Declaration of Our Awakened World
A Living Source Document

 The Association for Global New Thought, and the participants in Awakened World 2000, declare it to be so:

The world's people have spontaneously awakened from their collective dream of separation and limitation into the glorious realization that all is One and the One becomes the many.

We live in a Unitive consciousness from which our world naturally organizes itself. Every citizen of planet Earth understands and lives from the principles of co-creation, the guiding value of which is the Golden Rule.

In diversity and multiplicity we see the Unity of all life. All sentient beings are celebrated and held in high regard as necessary to the unfolding of our greater Good. We have shifted from competition to composition and intentional relationships. Our differences are seen as our gifts and we welcome their expression.

Religious traditions are understood as cultural perceptions of the Divine that have led the world into a trans-denominational convergence. We have embraced the ancient wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions bringing a peace from within which is manifested fully orbed in our world Our respect for all life transforms our sense of dominion over nature into the role of guardian and caretaker. The policies and practices of our governance and our industries are extensions of our love of life and our respect for the Intelligence of Nature. We now see that true profit is the benign impact that our choices have on future generations. Our first priority is the benefit afforded to the Whole System.

Our wise choices have resulted in the renewal and restoration of the Earth's natural ecology and her resources. We honor our planet as the Mother body which gives us our daily bread.

Global resources are shared by all, eliminating the concepts of "first and third" worlds. Ethnocentric nationalism fades away as Spiritual communities take root in every culture replacing political and special interest groups. Our experience of unity creates our shared goals and mutually beneficial strategies. While individual expression is welcomed as the evidence of The Genius Within, we hold our common good in the highest regard. Our self expression is encouraged through all of the arts. We honor our musicians and mathematicians equally.

The concept of violence is nonexistent in our consciousness and therefore our world. We have shifted from weaponry to creativity. Prison systems have been replaced with true centers for rehabilitation based on compassion and empathy in a climate of absolute equity and democracy.

Our spiritual understanding has brought forth a natural prosperity proving the Truth that abundance is our birthright. We distribute goods and resources from the premise that there is enough of everything for everybody. We prove the principles of co creation by our actions. We have learned to harness infinite universal energy supporting and enhancing all life.

Our spiritual wholeness is accepted by all as the source of our physical health. Hospitals give way to centers of spiritual well being. We encourage the application of "what works" to bring about the full restoration of natural vitality. Children are taught early on to meditate upon the pattern of wholeness within and to gratefully acknowledge its reflection as the body.

In our Awakened World children are known to be both teacher and student. They are seen as sacred treasures as are our elders. In our world every child is a member of every family. Educational systems emerge which focus on the practice of self discovery and which teach the principles of co creation and the Unity of all Life. There is an emphasis on conscious communication and intentional speech. Our leaders understand that loving and respectful relationships are the key to human freedom and cooperation.

A "Beyond Reason" vision emerges to include technologies that free us to express our full potential including self-healing and regeneration; interspecies and inter-dimensional communication; instant communication between ourselves and other inter-galactic beings.

We have become self-governing and self- organizing. Each person holds their highest vision as their personal destiny. Relationships are formed to support and encourage the full revealing of one's True Self.

Our Awakened world is a Chalice holding the consciousness of its people. Our families, communities and nations consistently reflect the ethic "As above so below. As within so without. It is done unto us as we believe."

Our hearts are open to the continuous influx of human kindness and love. Our minds are alert to the impulse of the Divine which guides and directs. We have come to know ourselves as one human family. As a result of our individual and collective choice to awaken to the eternal Truth of our Unity with our Source and with all of life, and because we have chosen to live as universal citizens who are responsible for our immediate experience and our continuum as an evolving species, and by right of our consciousness.

The kingdom of Heaven is now manifesting on Earth.

And so it is.