe in it. One must work at it."

~ Eleanor Roosevelt
Fiesta Ballroom 8
Rev. Kelly Bryson


Power vs. Force: Spiritual and Practical Dimensions of Nonviolence

Imagine connecting with the human spirit, in each person, in any situation. Imagine interacting with others in a way that allows everyone's needs to be equally valued. Imagine creating organizations and life-serving systems responsive to our needs and the needs of our environment.

The process of Nonviolent Communication™ (NVC) helps connect us with what is alive in ourselves and in others moment-to-moment, with what we or others could do to make life more wonderful, and with an awareness of what gets in the way of natural giving and receiving.

NVC strengthens our ability to inspire compassion from others and respond compassionately to others and ourselves. NVC guides us to reframe how we express ourselves, how we hear others and resolve conflicts by focusing our consciousness on what we are observing, feeling, needing, and requesting. It is a process of empathy and honesty, and is sometimes described as 'the language of the heart.'

"It takes presence, practice, tools and skills to live joyfully and nonviolently in this world.  We will learn several processes for returning ourselves to the true power of presence, receive specific tools and get a chance to practice and develop skills for compassionately creating a fully lived life."   

Fiesta Ballroom 9

Diane V. Cirincione, Ph.D. & Barbara Marx Hubbard


"Regenopause" (Yes, it's what you think it is!)


Regenopause is the unifying, definitive, and immediately recognizable name for the second half of women’s lives and is certain to dramatically shift and expand the perspective of your life, work, and place in the world, regardless of your age.  Diane Cirincione will inspire you with her metaphor of the ancient Chalice and The Cycles of a Woman's Life which provide an ongoing map to redefining the aging process and revaluing the stages of your personal evolution.  Barbara Marx Hubbard will present Regenopause as the tipping point for women's new reality in the larger context of her theories of modern evolution. Together, they will formally launch The Regenopause Dialogues which inspire women to heal from the past, teach women to pause in the present, and invite women to regenerate into the future, fully expressing their Authentic Feminine Selves.  They invite you to be a part of this new direction for change. Regenopause is an adaptable, international 'frame' within which to nurture, educate, and exponentially expand women's life experiences; a frame in which women can find and facilitate both personal as well as global transformation. Join Barbara and Diane in this power packed, mind-expanding session, and be prepared to regenerate and shift!


Fiesta Ballroom 10

Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence Symposium

205 U.S. cities and 10 countries, 1998-2006


Working as a co-founder with Arun Gandhi of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, AGNT is the official Convener of the Gandhi & King: A Season for Nonviolence. The 64 day period between January 30, and April 4, 1998 commemorated the 50th and 30th memorial anniversaries of these legendary peace-makers.  Launched and closed at the United Nations from 1998- 2005, the Season empowered the formation of task forces to implement over 400 programs and projects in nonviolence in 205 cities since inception. Now institutionalized on a grassroots level, the Season has become an annual event.


SNV 2006 is forming now. For invaluable information on how to lead or participate in your community, and for deeply inspiring insight on these great peacemakers and the essence of their philosophy, be sure to attend.



Tuesday, October 4

7:30 – 9:30 pm               Fiesta Ballroom

"You will be Guided"

Weaver: Dr. Roger Teel


James Redfield & Salle Merrill Redfield:

AW2005 Behind-the-scenes highlights from the feature film,

"The Celestine Prophecy"

Join James Redfield,
author of the worldwide bestseller, The Celestine Prophecy, along with Salle Merrill Redfield, author of the Celestine Meditations as they chronicle the synchronistic journey of The Celestine Prophecy from a global bestseller to an upcoming major motion picture. They will share “behind the scenes” visuals and a never before seen trailer for the film.

At the end of the last century, The Celestine Prophecy
, a worldwide bestseller, introduced millions of readers to an appreciation of spiritual awareness and became an unprecedented publishing phenomenon.  Now just in time for the changing world, the mystical messages of the book that inspired million has been made into a compelling film, featuring an international cast including Matthew Settle, Thomas Kretschmann, Sarah Wayne Callies, Annabeth Gish, Hector Elizondo, Joaquim De Almeida and Jorgen Prochnowd

This long-awaited feature film adaptation of the sensational bestseller The Celestine Prophecy
(Warner, 1995) will be hitting movie screens nationwide in early 2006. Written by James Redfield and Barnet Bain, Oscar-winning producer of What Dreams May Come, and produced by Barnet Bain, Terry Collis and James Redfield, the film version of The Celestine Prophecy is certain to re-ignite interest in Intuition and Synchronicity in meeting the challenges of a world in transition.


Musical performances by:

Dena Isha

V. Khali

Brenda Marie Eager

Rickie Byars Beckwith



Wednesday, October 5,

Full Day Institute Intensives

10 am – 4 pm (Houston, Hubbard, Kenney)

($100 w/attending conference; $125 Institute only/no conference)

1 pm – 4 pm (Unity)

($50 w/attending conference; $75 Institute only/no conference)



EVEN IF YOU HAVE NOT PRE-REGISTERED, it is not too late to attend these rare opportunities for full-day intensives with dynamic conference presenters. Register anytime before 9:30am Wednesday at Fiesta del Sol Registration Counter.



Fiesta Ballroom 7

"Social Artistry and Life Purpose"


Jean Houston is a scholar, philosopher, cultural historian, storyteller and internationally renowned seminar leader in the human potential field. A prolific writer and author of 20 published books.


We find ourselves in the midst of the most massive shift of perspective  humankind has ever known. A new set of values--holistic, syncretic, relationship and process-oriented, organic and spiritual--is rising within us and around us.  Though the forces of entropy and fear seek to contain or regress us, we know there is no going back. Not only has the time come to step into our own social artistry and higher life purpose, but it comes just in time to serve a world in desperate need of our gifts. Come discover your place in the world scheme.


Fiesta Ballroom 8

"Experiencing the Communion of Pioneering Souls"


Barbara Marx Hubbard is the founder and president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution; Rev. James L. Lockard serves as Pastor of the Westlake Church of Religious Science, and is on the Board of Directors of Religious Science International; Carolyn Anderson is a co-founder and the co-director of Global Family, an international peace education organization affiliated with the United Nations.


Ministers and laypeople are invited to join Barbara Marx Hubbard and

Rev. James Lockard in a new exploration to combine the principles and

Practices of New Thought and Conscious Evolution - two pioneering spiritual/socialphilosophies to serve our planet in these critical times.

Jim and Barbara will work with leaders in New Thought and evolutionary

understanding to discover together a new developmental path for the

universal, cocreative human now being born in our midst. We will offer

and co-develop new templates for cocreation and conscious evolution

within the churches, and beyond in the larger world.  We feel that this

initiative will deepen New Thought and Conscious Evolution and bring

something new to the world that is deeply needed, and know that New Thought is ready to emerge as a guiding force of the conscious evolution  of humanity


Also at this Institute, Barbara and Carolyn Anderson will offer a new process for evolutionary spirituality including a Co-ordination and the formation of Universal Communion Circles to help us stabilize our consciousness as evolving humans. 


Fiesta Ballroom 9

"Cultural Evolution and Cultures of Peace"


Jim Kenney is Executive Director of the Interreligious Engagement Project (IEP21) a founding trustee, and Global Director (1995-2002)  of the Parliament of the World’s Religions. A. Rashied Omar is a Muslim imam from Cape Town, South Africa, a Trustee of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions and Coordinator of the Kroc Institute's Program in Religion, Conflict and Peacebuilding at the University of Notre Dame.


Are we living in a time of accelerated cultural evolution? If so, what are the signs? Is there an emerging consensus of positive approaches to peace, justice, and sustainability? And what are the implications for conflict transformation in our own communities, regions, and religious groups? This intensive workshop will bring it all together: cultural evolution, peacemaking, conflict transformation, and community action. We'll recap the big ideas from the plenary presentations and then move to small group and whole group discussions of personal stories on the themes of cultural evolution and peace activism. We'll conclude with a detailed exploration of what is being done and what can be done. If you're committed to understanding the change that's underway, to making a difference, and to taking something home to your own community, this is the workshop for you.


Fiesta Ballroom 10

1-4 pm


"Current Scientific Research on Prayer and its link to Our Well Being"


Mitchell W. Krucoff,  M.D., Professor of Medicine/ Cardiology, and Suzanne Crater, R.N., both from Duke University Medical Center and co-directors of the MANTRA and MANTRA II studies; Marilyn Schlitz, Ph. D., Vice President of Research and Education for the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), and Senior Scientist at the Research Institute at the California Pacific Medical Center; Bob Barth, director of the Office of Prayer Research. The Office of Prayer Research is committed to strengthening humanity's understanding of prayer through available research and education

The scientific and medical communities have greatly increased their study of the power of prayer and other noetic therapies in the last few years. Woven into these studies are the underlying effects of prayer, religion, and spirituality on the human condition.  

Come interact with experts in the field; examine current trends and findings; and develop practical tools you can take with you.
What roles do prayer and noetic therapies, including touch therapy, stress relaxation, and imagery, play in the healing process?  What trends or breakthroughs can be understood by closely reviewing over 200 scientific prayer studies? This workshop will answer these questions and more. I will also provide a framework for discussion and development of practical applications to use in living a better life.



Ministers' Lounge and Meditation Room
Throughout the conference...
      Fiesta 12

Wednesday, October 5 & Thursday, October 6
12:15-1:30pm                           Fiesta 12           

Ministers: Bring your lunch and participate in dialogue facilitated by Rev. Kathleen Verigin, Senior Minister, Abundant Life  Center, Vancouver, WA, and members of the AGNT Leadership and Advisory Council

We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For!
But Are We Taking Care of Us?

The beauty of New Thought is that we can change our lives by changing our thinking. The curse of New Thought is that this principle often overlooks the reality of the human condition, stress and burnout. Spiritual leaders are human beings who have answered a calling to be of service. Today the literal calls come to us through a wide variety of avenues, phone, fax, email, text messages, etc. Today the spiritual calls are coming from all over the world, not just within the safety of our spiritual communities. How are spiritual leaders coping in a local and global context with the stresses associated with being a minister? What is the sacred inner pilgrimage for the contemporary minister? Can burnout be transformed into re-igniting our sacred fire walk?



Wednesday, October 5,

7:30 - 9:30 PM        Fiesta Ballroom

"You will be Changed"

Weaver: Rev. Mary Omwake


Jean Houston

The Mystery of Purpose and Destiny


Jean Houston writes: "I believe that purpose is two-fold: we have a local

purpose and a global purpose.  Taken together they call us toward greater awareness and higher usefulness.


Increasingly, individuals are feeling a depth of call to high destiny.  however, the call is now democratized and planetary.  In these times of tremendous upheaval, the need is urgent and the only maps or designs lie within the soul.


How can we align ourselves with the highest purpose and live fully primed in its power?  I want to offer he participants in the AGNT conference ways in which they can feel themselves charged by purpose, aware of their higher destiny, and dedicated to moving toward it with excitement, joy and panache."


Musical performances by:


JD Martin

Jan Garrett

Dena Risha

Charles Holt

Rickie Byars Beckwith

Ester Nicholson


Thursday, October 6               SPECIAL EVENT

7-9:00 am

Meet in Fiesta Ballroom – Guided walk in nearby low desert


The Pilgrimage Walk

A short, silent, symbolic walk from La Quinta grounds, via residential street, and inward along easy path toward mountains farming the beautiful low desert. Then back to La Quinta for closing chant in time for 9:30 plenary program in the Fiesta Ballroom.


7:00 am SHARP Meet in silence in Fiesta Ballroom for opening prayers and the sounding of the bell signaling the beginning of the silent walk. We will walk together in silence, in solidarity with pilgrims walking throughout the world. Guided by Rev. Ellen Grace O'Brian, Spiritual Director of the center for Spiritual Enlightenment, San Jose, California.



The difference between a journey and a pilgrimage is this: on a journey, reaching the goal means success; a pilgrimage is successful only when each step becomes the goal.

-- Brother David Steindl-Rast


As pilgrims we leave behind what is already known; we let go of our agendas and expectations and walk forth into the desert attending to the heart as our guide for the journey. This extraordinary opportunity for a silent pilgrimage at the midpoint of the conference offers those who embrace it a turning point, a threshold opening upon inner vistas of possibility. To embody our inspiration we walk in prayer, becoming the prayer itself. And as we walk, the prayer prays us, and changes us—one conscious step at a time. When Rabbi Abraham Heschel walked with Dr. Martin Luther King in Selma he said, "My feet are praying." In this morning pilgrimage, we will pray with our feet as we open ourselves fully to being instruments of peace in our awakening world.


Thursday, October 6

9:30 am - Noon               Fiesta Ballroom

"You Will Be A Blessing"

Weavers: Rev. Howard Caesar, Tom Zender


Phil Cousineau 

"The Art of Pilgrimage: Transforming Our Inner Life By Walking Through the Outer World"


For millennia, pilgrimage has emphasized deep attention and devotion to the Divine presence in every moment. Over the last decade the world has witnessed a phenomenal resurgence in the ancient practice of pilgrimage, the spiritually transformative journey to a holy place. More people are taking spiritual journeys to both sacred and secular sites than at any time since the middle Ages. This movement has transformed the travel industry as well as widened the scope of spiritual experience.


This presentation will utilize a multimedia approach to the revival and relevance of pilgrimage as we explore its rich variations, ranging from Aborigine, Native American, Islamic, Christian, Jewish pilgrimage, to non-traditional ones, such as visits to artists and writer's homes, military gravesites, nature preserves, and ancestral roots. We will also discuss the deeper implications of pilgrimage as a model for seeking the sacred in everyday life.


Ela Gandhi & Ashish Ramgobin 

"A Holistic Approach to Social Problems"
Now ten years into our fledgling democracy, the civil society organizations in South Africa, have been forced to re-evaluate our methods of providing services to the disadvantaged communities. Funding for community development is being compromised, needs are increasing and society is degenerating. With her involvement within the democratic regime and as an activist in civil society, Mrs. Gandhi, presenting with her daughter, Ashish Ramgobin, realizes the overwhelming need for coordinated services to be provided. We therefore began a process of building a coordinated approach to our work with other like-minded organizations.
Together, the network of these organizations work toward attitudinal change, the rebuilding of moral values, active practices of nonviolence, sustainable livelihoods and practices, interfaith tolerance and harmony, and national empowerment. Our approaches and methods vary to ensure that each sector of our society is appropriately targeted. However, because we have shared values, the impact of our work is complementary and holistic.  In this spirit, the organizations have jointly decided to set up a centre for nonviolence which will provide all the services listed below and further it will provide courses on non violence as a discipline.


Musical performances by:



Charles Holt

JD Martin

Jan Garrett

I Dream of Rain

Ester Nicholson


Thursday, October 6, BREAKOUT SECTIONS

2:00 – 3:30 pm


Fiesta Ballroom 7
Phil Cousineau


The Art of Sacred Pilgrimage: The Seeker's Guide to Making Travel Sacred


This in-depth session will follow the "great round" of pilgrimage from the Longing and The Call to Spiritual Adventure, down the Pilgrim's Way, through the Labyrinth, until we reach The Arrival at the sacred site, before coming full circle to the last stage, Bringing Home the Boon. The session will include slides, film clips, music, writing and meditation exercises, and robust discussion.


Fiesta Ballroom 8

John Raatz


"Media, Message and Meaning"


Founder and Principal of The Visioneering Group, has a diverse background.  A skilled and experienced communicator, administrator, musician, teacher and entrepreneur, the thread that runs through Raatz's professional life is an abiding commitment to others' excellence and success ... and to the unfolding process that's lifting all of humanity to a new level of conscious expression. Since 1988, The Visioneering Group (TVG), whose mission is "Linking Spirit, Vision and Values with Communication to Promote a Positive Future," has represented many of the foremost authors, books, films and musical projects in the transformational Cultural Creatives / "new thought" movement, bridging clients' messages from this group into the mainstream marketplace. 

Fiesta Ballroom 9
Andrew Cohen


Evolutionary Enlightenment: A Spirituality for the 21st Century


"When you awaken and suddenly recognize your own place in the evolutionary process, you realize something BIG: that it's all up to you. Consciousness is not going to evolve by itself. If the evolutionary potential inherent in consciousness is going to be activated, you have to be responsible for it. Why? Because it is only through the human vehicle that the creative principle, the God impulse that initiated this whole process, has the capacity to know itself." Don't miss this rare opportunity to engage in intimate dialogue with one of today's most dynamic spiritual teachers. Discover how you can actively engage in the evolution of consciousness, and experience the profound significance of your own transformation on our collective future.



Fiesta Ballroom 10

Cynthia Henson & Rita Marie Johnson


Feeling Peace, Speaking Peace:  Two Skills that Feed the Evolution of Consciousness

"The Peace Army of Costa Rica is pursuing the right idea with the right methods in a visionary social experiment.  By teaching proven skills for 'feeling peace' and 'speaking peace', this unique project will impact the consciousness of an entire country and demonstrate that lasting peace is both practical and possible" (Deepak Chopra).

The Peace Army holds a vision of Costa Ricans passing on two skills of peace from generation to generation. Peace Army trainers offer the two methods to teachers who then pass them on to their students:



Thursday, October 6, BREAKOUT SECTIONS

4:00 – 5:30 pm


Fiesta Ballroom 7

Rev. Ellen O'Brian


Silence, Social Action and Paradigm Shift


The spiritual practice of meditation takes us outside the box of thinking mind and into direct communion with our essential nature. That spiritual nature is not something we can use to bring about change, yet for our work to be transformative it must inform all that we do. To be effective we must embrace it, yet it is not embraceable. This session will explore the relationship between silence, social action and paradigm shift both in our individual experience and in the group field. Experience your own relationship to silence as a foundation for inspired action and discover deep resources for engaging your community in a vision for an awakened world. Includes meditation practice, dialog focused on the heart and soul of social action, exploration of superconscious awareness in the group field, and support for your own walk of faith that brings the dynamics of silence and social action together.
Fiesta Ballroom 8
Raphael Cushnir


Spirit and Radical Justice


In the words of John Berger, "We only see what we look at." What the New Thought movement looks at with great passion is the one Spirit that connects us all. But that interconnectedness also exists in the "real world," literally from the ground up. How we grow our food, spend our money, make our choices and raise our voices impacts every living thing directly.


Radical Justice requires that we look at all that, too, unflinchingly. It's

about heart, not guilt. It's about truth, not blame. It's about letting go

of comfort and privilege in order to find our deepest calling. It's about

speaking truth to power, with joyful, thunderous conviction, and fighting

with great courage for a world that reflects the very best in all of us.


Come to this lively interactive workshop and brainstorm your own form of

Radical Justice. Discover how to make it a cornerstone of your daily life.

Fiesta Ballroom 9

Ela Gandhi & Ashish Ramgobin


A Holistic Approach to Critical Problems in our Society.


Ela and her daughter, Ashish, have made a long journey to share with us the models they have developed.  You will be amazed to learn their significance to our own growing imperative to create here in the U.S. stronger, spiritually-based grassroots networks, and alternative systems for social sustainability.


Ela and Ashish write: Now ten years into our fledgling democracy, we, the civil society organizations, have been forced to re-evaluate our methods of providing services to the disadvantaged communities. Development funding is being rationalized, needs are increasing and society is degenerating. With my involvement within the democratic regime and as an activist in civil society, I realized the overwhelming need for coordinated services to be provided. We therefore began a process of building a coordinated approach to our work with other like-minded organizations. The organizations that form part of this network are listed below with their primary work and goals.


Together, we work towards attitudinal change, moral regeneration, active practices of non violence, sustainable livelihoods and practices, interfaith tolerance and harmony and nation-building. Our approaches and methods vary to ensure that each sector of our society is appropriately targeted.  However we have shared values and thus the impact of our work is complementary and holistic. In this spirit the organizations have jointly decided to set up a centre for nonviolence that will provide all the services listed below and further it will provide courses on non violence as a discipline:


Satyagraha - In Pursuit of Truth

In order to promote community education we started a newspaper in 1999. As the idea was to promote Gandhian values we called it Satyagraha.  Its focus is on:


The Gandhi Development Trust (GDT)

Established on the 19th August 2002, our mission is to build a spirit of reconciliation,  to help create a common nationhood,  to create a culture of peace and nonviolence, to work on issues of development and empowerment, to promote a deeper understanding of democracy, to promote human values, to learn from and about our history, to mobilize the community to work for change through the inspiration of our powerful heritage.


The World Conference on Religion and Peace

Extensively involved in promoting religious tolerance, peace education in schools, dialogue between culturally and religiously diverse groups on HIV and AIDS and building harmony among all South Africans.


Participative Development Initiative

An NGO working towards the promotion of sustainable development as a tool towards eradicating poverty. The organization is currently developing a sustainable development centre at the Phoenix Settlement, where people will benefit from sustainable livelihoods promotion, post graduate courses on Sustainable Development, organic seed production and incubation facilities for small business. PDI’s primary contribution to this process is the development of a holistic approach to community and individual growth in South Africa with emphasis on personal development as a catalyst for social development.


The Domestic Violence Helpline(DVHL)

Set up in 1998 and provides a 24 hour telephone counseling service as a primary focus.  In addition it provides empowerment through skills training in crafts making and marketing as well as education and awareness programs in communities and schools.  This project is a small neighborhood project and is presently engaged in establishing a networking and cooperative relationship with other nonprofit and community based organizations in order to provide a holistic service to victims of violence. 


Fiesta Ballroom 10

Harry Morgan Moses, D. D.


The Conscious Diplomacy of New Thought

Our world is in the process of awakening into universal consciousness. The awakening to spiritual principals, which belong to all people, traditions, religions, and ways of life will emanate out through our religious, secular, business and political institutions. The understanding of the "window of perception," which New Thought offers gives us the opportunity to be conscious in our networking and brings forth the opportunity for spiritual diplomacy.


Thursday, October 6,

7:30 - 9:30 PM        Fiesta Ballroom

"You will be a Blessing"

Weavers: Dr. Christian Sorenson, Rev. Carol Carnes photos


Dr. A.T.Ariyaratne

A Pilgrim on a Living Pilgrimage


In this session A.T. Ariyartne will share his own personal journey for the past fifty years to build up, perhaps, the world's largest people's participatory movement, elaborating how, with each step whether he succeeded or failed but enriched himself spiritually. This pilgrimage was one that was filled with insurmountable challenges that required an abundance of loving kindness, compassionate action, pleasant language, equanimity and noble effort. A.T. Ariyaratne single handedly led tens of thousands of pilgrims who believed and joined him in this pilgrimage. Over this fifty-year period these pilgrims collected a vast ocean of spiritual energies ready for sacred action.


Dr.Charika Marasinghe

A Living Pilgrimage: From heart to heart, from mind to mind


Charika will walk you through the spiritual journey of Vishva Niketan. In this journey you will meet humble rural village folks, energetic urban and rural youth, agitated prison inmates, iron-hearted prison officers, worn-out corporate managers, stressed-out school children, joyous but anxious expectant mothers and their spouses etc. You will witness how Vishva Niketan's spiritual message of healing the mind, healing the society and healing the environment has journeyed through the hearts and minds of these people thus transforming their own lives and the lives around them.


Andrew Cohen

Creating the Future

"Evolutionary Enlightenment is all about creating the future. When the free will of the individual lines up with the imperative to evolve, human life is transformed. You begin to see your own evolution as nothing less than a sacred obligation."
Andrew Cohen is a spiritual teacher unique in his ability to communicate a context for human life that is vast, inclusive, and implicating. He asks and boldly answers the questions, Who are we? What is our essential purpose? How shall we live in a rapidly changing world that may literally be at the tipping point? Calling us to rise to a higher level of consciousness not only for our own development but for the sake of our collective future, Andrew will draw you into his unique perspective of Evolutionary Enlightenment, revealing a new order of human potential, one with the power to transform our culture and our world.



Musical performances by:

Cal Bennett

The Agape International Choir

Rickie Byars Beckwith



Friday, October 7

9:00 am - Noon               Fiesta Ballroom

Closing Ceremonies: "As Our True Pilgrimage Begins.."

Weaver: Rev. Argentina Glasgow


Rev. Wendy Craig Purcell – Church of Today Unity, San Diego CA

Dot Maver – Executive Director, The Peace Alliance
Christine Elliot and John McNeil - Co-Coordinators, 'Americans For the Department of Peace'


"Our Spirituality Demonstrated: Creating Peace Through Spiritually-Motivated Social Activism"

Just as Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. began his civil rights movement in his church, New Thought ministers are beginning to encourage spiritually-motivated social activism in their congregations. Many of us, ministers and congregants, feel drawn by Spirit to make a contribution to the evolution of our world, but may feel overwhelmed by the scope of the task. Our presenters will share their personal experiences in initiating social activism in the form of activities advocating in support of the Bill to establish a cabinet-level Department of Peace, specifically Church of Today Unity in San Diego: the joys and challenges, and how social activism presents a unique opportunity to apply our spiritual principles in a bigger context than New Thought traditionally has done. Attendees may want to consider forming their own Department of Peace activist groups within their churches or selecting other global causes for making a concrete difference in our world.


"Those of us born into this period bear an enormous responsibility, as we have chosen to be alive in physical form at the time of one of the most significant and crucial evolutionary developments in humankind's long history on the earth…You will either play a role by doing nothing, or you will play a role by doing everything that you can to create the outcomes of your choice as humanity creates its collective tomorrow."


Neale Donald Walsch

Conversations With God Weekly Bulletin: July 24, 2005







For the past forty years, Barbara's unprecedented contribution to the shift of social consciousness on this planet has never wavered. Now in her 75th year, this founding elder Emeritus of the Association for Global New Thought will be honored by her entire community with this honor to be presented annually in her name. It is with great love, gratitude and hope, in light of the possibilities she has uniquely envisioned, that we invite you share in this historic celebration, enjoy a short video biography, and be inspired by Barbara's original remarks on this occasion.


Musical performances by:

Cal Bennett


The Agape International Choir

Rickie Byars Beckwith