Center for EcoLiteracy Resources

The following PDFs are all free downloads from the EcoLiteracy website.


Needs and Wants

Grade Levels 4-8
Distinguish between things that are genuinely needed to live a healthy life and things that would be merely
nice to have.

Food Inc. Disscusion Guide

High School Level
A discussion guide for use in high school classrooms to accompany the Academy Award nominee - now in
Spanish and English.

Grade Levels K-3
Use a recycled CD case to make a mini greenhouse and observe seedlings as they develop. To see radish plants growing from seed, watch our time-lapse video.



What is a Green School?
A succinct summary, based on
twenty years' experience.

Getting Started

A 51-page guide for creating school gardens as
outdoor classrooms.

Rethinking School Lunch Guide

Provides a planning framework that contains tools and creative solutions to the challenges of improving school lunch programs, academic performance, ecological knowledge,
and the well-being of our children.

Linking Food, Culture, Health,
and the Environment

Explore an enriched school environment
through this visual guide.


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