Dr. Nawang Phuntsog
Compassion from the Perspective of Buddhism


Associate professor of education in the Department of Education at California State University at Fullerton, his areas of specialization include multicultural education and school curriculum development. He integrates post-modern educational perspectives and practices into the process of curriculum delineation. With a high level of proficiency in Tibetan, English, and Hindi, his current research focuses on culturally responsive teaching practices in schools populated by students of diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. Exiled with his family from Tibet at an early age, he now studies the challenges of educating children in the Diaspora. He is the first Tibetan educator teaching at a major teacher education university in the US. He helped organize two major events in Orange County, CA, with the gracious presence of His Holiness The Dalai Lama at the helm. He is a practicing Buddhist.


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1. In your estimation, what are the practical and spiritual implications of compassion? Why is compassion such a vital component of interreligious dialogue and engagement?
2. What, for you, are the most instructive elements of the teaching of HH the Dalai Lama on compassion?

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