7 Week Study Program for"The Bond"

By Lynne McTaggart

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The Bond, a seven-week study program created for the 15th Annual Season for Nonviolence, focuses on the essential bond that unites us all as a means of strengthening our communities and helping us evolve to become a powerful change agents for local and global unity.

This featured program of the 2012 Gandhi King Chavez Season for Nonviolence campaign is based on author Lynne McTaggart’s new book: The Bond.

The program also highlights the power of the ‘superordinate’ goal - a common overarching goal and purpose larger than ourselves – to enhance cooperation, rebuild our neighborhoods and recreate cohesion in and among local and international communities.

Participants will learn to move past the competitive and individualistic mindset that too often forms the undercurrent of modern life, and to foster, instead, humanity’s deep-seated impulses toward wholeness, cooperation, fairness, generosity, mutual support and community.

The program aims to train participants to see the world from a more holistic perspective, to enjoy more cooperative relationships – even across the deepest divides – to develop more united social groups, and to learn to use group support as a powerful local and global agent of change.

Weekly Talks or Sunday Sermons

Seven weekly messages for ministers or community speakers are summarized. Preparation for each week is easily completed by reading designated sections of The Bond, in conjunction with a one page outline of Talking Points to structure each sermon or talk. To view, click on each week in the menu to the left, or click here to download all seven weeks.

Weekly Study Groups

Group leaders can use supplemental materials provided by Lynne for weekly sessions. Each week focuses on selected readings from The Bond, along with discussion points for goals, and experiential exercises that creatively bring the teachings to life for participants.To view, click on each week in the menu to the left, or click here to download all seven weeks.