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What a joy sharing the AGNT conference with everyone. It sparked a deep remembering within me of how we all live in "the field". With the exception of all the human beamings I met, Lynne McTaggart with "The Field" and "The Intention Project" reminding us that wherever we are we are known, and Nipun Mehta along with Silas, Suzanne, Sukh, and Francisco with "Birthing a Gift Economy" were the big standouts for me. How amazing would it be to live in such a way that we all had our needs met without money? A dream of mine all my lifetime and they are all contributing to putting this natural process into form! Barbara Marx Hubbard put the icing on the cake with her story of healing and transformation was yet another gift, in a week full of gifts. I purchased the DVD for her talk to share with my spiritual family here in Hawaii because I could never do it justice in the retelling. The Evolution of Revolution was the perfect name for a conference that offered tangible, day to day useful, inspiring actions and ideas that can truly make a difference NOW on this planet.
Reverend Pomaika`i Coulon
New Thought Center of Hawai`i

It was a privilege to hear author B. Alan Wallace, Ph.D., tell of his life experiences and his cutting edge research on "Consciousness and Quantum Physics." It was energizing and life changing to hear. His mind/science explorations are very impressive. His Santa Barbara Institute of Consciousness is conducting important studies. I'm now on his web site via Many thanks to AGNT for providing this very valuable learning opportunity.
As followup, I am reading two of Dr. Wallace's books. "The Attention Revolusion...unlocking the power of the focused mind." is essential to those who meditate and those who wish to benefit from a compilation of methods. Next I will read his "Hidden Dimensions...the unification of physics and consciousness." I will read his others books in the future..
I consider Dr. Wallace's body of information as post graduate educational studies. Ernest Holmes, Ph.D., founder of Science Of Mind theory and practice, encouraged accepting new information as being "open at the top."
Miss T. Imschweiler
Center for Spiritual Living - Palm Desert, CA

(1)The highlight for me was Dr. Hagelin's two presentations. With his intellectual command of both physics and meditation, he produced a scientifically-documented slide encompassing the whole Unified Field with consciousness.  Since I have had a profound Enlightenment experience myself, I am thrilled to have a conceptualization that includes my experience.
(2)The stage design was artistry itself, as were Deva Premal & Miten. I had never heard them, and their putting music to montras, or montras to music, just kept the audience climbing higher and higher until we were a oneness singing with them. Then we went to sleep and the next morning, there they were as music for the Sunday Service.
(3)Barbara Marx Hubbard's presentation of the Cosmic Family Reunion just blew me away. Here this beautiful lady of 80 with slender body and swirling white hair was rewriting the dysfunctional mystical tale about humanity from the Old Testament from 1000 BC to heal our collective story in the unconscious. Eve forgives Yahwey for rejecting her, Yahwey in appreciation restores Lucifer as light, and Adam as the Prodigal Son Is welcomed home by Yahwey. Yes, let Western Civilization now become a healthy Family of Man and Woman.
Joan P. LaMontagne, PhD.

The overall impact of the AGNT conference was beyond my expectations. The combination of speakers and topics, along with the music touched me on such a level that I feel forever transformed and grateful. During the discussion by Nipun Mehta and friends I was struck by the awesome truth that Spirit will provide all that is needed when we shift from the consciousness of getting to giving. Prior to the conference I had an intellectual awareness of this truth. What occurred during the conference was the deep realization on a heart level that we are all fully supported and as one speaker said, "Our security lies in how much we give." I carry this with me in my daily activities, embody it in all of my actions and see this as the vision of our great future.
Gina Harris

The opening night speakers were absolutely amazing--one after the other. I thought it was a very effective way to set the tone for the event by presenting brilliant splashes of inspiration by several of New Thought's very best, interspersed w/ music.
I also would like to say the the band was particularly gifted and sensitive. They were not bombastic and tuned into every musical nuance and opportunity for dynamics.
Harold Payne

I was nourished and inspired by most all the presenters and musicians. I was particularly "stretched" and reassured that AGNT has to go beyond the tried and true substance of consciousness raising talks and music by your inclusion of two presenters, Tom Hartman and Thomas Barnett. The content and delivery was exciting as well as thought provoking.
The "Gift Economy" presentation as well as Barbara Marx Hubbard's were two other highlights which just have to be noted.
The music was wonderfully energizing as well as consciousness raising. I appreciated the "space" created by Mite and Deva Premal.
Sandra Long

We loved the exquisit combination of creative endeavors and workshops. During a stressfull economic environment it is inspiring to see kindness, creativity and enthusiasm played forward with a positive outlook. We live in abundance when we attract plenty with intention.
Rev. Liza Rhodes-Reese

This was my first time at the AGNT conference. I went to the conference with high expectations and as we know we often set ourselves up for disappointments, this was not true in this case. I embraced every moment that was shared by the speakers,each one bringing a new dimension of enlightment, the break out sessions, that awaken the soul and the music that magically filled the air.
My heart was touched so deeply that the following Sunday I shared with my congregation the deepth of my experience.
As I began my talk I began to re-live the magnifience of the previous week. I spoke of meeting Azim Kharmisa and listening to his story on the true meaning of forgiveness. I introduced to them the speakers of the gift economy and again reminded them of paying it forward with a new twist, "Karma Kitchen". I shared with them, that there are young men and women out there that are coming up with creative ideas and doing good deeds that brings peace to the world.
The concert Saturday evening performed by Deva Premal, Miten and their flutist was also heard at the end of my talk as the CD was played. The song, "So Much Magnifience", rang sofly in the minds, Spirit and soul that was within the sound of music. I flashed back to that evening, as I heard the silent applause in my heart, releasing the tears that flowed down my checks. They were ones of joy, love,and peace connecting to the Spiritual oneness to the higher self.
After the talk my staff Minister walked over hugged me and said, "You have changed," I replied, "Yes I have." Change happen when you least expect it.
This was my first time, it won't be my last.
Rev Linda Lee Allison

One of my most memorable moments was the entire "Gifting" or Paying It Forward sessions. I still have 4 "SMILE" cards in my wallet. They say:
"You've just been tagged! Experiments in Anonymous Kindness is the name of the game, and now - you're IT. Someone reached out ot you wiht an anonymous act of kindness. Now it's your chance to do the same. Do something nice for someone, leave this card behind, and keep the spirit going!"
Not only do I intend to use the rest of my cards, I also tell others at work about the experience of that weekend! Not only do people relate, they also tell me of their personal moments they "paid it forward". It seems that more and more people are beginning to do conscious gifting and as it continues, it'll make the world a much better place! I believe that by talking about it in addition to doing it, we're perpetuating these random acts of kindness!
Nolan Hee and Faith Rivera

This was among the better conferences I have ever attended, perhaps "the best!" The hotel was lovely. We loved the outside lounges to sun between events. The arrangement of sets of 7 chairs gave us room so we were not sitting in each others auras! Stage settings were exquisite with fresh flowers daily.
The most treasured speakers were Rev. Michael Beckwith and Barbara Max Hubbard! Each was so refreshing in their viewpoints of hope and consciousness changes. The one day intensive with Gateway Mystery Schools was most unique, learning to recognize and use energy. The variety of music, inspirational!
Joyce Zehnder aka "Rev Zen"

For right now -- I just want to say thanks -- it was great -- it really was an exciting and fertile creative experience. I talked to a bunch of people, and it all flowed with a kind of magic.
I love that phrase "Dawn's Early Light" -- I was thinking about creating a discussion group with that name, and posting some of the thoughts that grew in me during the conference....
The conference, and everything that is connected to it, really IS a kind of "dawn's early light" -- I guess the various ways we keep connecting help make that sun come up....
Bruce Schuman

Our belief that the youth of today does not care about the needs of society, ended at the 2008 AGNT conference. On Saturday we heard presentations from a number of New Thought youth lead by Nipun Mehta who spoke about the "Gift-Economy" which beautifully showed they not only care about the planet, they are also doing positive things and creating programs to benefit humanity. Their "pay-it-forward" attitude impressed us to the point of our wanting to take more action than we already do towards helping people. We received a gift that day to know the future is in good hands.
Revs. Abigail and Dr. Stephen Albert

Thomas Barnett was an unexpectedly fresh light.
Free of scientific or spiritual agenda, he exposed a wounded area of our collective fear consciousness and applied healing. His expanded vantage point of war economics and the reality of the global peace efforts offered an unusually strong impetus for a positive shift in consciousness amongst the AGNT participants.
As we (the global family of evolving souls) continue to ask the Universal Presence for love, healing and greater understanding, may we remain alert and open to the gifts of the most unlikely saviors. Without evidence of soul liberation, unified fields or eternal peace, our brother Thomas Barnett managed to transmit a message of 'All is Well' . Thank you!
Rev. Rodney Gene Jr. / GOSA

Talk about excited, every since the first time I heard the Moola Ma, I couldn't wait to experience the sound of Deva Primal. Excitement raced throughout the my being and through out room, it was palpable, we were an overflowing, expectant crowd. Finally the first strands of music were brought forth and concert began. The beautiful music captured the hearts, minds, and souls of the participants. Deva's voice and countenance was breath taking, but Spirit had a revolutionary moment waiting for me; waiting to rock my world -- Miten. What an open, genuine, real, right, authentic being Miten revealed himself to be. A throw back to the sixties and seventies, his love for what he does and the purity with which he does it creates an opening in the heart that he then fills to overflowing with music, humor, story and down right pure feeling. Yes, I came for Deva and I fell in love with Miten.
Rev. Toni G. Boehm, Ph.D.

It was an awesome conference! I thank you so much for all the time, effort, and love that you and your staff poured into it. The music was wonderful!
I was deeply moved by John Hegelin's talk and breakout session. His validation of the power of meditation and discussion of how it works and the affects on the mind and body was incredible. I believe he said there were over 600 scientific studies proving that it works. The power of group meditation was further backed up by Lynn McTaggerts talk. As a direct result of the conference, I just finished taking the training for transcendental meditation. I hope that many people were inspired to begin or continue their meditation practices as a result of the conference. Indeed, our consciousness is probably the only thing we can control these days!
Steve White

It was an awesome conference! I thank you so much for all the time, effort, and love that you and your staff poured into it. The music was wonderful!
Having attended several New Thought conference, including UFBLS POT, I found this conference to be one of the best.
The two areas that impressed me the most was the first day session "Science"and "Spirituality". It was amazing, (maybe not) how science and spirituality are one. How science has shown that prayer, meditation has a measurable profound impact on everything we do. In so many conferences we only see one side of the equation (spirituality side). It was good to see the whole equation and the results.
The other session that had an impact on be was the gifting presentation and how it took off right in and after the session was completed. I have a hand full of the 'Smile' cards and been using them. It feels good to do random acts of kindness.
Rev. Frank Gindraw

I was not able to stay for Sunday morning so ordered the CD's so I could hear Barbara Marx Hubbard as the subject matter was very interesting to me. My favor SOM classes to teach are Bible and History, Metaphysical Bible, etc., so was excited to hear what she had to say. So daring and invocative. I LOVE THE CD'S. She is onto the answer of again balancing the Yang and Yin energy of the planet through the feminine energy of inclusiveness, co-operation, empowerment and just plain old fashion compassion and empathy. I want to support the effort to get the "new story" out in every way possible, because a mind once exposed to a new idea can not any longer be cemented in its original position. Even if it is not embraced there has been a crack in their own cosmic egg. Reconciliation it the paradigm of the future, as well as co-operation, and the strong intention of wanting for all what we want for ourselves. Clean water, safe place to dwell, a work to do that brings dignity and enumeration in order to take care of the needs of our families and ourselves, a God to love freely without being persecuted because it is not your "god". Clean air, good food that nourishes the body. And people to love and be loved by. This is the basic cry of the human heart. The way it looks will be different for everyone, but some way of living life that is satisfying. In the financial melt down of America (planned in my opinion), perhaps the "good, the jewel to be found" is the return to morality, integrity and humility for the consciousness of the thinking world.
Rev. Patricia Truman

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