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Ocean Robbins

Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!) founder and international social change movement leader Ocean Robbins invites your congregation on a sacred journey of healing and positive action.  Offering presentations and workshops that integrate spiritual fulfillment with social responsibility, Robbins helps communities to take their place in a struggle for justice that is as old as tyranny itself, and a longing for a world guided by love that is as deep as the human heart.  Robbins weaves together colorful and engaging stories from his work with diverse leaders around the world, moving reflections from his own work and spiritual path, and practical insights for individuals and communities that want to make a difference in the world we love.  Rich with humor and human depth he offers services, special event presentations, educational seminars, and interactive workshops for all ages.  Please contact him for details so we can customize a presentation or program for your community.

"Ocean Robbins is a refreshing and inspiring voice of wisdom for our times.  He has been a luminary for changemakers
of all ages for more than twenty years, and his presentations combine youthful passion with profound insights.  
The more people who experience his work, the more hope we can have for our future."

— Marianne Williamson, Author, A Return To Love

Ocean Robbins

is founder of Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!), which he launched in 1990, at age 16. Ocean has spoken in person to more than 200,000 people and facilitated more than 50 day-long workshops and many dozens of week-long gatherings for young and multi-generational leaders from more than 65 nations.  Ocean is author of Choices for Our Future and of the just released The Power of Partnership, and has served as a board member for Friends of the Earth, EarthSave International, and many other organizations.  In 2002, he was selected by Audubon and Time as among the heroes of the new millennium.  He is a 2008 recipient of the Freedom’s Flame Award, and of the national Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service by an Individual 35 Years Or Younger.  Ocean is son of bestselling author and visionary leader John Robbins (who walked away from his own father’s Baskin-Robbins ice cream empire to become a spokesperson for sustainability, health, and spiritual fulfillment on Earth).  Ocean and his wife Michele are the parents of River and Bodhi Robbins, identical twin boys born in 2001.  www.oceanrobbins.com


“Ocean Robbins’ positive message and soulful, inspiring words reached deep into the hearts of the attendees, many of whom told me his presentation was the most inspiring and moving thing they had ever heard.” 
— Daniel Carr, Coordinator, Deep Green Global Training

"Ocean was our conference’s final plenary speaker and his message brought spirit into action in a way that was electrifying and inspiring to the room.  Many of our participants listed his talk as a conference highlight on their evaluations."
— Laura Cornell, Founder and Director, Green Yoga Association

"Ocean Robbins, you have become a watershed of a new, worldwide vision. We want to thank you for sharing your singular and prophetic insights, your laughter, values, dreams, heart, mind and prayers. You have called us to foster a deep longing and courage, evoking and calling forth the wisdom in all of us, in a deep, deeply human way. You have called us awake to remind us that human beings are here for conscious thriving and are each called to some unique greatness.  We thank you."
Anne Mulvaney, Ed.D., Holistic Education Dept., OISE, University of Toronto, in gratitude for keynote address

"Ocean Robbins gave an inspiring talk at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Luis Obispo, and the service received an overwhelmingly positive response. Ocean shared his own fascinating family story as part of a very moving talk on self realization and fulfilling life purpose through social/environmental justice work and community building.  His message is both spiritual and action-oriented, which is doubly appreciated.  He has a beautiful presence which is warm, authentic, and accessible.  I highly recommend him as a speaker on spiritual growth, community building, and social/environmental justice." 
— Susan Bailey Kadin, Worship Associate, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Luis Obispo

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