Climate Change     


The Progressive Christians Uniting, a partner of Progressive Christianity, designed the Climate Change and Faith Curriculum to help people grow in their communities to care for the earth both personally and socially. These resources are for small group formation.

Download Curriculum Overview

Session #1: Introduction and Creation Session
#2: Facts and History of Climate Change Session
#3: Consumerism Session
#4: Living within Limits Session
#5: Uneven Effects of Climate Change Session
#6: Faithful Action and Conclusion

Facilitator's Guide and Training

PCU offers a free one-time training on how to use this resource. If you are from afar, PCU can schedule a googlechat training with you. They are also providing free trainings for eco-ministry team facilitators. If you are interested in being trained, email their Climate Change Coordinator Catherine DeMoss, or contact the PCU office.

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