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Embracing the Earth Family: From Exploitation to Eco-Logic


We envision a world in which human culture reclaims the deep human bond with the entire planetary community. We trust that the ethic of loving stewardship of the Earth family and the gentle rhythms of sustainable living will come once again to guide our course.



We call on the World’s Religious and Spiritual Communities and all concerned groups and individuals…

· To make care for the planetary community and the sacred Earth a core value and decision-making principle in all that we do.

· To work to articulate and share the emerging global consensus with respect to the challenges and strategies that define engaged life on Earth in the 21st century.

· To commit ourselves to the healing of the world through the vital linkage of human equity and the stewardship of resources.

· To shape and model new lifestyles grounded in sustainability, fairness, forgiveness, and trust.

· To turn to the next generation for guidance, inspiration, and the promise of the future as we strive to heal the Earth and sustain our human relationship with her.


Beyond the Charter:


Connecting ourselves with the Divine; sacred activism
Education for next generation
Earth as Self and family: liberation from all forms dualism
Share planetary resources; Commons Movement
Integration of macro/micro; personal and political
Spiritual awakening and social transformation
Gaia theory, new holistic ways of thinking
“Youthing”- mentor and support both in meetings and daily lives
Honoring family and culture
Being gender conscious, teaching gender equity
Values based media (Kosmos,



1. Find at least one youth to mentor
2. Spiritualize business
3. Support Birth 2012
4. Develop personal responsibility for direct action; do at least one thing
5. Kosmos Journal
6. Pure Essence, Global Shared Agreements for Young Girls
7. House concert/ salon for visioning change in communities
8. “Global seal of goodness” movement
9. “My life is my message” ~Gandhi
10. The Widening Circle Campaign for a Global Citizens Movement
11. Support Peace Movement Jeju Island


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