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Earth Affirmations

From the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living & The Sacred Planet Ministry

(download page as a PDF)

The following ideas are compiled from a variety of sources. The intention is to inspire deeper awareness and
commitment to the loving stewardship of this planet as we approach Earth Day 2010 and every day.

Since we all have differing ideas and experiences, please use them in the way that is most meaningful and effective for you... Posted on refrigerators and kitchen doors are great places to start. There are a wide variety of ideas listed – hopefully something for each of you to claim and embody.

Our individual actions and choices demonstrate our conscious care and appreciation of the gift of life. In the collective, we have the power to dramatically impact outcomes and effects for ourselves and for future generations. You might ask yourself at the close of the day, “What did I do for the Earth this day? Was I a grateful and intelligent expression of my gift of Life?”

1. I am less a “consumer” and more a “conscious citizen” on this planet. I consider the long-term impact and true cost of all my purchases.

2. I choose life giving foods, ones that are seasonal, locally grown, and sustainably raised. I use the foods I buy and compost any waste.

3. I take time to inspire “earth love” in young people.

4. I choose grass fed animals, if I consume animal products and minimize environmental impacts.

5. I surprise myself & my family & friends by cooking delicious vegetarian dishes.

6. I give “meatless Mondays” a try, cutting food costs, and reducing my carbon footprint, and perhaps my waistline.

7. I avoid plastic (bottles, bags, packaging, items) wherever possible. If plastic is forever, I understand the huge threat is represents for all life.

8. I celebrate the gift of food, accepting it as a blessing to my body, and I consciously give thanks for it and all who touched it.

9. I work to limit my use of paper products (towels, napkins, junk mail, office supplies) using cloth and recycled options wherever possible.

10. I honor the blessing of easy access to clean water and I deepen my understanding of water reuse and protection.

11. I lovingly allow myself the grace to shift to behaviors that honor my deepest values.

12. I accept that my life is my greatest expression of Love and I am in integrity with my connection to all life.

13. I spend time in nature, with animals, or with other experiences that re- connect or deepen my sense of beauty and balance in the natural world.

14. I reflect deeply on the legacy of my life and lifestyle to future generations and become willing to expand and shift my expression where appropriate.

15. I use my consumer/ citizen buying power in ways that impact the values I claim.

16. I avoid the use of toxic products (dry cleaning, pesticides, herbicides, paints, cleaning agents, cosmetics and toiletries) and dispose of all these products in responsible ways.

17. If I am “moss” green, I am willing to learn: if I am “forest” green, I become a supporter of others and join in shifting global paradigms in ways that grow me.

18. I ground myself in the loving Presence as it expresses as me and as all others and all life and I celebrate today.

May Love Be Your Guiding Light!

Questions, comments or “ah-ha” moments lovingly
accepted for sharing. Please contact Bonnie: