The Action Group: Who is eligible and what is their role?

Limited space is available to accept 200 registrants as members of an Action Group, which will make up the audience for the conference and participate fully in working groups with peace leaders from the various faiths and cultures. The Action Group will take part in plenary sessions – listening, learning, and helping to frame a Charter for Engaged Spirituality and its strategic plan. In working sessions with leaders, Action Group members will shape programs and design training to benefit communities at the local and regional levels. Action Group members will have the opportunity to be equipped with cutting edge knowledge and materials to lead initiatives at home, based on their areas of expertise and the personal passion that calls them. They will remain in contact with peace leaders and conveners through a communications hub that proceeds directly out of the conference.

• Action Group candidates should demonstrate an understanding of and involvement with some aspect(s) of the cultural evolutionary process. Their areas of interest should concern one or more of the Axial Markers which the conference will address. Each should be able to make a positive contribution to the Dialogues and to assist in implementing the ongoing process of awareness and action. Finally, these participants should have a strong interest in the theme of evolutionary religion and spirituality.

• A key theme for the Action Group will be linking agreed upon principles to actual responsibilities: in other words, finding the appropriate course of action for the realization of the vision. The conference can be a deep training experience, as much about ongoing context and participation as about content.