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Title       Price
Revolution in Consciousness Rev. Michael Beckwith et al.       $20.00
The Intention Experiment Lynn McTaggart       $15.00
The Conscious Universe B. Alan Wallace, PhD       $15.00
Transforming Society from Inside Out John Hagelin, PhD       $15.00
War and Peace in the 21st Century Thomas Barnett       $15.00
Spiritual Foundations for Change Audrey Kitagawa       $15.00
The New Story of Patriotism Thom Hartmann; Neal Rogin       $20.00
Birthing a Gift Economy Nipun Mehta and Friends       $20.00
The Evolutionary Sermon; Closing Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Beckwith       $20.00
Powering Up Lynn McTaggart       $20.00
The Shamata Project B. Alan Wallace       $15.00
Deep Spirit: Science & the Noetic Code Dr. Christian De Quincey       $15.00
Science, Perception and Prayer Rev. Franci Prowse       $15.00
The Cosmic Family Reunion Barbara Marx Hubbard       $20.00
EnlightenNext: A 22 Year Experiment Jeff Carreira and Amy Edelstein       $15.00
2009 Parliament of the World's Religions: An Exploratory Session/ Grove Harris       $15.00
Enlightened Leaders / Evolutionary Organizations Rev. James Trapp       $15.00
Creating the Unified Field Dr. John Hagelin       $15.00
The New World of Business & Politics Corinne McLaughlin       $15.00
Socially Conscious Leadership Azim Khamisa       $15.00
What Is Your "Shift Point"? Audrey Kitagawa       $15.00
Strategies for Season for Nonviolence Tony Ricchutti and Students       $15.00
Wisdom Walk: Creating Peace & Balance Rev. Dr. Sage Bennet       $15.00
Using Our (Energy) Bodies for Healing Gay Luce and Deborah Jones       $15.00
Unity in Unity: A Case Study Charlotte Shelton       $15.00
Your Role in Creating the Next Evolution Stephen Dinan       $15.00
Thinking Our Way Through Cultural Chaos Thom Hartmann       $15.00
Coming To: Where Do We Go? Neal Rogin       $15.00
Nipun and Friends Nipun Mehta       $15.00
Youth Peaceport Program Lisa Pasquinelli       $15.00
Revolution On a Shoestring Nick Angotti, D.D. and Rev. Jean Sweet       $15.00
The Seven Living Words Rev. Mark Anthony Lord       $15.00
Living with Intention Lynn McTaggart       $30.00


Title       Price
Revolution in Consciousness Rev. Michael Beckwith et al.       $30.00
The Intention Experiment Lynn McTaggart       $30.00
The Conscious Universe B. Alan Wallace, PhD       $30.00
Transforming Society from Inside Out John Hagelin, PhD       $30.00
War and Peace in the 21st Century Thomas Barnett       $30.00
Spiritual Foundations for Change Audrey Kitagawa       $30.00
The New Story of Patriotism Thom Hartmann; Neal Rogin       $30.00
Birthing a Gift Economy Nipun Mehta and Friends       $30.00
The Evolutionary Sermon; Closing Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Beckwith       $30.00

Revolution in Consciousness- Opening Presentation
Rev. Michael Beckwith et al.

In these times of critical shift, standing up for a compassionate, sustainable, and just new society is the most exciting conversation on the planet. As the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, pointed out: "... If we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, then we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values." Now clearly beyond all connotations of violence or unconscious disruption, the word has taken on new meaning for the future that at once brings us back to the roots of independent thought, and our democracy as spiritually motivated citizens. In essence, it's all about evolution. What IS the Evolution of Revolution? Standing on the premise that it is rooted in consciousness, we begin our journey by exploring the archives of thought that reveal "shift points" in the the way society has understood spirituality, science, and social governance throughout history. The Leadership Council of the Association for Global New Thought share dynamic passages that forever changed the prevailing worldview. Dr. Michael Beckwith weaves these into a case for the evolution of consciousness, itself, demonstrating that historic shift-points always amplify some seed of perennial wisdom that holds a key to our common future.

The Intention Experiment- Plenary Presentation
Lynn McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart, bestselling author of The Field and The Intention Experiment offers a groundbreaking exploration of the art and science of intention - which will involve you as a participant in personal and collective experiments to help to focus your life, heal your body and possibly even transform the planet. Lynne pulls together the research carried out around the world from scientific institutions and native traditions to demonstrate how human thoughts and intentions are an actual physical 'something' with the astonishing power to change our world. Distilling from scientific evidence and the practices of many intention masters, Lynne has developed a highly innovative, practical program for you to "power up" your own thoughts and intentions effectively in your own life.

The Conscious Universe- Plenary Presentation
B. Alan Wallace, PhD

Physicists have long assumed that the universe is fundamentally composed of matter and energy and that life and consciousness are accidental byproducts of configurations of matter. But a growing number of distinguished physicists are now suggesting that consciousness may play a much more fundamental role in nature than scientists previously believed. In this lecture Alan Wallace will review some of the most provocative theories presented by such leading physicists as John Wheeler, Stephen Hawking, and Andre Linde that challenge many of the materialist assumptions based on outdated19th-century physics. And he will discuss how these theories may relate to Buddhist theories and practices, including those of the Theravada, Mahayana, and Great Perfection traditions of Buddhism.

Transforming Society from Inside Out- Plenary Presentation
John Hagelin, PhD

Recent scientific breakthroughs have revealed the ultimate unity of life and of humanity. Research also reveals that this ultimate reality of unity is open to direct experience in higher states of consciousness. Today, we can easily harness this cutting-edge knowledge to create a peaceful, enlightened, and unified world. Superstring theories of quantum physics have discovered the ultimate reality: the "unified field"-the field of universal intelligence at the basis of mind and matter. Parallel research in the field of consciousness has shown that human awareness can directly experience this unified field using simple but powerful, scientifically proven meditation techniques. This fundamental experience of the unified field represents a fourth major state of consciousness, distinct from waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. In this "meditative state," human intelligence becomes aligned with cosmic intelligence. Thoughts and actions become enormously powerful-life supporting and globally enriching.

War and Peace in the 21st Century- Plenary Presentation
Thomas Barnett

This presentation presents a groundbreaking reexamination of U.S. and global security based on Barnett's two books, "The Pentagon's New Map (2004) and "Blueprint for Action" (2005). Since the end of the Cold War, America's national security establishment has been searching for a new operating theory to explain how this seemingly "chaotic" world actually works. Gone is the clash of blocs, but replaced by what? Thomas Barnett has the answers. A former senior military analyst with the U.S. Naval War College, he has given a constant stream of briefings over the past few years, and particularly since 9/11, to the highest of high-level civilian and military policymakers-and now he gives it to you. The Pentagon's New Map is a cutting-edge approach to globalization that combines security, economic, political, and cultural factors to do no less than predict and explain the nature of war and peace in the twenty-first century.

Spiritual Foundations for Change- Plenary Presentation
Audrey Kitagawa

As the dynamics of life on earth become increasingly understood as interdependent syntheses of factors, it is time to focus on whole system approaches. With regard to governance and society throughout the world, we cannot afford to be political or patriotic in the old sense of the words. In order to minimize the threat of continued breakdown, polarization and competition need to be replaced with a new paradigm based on unity and compassion. In the new paradigm, we collectively possess both the knowledge and experience to make this a reality; and further, we are a diverse community of individual people who realize that there is a transcendent power that infuses it all.

The New Story of Patriotism- Plenary Presentation
Thom Hartmann; Neal Rogin

Civilizations have come and gone, and those long gone mostly vanished because they despoiled their commons, allowed small elites to control their economies and governments, and lived in ways that were unsustainable. Those that survived for centuries or millennia are the ones that learned how to protect their commons, engage in non-toxic commerce and governance, and organize their culture and lifestyles in ways that could continue in the same place and same way down through the ages. We have the power to think differently about our cultural story. The way through lies in learning to act as if we are part of, instead of separate from nature; in dispelling the belief that an abstraction - an economic system - is divine and separated from us; through integrating in ourselves and demanding in our leaders the realization that the best way to influence people is never through fear, but through the power of love, support, and compassion.

Birthing a Gift Economy- Plenary Presentation
Nipun Mehta and Friends

In a gift economy, goods and services are given without any strings attached; it is an economic system where wealth is decreased by hoarding and it is the circulation of the gifts within the community that leads to increase -- increase in connections, increase in relationship strength. Gift-Economy is an ancient, indigenous idea that is curiously finding its footing in the modern, Internet economy. People have always put together birthday parties, just for the love of it. But now, people are writing entire encyclopedias in that spirit! Throw in some collaboration tools, and unpaid engineers are producing an operating system to rival a $400 billion company. Add the power of self-publishing, and volunteer-citizens are able to topple lobbyists and bring radical policy changes. In the past, we could do little things as gifts, but big things required money, power and influence. Not anymore. The web is increasingly becoming a land of the free. Now, the Internet is able to aggregate non-financial motivations of "amateurs" to organize into significant social movements, purely for the sake of goodness. In this gathering, Nipun Mehta will share lessons from his experiments with the gift-economy, both personally and institutionally, and discuss small steps that anyone can take to align with the trust and abundance of the gift-economy.

The Evolutionary Sermon; Closing Presentation
Barbara Marx Hubbard; Michael Beckwith

There is among many of us an ominous fear of failure, a sense that something has gone terribly wrong. Whatever we actually believe, the Old Story of Genesis and the Bible is coded deep in our psyche. It foreshadows the real possibility now of Armageddon or environmental/social collapse. What is the fundamental cause of this crisis? In this first dramatic presentation of "The Cosmic Family Reunion," Hubbard explores the effect of our ancient image of the God of the Old Testament. She imagines a new, transformative sequel to the Old Story, bringing the mythical characters to life as modern archetypes. Eve, an evolutionary woman, writes to the Lord God Yahweh, (as a local creator god of planet Earth) demanding to see him face to face. Father, I have always loved you. I worshipped your magnificence, your creativity, your power, and your vision for your people but you were angry, violent, unpredictable and cruel. We were created in your image and that is the problem. we are all children of a dysfunctional Cosmic Family. She is transported to the Garden and meets with the Lord God Yahweh. As Father and daughter embrace one another in a world changing reunion, he asks her to bring the Cosmic Family home to God. A new plan and a yet unwritten chapter in the Old Story unfold.

Powering Up- Breakout Session
Lynn McTaggart

You know what intention is. But do you know how to make the most of it? Bestselling author and award-winning investigative journalist Lynne McTaggart offers a series of breakthrough practices to help you refine, channel, and maximize intention. Based on the results of hundreds of workshops and experiments with the principles of intention, she'll offer compelling insights and specific techniques to amplify intention-and get results. You will learn: • The universal laws of intention, and how to put them to work for you • How to use scientifically-tested approaches to focus your intention with laser-like effectiveness • "Masters of Intention"-the common "secret principles" that allow meditators, monks, world-class athletes, and others to manifest their intention in extraordinary ways • How to work with the natural energies around you to increase the effectiveness of your practice • The special power of group intention • Ways to enhance your ability to send and receive information.

The Shamata Project- Breakout Session
B. Alan Wallace, PhD

During the spring and fall of 2007, 70 people participated in two 3-month, intensive meditation retreats, during which the effects of their 8-10 hours per day of practice were meticulously studied by a team of psychologists and neuroscientists. With a wide array of psychological and physiological measurements taken toward the beginning, middle, and end of this training, this was the first longitudinal scientific study of its kind. Alan Wallace originally conceived of this project and has been working closely with this team of cognitive scientists for four years, and he served as the resident instructor for these retreats. In this breakout session he will give a preliminary report of the findings of this historic study and how they relate to the cultivation of attention in daily spiritual practice.

Deep Spirit: Science & the Noetic Code- Breakout Session
Dr. Christian De Quincey

Sometimes evolution gets it wrong. We've got one last chance to get it right. Fourteen billion years ago it all started with a Big Flash. Today, all we see is a faint trace. Can we decode its mysterious message in time? It's early in the twenty-first century, and the world is already on course for a major revolution-a shift in global consciousness. Visions and dreams of millions are about to become reality. The key: a worldwide quest for the "noetic code," a new way of knowing that builds on the ancient wisdom traditions of shamans, the perennial philosophy of mystics, and the profound insights of modern science. Join Dr. Christian de Quincey in a 90-minute workshop to explore the relationship between science and consciousness. Using the power of story, he will show how science and spirit are uniting to save our future. Be prepared to be surprised: You will discover a hidden message from the birth of time-already transforming millions of lives.

Science, Perception and Prayer- Breakout Session
Rev. Franci Prowse

All of us need more certainty about the "field of all potentiality" theorized by quantum physicists. This field is portrayed as an awesome energy potentiality, awaiting our selection of certain probabilities, in a sincere and spontaneous manner. In this field, time and space are suspended. It may sound familiar to many in the New Thought movement. The work of Cleve Backster laid the ground work for scientific researchers to step into that field, away from the dry, emotionless science of old. Plants showed him the way to develop an awareness of the response capability in electroded foods, eggs, yogurt, fresh fruits, and living bacteria. This led him to electrode human white cells, which resulted in his demonstration of nonlocal instantaneous communication between human donors and their cells, even at a significant distance. Most of us in the consciousness movement do our meditations and prayers based on the training we've received, the books we've read and the dream we follow, aka faith. Yet uncertainty can plague us. I propose to show some of Backster's discoveries, and to tell about related research of others that will shine a light on the details. How does prayer actually work? Can a laboratory become a shrine to the presence of the Allness?

The Cosmic Family Reunion- Breakout Session
Barbara Marx Hubbard

Part One: The Field Out of Which We Are Arising Now. Part Two: Eve's Letter to Yahweh Part Three: Eve and Yahweh Meet Again in the Garden Part Four: Eve Calls Lucifer Home Part Five: Yahweh's Revelation Part Six: Lucifer and Yahweh meet again in the Garden Part Seven: Lucifer Brings Adam Home to God Part Eight: The Maturation of Adam and Eve Part Nine: Sacred Marriage at the Tree of Life: The 8th Day of Creation

EnlightenNext: A 22 Year Experiment
Jeff Carreira and Amy Edelstein

At this pivotal moment in history, it is clearer than ever that human beings urgently need to find new ways to come together-to work together, live together, and evolve together; to create solutions and discover potentials that lie beyond the reach of any individual alone. But coming together-as anyone who has ever been involved in a community, a congregation, a team, or a marriage knows-is easier said than done. And coming together for a higher purpose, a spiritual purpose is perhaps the greatest challenge of all. EnlightenNext is a thriving experiment in conscious evolution that has been actively leaning into this challenge of coming together for the purpose of evolution for over twenty years. Inspired and guided by Andrew Cohen's philosophy of Evolutionary Enlightenment, and informed by ongoing dialogue with leading thinkers in a variety of fields, EnlightenNext's core group of men and women have been pioneering a new form of individual and collective spiritual practice that has resulted in not only personal transformation but in the discovery of a dynamic and creative collective consciousness. This "intersubjective enlightenment," as Cohen calls it, is the source of all of EnlightenNext's work, including Folio award-winning magazine What Is Enlightenment?, dynamic online forums and broadcasts, and courses and events held around the world.

2009 Parliament of the World's Religions: An Exploratory Session
Grove Harris

The 2009 Parliament of the World's Religions, hosted in Melbourne, Australia, will be an international interreligious gathering spanning seven nights and six days - from December 3rd to 9th - bringing together an estimated 8,000 to 12,000 persons. Over seven days, delegates will choose from over 450 activities, including daily morning observances of many traditions, intrareligious and interreligious programs, models of engagement, symposia, performances, open space dialogue and exhibits. A Parliament is a place to come together to listen and commit. The entire program will evolve through 2008 as a result of interaction with religious and spiritual communities, as well as civic and corporate groups across Melbourne and Australia. EIGHT ORGANIZATIONS within New Thought will collaborate in Melbourne to present two major New Thought Panels. A pre-conference NT delegation gathering and tours are being planned, along with a joint exhibit area onsite. New Thought is reaching out beyond our own spiritual community to form relationships with other faith communities and to be of practical service to the world at large. Taken together, this trend toward greater internal cooperation and global outreach calls us to develop new strategies for presenting a unified identity on the international stage.

Enlightened Leaders / Evolutionary Organizations
Rev. James Trapp

Reverend James Trapp has served as President and CEO of the Association of Unity Churches International since November 2005. He is an ordained Unity minister and prior to becoming CEO he grew the ministry at Unity on the Bay in Miami, Florida to over 1500 members. James earned an A.B. degree from Princeton University, a J.D. from the University of Florida and an Honorary Doctorate in Sacred Theology from the South Florida Theological Seminary.

Creating the Unified Field- Breakout Session
Dr. John Hagelin, PhD

We are on the threshold of a global transformation to a post-dual, unified field-based civilization of global harmony and lasting peace-a civilization based on the knowledge, and direct experience, of the core unity of life in higher states of consciousness. Group meditation is especially powerful in transforming the social environment. Extensive published research confirms the presence of long-range "field effects" of consciousness-powerful enough to defuse acute social stress, to prevent terrorism and war, and to provide the practical foundation for lasting world peace. Implementing this approach has become the urgent imperative of our time.

The New World of Business & Politics
Corinne McLaughlin

The seeds of a vibrant new world in business and politics are emerging everywhere if you know where-and most importantly-how to look. Seemingly overnight, millions of investment dollars are looking for environmentally green companies, and transpartisan, multi-stakeholder solutions to political conflicts are all the rage. Get energized by the quantum field of light and Spirit and discover the many innovative solutions to problems emerging around the world as two pioneers of social change reveal their leading edge research. In this inspiring presentation and experiential work, you'll learn how to become creatively engaged in making a powerful contribution to this new world.

Socially Conscious Leadership
Azim Khamisa

In this interactive, experiential intensive, Azim Khamisa offers deep personal insights as well as enlightening strategies that empower us to expand our personal and collective roles in eliciting lasting social change and global harmony. Azim's remarkable story and life work serve as a model and inspiration for those who yearn for innovative and effective ways of creating and sustaining a world that works for everyone. Through Azim's 3 step process, he shares how he transformed unspeakable grief from the tragic killing of his 20-year-old son Tariq into "good deeds" for a society deeply in need of change - dedicating his life to teaching children and professionals alike the powerful concepts of forgiveness, restorative justice, nonviolence and social responsibility. Through a powerful meditation and visioning process, Azim guides us to gain clarity, deepen convictions and tap into the mystical - inspiring us to develop a solution-oriented mission and vision statement that specifically addresses root causes of critical social issues. This intensive will serve as a valuable foundation for absorbing and effectively applying the cutting edge material presented throughout the remainder of the conference. Please join Azim Khamisa for a remarkable day of breakthroughs - re-energizing passions and opening to the divine wisdom, strategies and practice of Socially Conscious Leadership.

What Is Your "Shift Point"?- Breakout Session
Audrey Kitagawa

We need new directions for social action, but may be growing beyond the point where studying global change in a theoretical context provides the best use of our individual gifts. In this session, Audrey Kitagawa will share some of the seminal moments in which something shifted in her work and life which had a spiritual impact on her approach to facilitating social change. Based on this foundation, Audrey will lead a discussion about what these "shift points" mean for individual people and, ultimately, collective cultures. You will leave this session with an inner sense of what it really takes to change the world, and what might be your personal part to play.

Strategies for Season for Nonviolence
Tony Ricchutti and Students

This presentation will detail how to create a community-based celebration of the Season For Nonviolence as well as strategies for integrating the Season For Nonviolence into your local school districts. You will also hear from two 15 your old students about the impact of the Season For Nonviolence on their lives and how they have committed their lives to practicing the principles of nonviolence and social activism.

Wisdom Walk: Creating Peace & Balance
Rev. Dr. Sage Bennet

How can we participate in the "beloved community," a term Martin Luther King used to describe a world unspoiled by racial or religious prejudice? In this session we will weave the wisdom of spiritual practices from Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Taoism, Native American Spirituality, and New Thought through music, images, and sacred texts. Participants will be invited Into small groups--wisdom circles--to explore, and share from their hearts, about interfaith topics that affect our lives, communities, and the world: • What are our own experiences of healing wounds, prejudice, and misunderstandings about our own and other faith traditions and how can we help others heal? • What do we appreciate about our own and other faith traditions and how can we encourage interfaith understanding in our own and global communities? • What do people of spirit and faith share, as a human family, that might unify our value (and values) in ways that could be applied in service to the very real challenges we face together?

Using Our (Energy) Bodies for Healing
Gay Luce and Deborah Jones

We are healers. We all possess the capacity to be either the healing or diseased vibration beckoning to the future. The human energy system (chakras) is like a tuning fork for the vast spectrum of energy that fuels this entire planet and all of existence. Understanding how we receive, transform, and transmit energy through the frequencies, or different vibrations, of our bodies allows each of us to become a healing tool for ourselves, for each other, and for the World. In this highly experiential session, you will work with two specific energy centers - 1) the belly center which when used for healing provides a sense of security, safety, and a calming affect, and 2) the heart center which when open and soft offers access to the heart as an organ of perception, bringing a knowing and clarity, and a healing capacity that touches Presence itself. In this 90-minute session, we will expand time and explore together the profound truth which lies within -- the truth that we are immense, powerful instruments for change, for global healing, and for the upliftment of human awareness. This truth gives way to consciousness in action -- action that is integrated and compassionate.

Unity in Unity: A Case Study
Charlotte Shelton

People and organizations across the world are becoming more acutely aware of our interconnectedness and the critical need to collaborate in addressing shared challenges and achieving major breakthroughs. It is no longer sufficient for an organization or its operational parts to plan and strategize in silos. Organizations are increasingly turning to systems theory and systems thinking to not only integrate their own operational divisions, but to creatively collaborate with others. But how can leaders go about integrating the seemingly disparate parts of a system into a highly integrated whole? The Unity movement has risen to this challenge. This breakout session will present a case study of how the Unity movement is itself becoming more unified through better integration of its two primary organizations: the Association of Unity Churches International and Unity School of Christianity. The case study will reveal how Unity is applying systems thinking to address topics such as governance, organizational structure, operational practices, and leadership style. Attendees will be invited to analyze their own organizations from a systems perspective and share examples of their own best practices.

Your Role in Creating the Next Evolution
Stephen Dinan

Humanity periodically goes through an evolutionary shift in collective consciousness. We are clearly in such a phase now. In this session, Stephen Dinan will lay out an inspiring strategic roadmap for the decades ahead, showing how dozens of major initiatives can work together with thousands of local groups to accelerate our next evolution as a species. He'll show how the emergence of a "global shift network" can help evolve areas from business to politics, infusing higher consciousness into every area of society. You'll have time to contribute your own ideas to this roadmap, as well as spend time in groups that focus on empowering you to make your unique contribution to evolving our world.

Thinking Our Way Through Cultural Chaos- Breakout Session
Thom Hartmann

The Three Thresholds -- The Four Mistakes -- The Five Solutions The world is right now tottering atop three major thresholds: an environment that is so afire it may no longer be able to support human life; an economic system that has driven us to this point and is holding We The People (our representative democracies) hostage; and an explosion of human flesh on the planet that has turned our species into a global Petri dish just waiting for an infective agent to run amok. Four things have brought us to this point, and the failure to recognize them at their deepest level will only push us faster toward total tipping points where we are thrown over the Three Thresholds into disaster. All four of these Mistakes are grounded in our culture, our way of thinking, our way of seeing the world, the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and why we're here. Nationalism, reformation, balancing the power of labor and capital, clearly defining and defending the commons, and confronting the big questions and the big picture may seem daunting form where we stand, but these are the impulses that led to the creation of the United States of America and every other nation. Along with protecting the environment and creating an egalitarian culture, these five arenas hold the keys to solutions in which citizens can begin to think of themselves as responsibility-holders. It has become imperative that we strengthen our primary allegiances to the values we embrace, or we will rightly forfeit our right to the future they represent.

Coming To: Where Do We Go?- Breakout Session
Neal Rogin

It is being called The Great Turning, The Shift, The Transformation, The Awakening. No one can deny that something big is happening. But the question is, what are we turning, shifting, transforming and awakening from? And to? With one world fading (loudly) and another world emerging (quietly) we find ourselves standing astride the greatest moment of change ever, called upon to be both hospice workers and midwives. This tectonic event is happening not just all around us, but within us. Wouldn't this be a good time to ask the questions that go beyond what do we need to do, to who do we need to be? Let's meet under the streetlamp on the corner of Here and Now and conspire to foment a revolution of practical miracles, by designing together a roadmap that takes us to the Present Moment. And from there...who knows?

Nipun and Friends- Breakout Session
Nipun Mehta

Nipun invites some local friends to drive up and share the space and talk about their gift-economy experiments. These are people who decided to do things like: go full-out gift-economy with his film production company; publish her book about the divine feminine on a gift-economy basis; and host major volunteer events in Long Beach area. They will also explore: • History of the gift-economy: Native American tribes, Bushmen in Africa's Kalahari desert, monks of South Asia, families everywhere have been rooted in the gift-economy. How can we shape this indigenous idea for our modern times? • Power of social capital: it used to be that we bowled in leagues and picnicked every weekend and had informal tabs at local restaurants; not anymore. Bankrupt of that social capital, what are we missing out on? • Role of the Internet: hierarchies came into being to reduce coordination costs. Internet collapses transactions costs and a result, "amateurs" are empowered as change agents. What does that mean for the collective social change movement? • Compassion quotient: we know about Intellectual Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ), but what about Compassion Quotient (CQ)? Gift-economy works only with servant leadership, which requires CQ. Generosity Entrepreneurs: a tree serves the community, and hence is taken care of by the community. Can we birth a cadre of generosity entreprenuers who do what makes them come alive, truly gift their services, and are supported by the community in the same way?

Youth Peaceport Program
Lisa Pasquinelli and Kyle Cato

This presentation will describe both teachers' and participants' experience with the Pilot Peaceport Program as delivered to the youth of Unity in Marin. The Peaceport Program, which was developed in conjunction with AGNT's Youth Task Force, aims to educate mid-level youth in active, tangible and creative ways in order to help them connect with the meaning of a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence as they connect with each other. The child friendly format of this program can be used in churches, schools and other community groups, and provides solid nonviolence training for the next generation's commitment to Peace. This session will provide both a thorough description of the program as it was conducted at Unity in Marin, as well as a demonstration of activities as experienced by the participating children. In addition, there will be an opportunity for small group discussion on important factors in teaching Nonviolent communication to children of this age group. There will also be time for Q & A.

Revolution On a Shoestring
Nick Angotti, D.D. and Rev. Jean Sweet

Part 1: BIG CITY Dr. Nick Angotti will present three Reach-out Projects of New Thought Chicago: 1. Peace on Earth Film Festival (the first annual) presented 28 films in the genre of peace and nonviolence and two panel discussions: Pro-Active Peacekeepers and world renowned Filmmakers discussing peace and nonviolent films as a viable entertainment - August 2008. 2. Restorative Justice in Action, a CAN-TV weekly show in support of Balance and Restorative Justice (BARJ) Practices statewide, in greater Chicago and the "City-Wide Restorative Justice Committee" - on going 3. Faith-Based Practice to Reduce Crime in Chicago, a most effective interfaith study - summer 2008.
Part 2: SMALL TOWN Rev. Jean will discuss three main principles of spiritual: accepting the vision/answering the call; leading by invitation; and staying the course, using the following examples of successful projects: 1. Calling All Kayaks For Peace: A ceremony creating a Peace Symbol of kayaks on Big Bear Lake. 2. Hands Across the Water-Prayers Across the Sky. Rev. Jean Sweet swam across Big Bear Lake on August 29, 2007, as she recited prayers of all faiths; followed by a free community Unity Peace Breakfast. 3. Lighthouse Project Peace Farm. The first successful Children's Peace Farm.

The Seven Living Words
Rev. Mark Anthony Lord

The Seven Last Words of Jesus, when interpreted metaphysically are a brilliant blueprint for transformation. In this workshop you will, through powerful guided meditations and inspired exercises, heal, redefine or simply strengthen your relationship with Jesus, a master teacher. Discover how a crucifixion is really a crossing out of that which no longer serves your personal and spiritual growth. Uncover what, in your consciousness is blocking you from experiencing the glory of God in and AS your life, and learn how to quicken your spiritual awakening bringing you into your own resurrection from false beliefs, fear and separation.

Living with Intention- Full Day Intensive
Lynn McTaggart

Lynne McTaggart is an internationally recognized spokesperson on the science of spirituality and the award-winning author of five books, including The Field, which has been published in fourteen languages. She is also co-executive director of Conatus, which publishes some of the world's most respected health and spiritual newsletters, including What Doctors Don't Tell You. Lynne is an investigative journalist, and began work on "Living the Field" four years ago as a personal quest. Her research took her to many areas around the globe, meeting with top frontier scientists in Russia, Germany, France, England, South American, Central America and the USA. During these meetings, she saw what these scientists were working on and it seemed to overthrow the current laws of biology, chemistry and physics. Their theories and experiments also compounded into a new science, a new view of the world. For several years she immersed herself in quantum physics and pored through hundreds of scientific papers to decoding what was often impenetrable work. In many cases she had to pester the scientists to explain aspects of physics in order to check facts and interpretations. Lynne concludes that her work paints a picture of an interconnected universe and a new scientific theory which makes sense of parapsychological and 'supernatural' phenomena. She lives in London.