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Reconciling with the Other: From Enmity to Empathy


We envision a world in which the cultural and religious barriers that once divided humankind have been overcome at last. We trust that one day every stranger will come to be seen as a neighbor and every neighbor as a friend



We call on the World’s Religious and Spiritual Communities and all concerned groups and individuals…

· To work to broaden and deepen understanding, respect, and cooperation among the world’s religious and spiritual communities.

· To engage the openness and unspoiled wisdom of the next generation in initiatives fostering interreligious dialogue and engagement.

· To strive to overcome the taint of religious exclusivism and to nuture the developing spirit of inclusivism and pluralism in our communities and our world.

· To celebrate the new story of religious and spiritual evolution as part of the larger emerging story of the ongoing evolution of planetary culture.

· To support efforts to identify and overcome the rigid strictures of unexamined dogmatism and to create in its place new models for creative inquiry.


Beyond the Charter:


1. World that works for everyone
2. Regular spiritual practices
3. Web of interconnection, causes and action
4. Importance of education in systemic changes
5. Sharing Resources
6. Mediation in community
7. Forgiveness
8. Self responsibility for change
9. No pre-conceived agenda
10. Reconciling masculine and feminine within ourselves
11. Respect of self and others
12. Faith communities connecting with wider community



1. Develop curriculum of new earth learning
2. Use of games for peace
3. Resources for pluralistic Sunday
4. Awakening the Dreamer/ Changing the Dream
5. Transition Towns International Movement
6. Key websites to share resources
7. Agenda-less tourism in Israel/Palestine and other places
8. Interfaith centers
9. Commitment to nonviolence


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