Association for Global New Thought and Institute of Noetic Sciences

Awakening a Global Vision:
Collective Wisdom and Spiritual Activism

September 17 - 21, 2003
Riviera Resort
, Palm Springs, California

Current list of presenters includes:

* Michael Beckwith * Christian de Quincey * John Hagelin * Jean Houston * Barbara Marx Hubbard * Jerry Jampolsky * Diane Cirincione * Azim Khamisa * Bill McDonough * Edgar Mitchell * Michael Murphy * James O'Dea * Joseph Chilton Pearce * Dean Radin * Peter Russell * Elisabet Sahtouris * Marilyn Schlitz  * Brian Swimme * Luisah Teish * Michael Toms * Lynne Twist * David Whyte * Marianne Williamson * ... and More!
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 * Hear and talk with internationally renowned speakers * Participate in dynamic, experiential workshops * Attend World Cafe dialogues * Enjoy world-class music and entertainment

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The Association for Global New Thought was founded in 1997 to represent a strong effort at collaboration among interfaith, intercultural, and multi-racial centers. Its constituent member churches are engaged in spirituallymotivated education and social programs focused on dialogue and collaboration with organizations and individuals who support the ideas of interfaith harmony, cultural diversity, sustainability, and nonviolence. Contact AGNT at

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) — founded 30 years ago by Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell — investigates consciousness (mind and spirit) and the relationship of consciousness to the physical world. Through frontier sciences, transformative education, and learning communities, IONS’ programs and inquiries are guided by their vision of global wisdom for the 21st Century. IONS is an international nonprofit organization with 50,000 members and friends, and 280 self-organizing community groups throughout the world. Contact IONS at

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