It is vital that the conference produce something more than simply a rich experience and written document as an outcome; it is essential that our time together gives rise to a “living process.”

Ways of moving in this direction might include the following:

• The Action Group could assist in developing, distributing, and implementing training programs and new curricula in members’ home communities. An exciting scenario might be one in which the convening organizations take leadership in bringing these programs to their peers and beyond (e.g. new curricula including the Charter could be offered in congregations, with a secular version for other organizations).

• Once Action Markers linked to Axial Markers have been agreed upon for the purpose of study, training, and implementation, we could embed a systematic method of tracking and mapping the impact of A Charter for Engaged Spirituality in the 21st Century in an omni-local social network. (e.g. an evolution of AGNT’s “Season for Nonviolence” model)

• An online forum could be created for the ongoing interaction of Core Group members.

• Convening organizations could host an online social-spiritual network connecting the Core Group with Action Group members and their local/regional initiatives “on the ground.”

• An online interactive course as advance preparation and follow-up: recordings of tele-seminars co-hosted by the convening organizations are currently available, featuring enlightening conversations with members of the Peace Council and other interfaith, intercultural leaders.

• A video documentary will be an important part of the Dialogues and follow-up process.

• Convening organizations will endeavor to engage Dialogue participants who can assist in spreading the core message beyond the meeting.

• Finally, it is critical to create a strategy to ensure that public media are engaged at every stage of process.