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Season for Interfaith & Intercultural Celebration 2015

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November 8

"Walking in Beauty "
Unity of Portland Sunday Talk: Traditional ways of seeing and living among North America's indigenous peoples. The Abrahamic Religions are unique in saying that human beings are created in the image of God, but what does that actually mean? In this workshop we explore this significance historically for Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and Native spirituality. Download Schedule for the Season as PDF.
Time: 10:00 am
Contact: unitychurch@roadrunner.net
Website: www.unitygreaterportland.org

  Unity Portland

October 24, 2015

Global Oneness Day 2015
Humanity’s Team works year-round to produce Global Oneness Day.
It is an “Earth Day” for an awakened humanity. All of the speakers who are gathering are volunteering their time for this extraordinary free online event. More than 40 presenters including Michael Bernard Beckwith, Rinaldo Brutoco, Panache Desai, Stephen Dinan, Barbara Fields, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ervin Laszlo, James O’Dea, Elisabet Sahtouris,
Neale Donald Walsch, Gary Zukav
Time: October 24, 8:15 am - 7:00 pm PST
Register Online
Website: www.globalonenesssummit.org/


October 18, 2015

"6th Annual Global Rhythm Circle for Oneness"
Unity of Charlotte, NC, Introduction to G.O.D.
Meditation, Rhythm Circle
(Contact: Rev Michele Sevacko @ncntmin@aol.com for address)
Time:10:30 am Service, 12:30 pm Global Rhythm Circle.
Contact: Rev Michele Sevacko, ncntmin@aol.com
Website: www.michelesevackoministries.com

  Unity of Charlotte

October 11, 2015

“Raising the Vibration!” A Celebration of Interfaith Awareness"
Dwain Roque and Karie Hillery will be presenting a special program celebrating the Season for Interfaith/intercultural awareness and Global Oneness Day. We'll be sharing ideas of how to be more accepting and inclusive, doing a guided visualization and uplifting original conscious pop music.
Location: Saddleback Center for Spiritual Living
23181 Verdugo Drive, Suite 103B
Laguna Hills, CA
Time:10:30 am
Contact: Karie Hillery karie@karie.com
Website: www.karie.com


Oprah Winfrey Network Belief Series -October 2015


Thank you to all the groups and centers that are participating in Oprah Winfrey Network's Belief Series. Click here to see groups participating through AGNT.


AGNT and the Season for Interfaith & Intercultural Celebration (SIIC) are official members of the BELIEF TEAM, promoting active engagement among spiritually motivated communities at the grassroots level.
BELIEF is a seven-part, week-long television event, produced by Oprah Winfrey exploring religion, spirituality and cultures around the world, and humankind's ongoing search to connect with something greater than ourselves.


September 27

"A Season for Interfaith Celebration"
Unity of Greater Portland presents Rev Jacob Watson opening this series with a lesson "Blessings of Interfaith" during the 10:00AM service. After lunch, he will lead an experiential workshop from 12:15-2:30 where participants will explore intrfaith mystics and wisdom traditions through teachings, discussion, music, poetry and meditation. Download Schedule for the Season as PDF.
Time: Opening Event September 27, 10 am
Contact: unitychurch@roadrunner.net
Website: www.unitygreaterportland.org

  Unity Portland

September 27

"Northwest Regional Pre-Parliament Event"
New Thought Center for Spiritual Living, potluck during and after, learn more about what the Parliament is all about
Time: 3:00-6:30 PM
Contact: Helen Spector: 503-296-7248 or Lynne Taylor: 503-985-8765, lynne@laurelwoodart.com
Website: www.newthoughtcsl.org/community/locations/785

  Lake Oswego

September 20

"International Day of Peace"
special program created and presented by Karie Hillery to celebrate International Day of Peace with original conscious pop music, spoken word, guided meditation and inspirational readings.
Location: Unity Church of The Redwoods 1619 California st Eureka CA
Time:11:00 am
Contact: 707-223-3828 karie@karie.com
Website: www.karie.com


September 13, 2015

"Season for Interfaith & Intercultural Celebration"
Connect • Center • Celebrate, Meditation, Message, Music
Celebration Service 10am - Potluck following
Time: September 13, 10:00am
Contact: Moreh2@aol.com
Website: www.michelesevackoministries.com

  Piedmont New Thought Event

September 11-21

"11 Days of Global Unity"
11 Ways to Transform Your World with Deepak Chopra, Grandmother Agnes, Baker Pilgrim, Carole Hart, Rheat Landig, Andrew Mazzone, Patch Adams, Cherine Badawl, Mariah Lin, Eve Ensler, Jacqueline Mrekatete, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Alice Slater, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Rev. Deborah Moldow
Time: 10 am
Contact: http://11daysofglobalunity.com/program
Website: summerofpeace.net/program


September 10

"World Day of Prayer"
Unity Church of Santa Barbara Celebrates 125 Years of Silent Unity Prayer Ministry, Unity Sanctuary, 227 E. Arrellaga St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Time: 7:00 PM
Contact: unity@santabarbaraunity.org
Website unitysantabarbara.org/

  Unity SB

September 10-13, 2015

"Raising the Vibration"
Unity Church of Ames Celebrates 125 Years of Silent Unity Prayer Ministry
Time: September 10, World Day of Prayer, September 11, Meditation & Peace Pole Dedication, Drum Circle, Sept. 12, Healing Sound, Dances of Universal Peace, September 13, Celebration of New Thought, Concert with Aaron English, Seattle New Thought Musician
Contact: leader@unityofames
515-223-1613 Church phone

Website: www.unityofames.com

  Raising Vibration

September 6, 2015

"Divine Spark Service"
Reflecting on the proposition that interfaith and intercultural understanding is what forms the foundation of global peace-building to which we are all so deeply committed.
Minister: Reverend Anne Murphy-Oswald
Contact: annemurphyunity@aol.com
Website: www.unityofberkeleysprings.com

  Unity Berkeley Springs

August 16, 2015

•Los Gatos, CA at the Unitarian Universalist Church.
A special program in support of the Season for Humane Service including spoken word, original Conscious Pop music, Guided meditation and inspirational readings.
Time: August 16, 5:00 pm
Contact: karie@karie.com
Website: http://www.csl-lg.org/

  Time to WOrk

August 5-9, 2015

A Live Global Webcast, Love to Hiroshima - Love to Nagasaki
On the 70th Anniversary of the Atomic Bomb,
Time: US, Begins August 5 at 4 pm
Contact: info@worldpeace.org
Website: worldpeace.org/activities_teleconference.php

  Live event

June 7, 2015

Special program to celebrate the Season For the Earth with original conscious pop music, spoken word, inspirational readings and guided meditation
Location: 741 S Oak Ukiah CA
Time: 10:30 am
Contact: karie@karie.com
Website: www.karie.com


May 31, 2015

SIX WEEK CLASS "Seeing Systems: Peace Justice & Sustainability"
Participants in 6 week workshop will be introduced to values, visions, practical actions to take toward a more peaceful, just, sustainable world, become aware of entrenched values and assumptions that reinforce destructive practices, develop systems thinking skills, be inspired to become leaders in your community. Limited enrollment. Facilitated by Ray Jubitz & Lynne Taylor. $30 plus Book $27
Location: New Thought CSL, Lake Oswego, OR
Time: 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Contact: (503) 296-9922
Website: www.newthoughtcsl.orgwww.nwei.org/discussion-course-books/seeing-systems-peace-justice,

  Seeing Systems

May 15, 2015

FUELED BY HOPE, Featured film: "The Burden"
Seaside Center Open Forum Discussion and film showing "The Burden"
Open forum discussion with Rear Admiral (ret) Len Hering and environmental advocate Eve Simmons following film. The Burden is more than just a film. It's a movement. The US military is uniquely positioned to bolster a clean energy economy that will strengthen our national, economic and envionmental security. Sponsored by Seaside Sisters and Earth Care ministries. Suggested donation $10
Location: Seaside Center, 1613 Lake Dr, Encinitas, CA 92024
Time: 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Contact: SeasideSisters4Change@gmail.com
Website: www.SeasideCenter.org



April 22, 2015

Earth Day Blessing & Fire Circle for Women
Nurturing our relationship with Nature, reawakening our Reverence for all life, experiencing a powerful women's circle, blessing our Earth and fire ceremony, accessing women's wisdom. Limited to intimate circl of 25 women at private, resort style home in Encinitas, $20, advance registration.
Location: Seaside Center, 1613 Lake Dr, Encinitas, CA 92024
Time: 6:30 - 9:00 pm
Contact: 760.753.7621 SeasideSisters4Change@gmail.com
Website: www.SeasideCenter.org

  Fire Ceremony

April 22, 2015

Earth Day Taize Service
New Thought Center for Spiritual Living's Earth Day Taize with great music (Gary Skye, Ruth Chadd Beck on harp and vocals and Michael Mandrell on guitar. Amazing photos from our members! Beautiful readings to ponder. Created by the Environmental Team and Peace Now. Inspired by the "Seeing Systems" class.
Earth Day bulletin board with photos submitted by NTCSL members. Up through the Season of the Earth.
Time: 7 pm
Location: 1040 C Ave Mail: P.O. Box 1072
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
Contact: (503) 296-9922, lynne@laurelwoodart.com
Website: http://www.newthoughtcsl.org/community/services/wednesday-night-inspiration-700-800-pm-66

  Earth Day Taize Lake Oswego


April 19, 2015

Piedmont-Triad New Thought Gatering - Celebrating Earth
This will be a connecting, centering & celebrating with a service at 10am and Potluck following. Rev. Michele Sevacko will be leading our 1st New Thought Gathering Service - including message, music, meditation & mini-Rhythm Circle on Apr 19th and the following week (Apr 26) will be participating in the Season for the Earth service at Unity of Charlotte, with a Rhythm Circle following the fellowship time.
Time: 10:00am - noon
Location: call for location details, 336-754-4069 Rev. Michele Sevacko, PhD
Website: www.michelesevackoministries.com

  Mother Earth

April 3, 2015

Seaside 2015 Earth Care Environmental Film Screening:
Sea of Change
Theme "Waste Reduction", micro theme plastic pollution in our oceans. SEA OF CHANGE - Featured film: "Inside the Garbage of the World"
Local organizations and partners: EcoFest Encinitas, San Diego Coastkeeper,
Surfing Madonna Ocean Preservation, San Diego Surfrider
Location: Seaside Center, 1613 Lake Dr, Encinitas, CA 92024
Time: 6:30 - 9:00 pm
Website: www.SeasideCenter.org




  Sea of Change
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