Four Domains of Evolutionary Transformation

Together, we call attention to the progressive changes already underway in the world’s great religious and spiritual communities. We envision a not-too-distant future in which that axial turning will give rise to new levels of understanding, mutuality, commitment, and service to the human community and the Earth. To that end, we pledge our energies – physical, conscious, and spiritual to the realization of the evolutionary promise embodied in these four Domains of evolutionary transformation.


Rediscovering the Spirit: From Exclusivism to Enlightenment


We envision a world in which spiritual growth is recognized as a genuine human possibility and the most authentic goal of every life. We trust in the emergence of a rich, mutually-irradiating interspirituality among the world's religions.



We call on the World’s Religious and Spiritual Communities and all concerned groups and individuals…


· To deepen our own spiritual lives – and those of others – by learning about the riches of interspirituality, by deepening awareness of spiritual convergence, and by sharing the power of the mutual irradiation of every spiritual path by every other.

· To engage the energies of the next generation in the great work of interspirituality.

· To explore the power of interdependence as the most important philosophical / spiritual insight of our age and as the key to the evolutionary transformation of human values.

· To broaden understanding of the oldest human wisdom story – now perhaps the greatest meme for our time ­– the tale of the interpenetration of the One and the Many.


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