Four Domains of Evolutionary Transformation

Together, we call attention to the progressive changes already underway in the world’s great religious and spiritual communities. We envision a not-too-distant future in which that axial turning will give rise to new levels of understanding, mutuality, commitment, and service to the human community and the Earth. To that end, we pledge our energies – physical, conscious, and spiritual to the realization of the evolutionary promise embodied in these four Domains of evolutionary transformation.


Transforming Society: From Emergency to Emergence


We envision a world in which peace and fairness are cherished as inseparable and vital dimensions of the existence of every individual and of the whole human community. We trust in the growth of a powerful and universal new story of nonviolent conflict resolution and restorative justice.



We call on the World’s Religious and Spiritual Communities and all concerned groups and individuals…


· To engage in creative common action in for peace, nonviolence, social and economic justice, and human rights.

· To work to heal the systemic inequity engendered by neoliberal policies that undermine economic and social justice in the name of capitalism.

· To strive to hasten the decline of patriarchy through the creation of new initiatives to energize women’s leadership and authority.

· To develop and share – in collaborative networks and with a strong emphasis on the next generation – new models and maps for community, leadership, and governance at every level of society.

· To commit our energies to learning about, proclaiming, and defending the Global Commons as the shared physical, biological, social, intellectual, and cultural heritage of humankind.

· To dedicate ourselves, our organizations, and our communities to spiritually motivated social engagement.


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