This Fall, in addition to AGNT’s “menu of resources” to create interfaith programs in your own community, celebrate Global Oneness Day, October 24th.


What an incredible day it was! Thanks to all of YOU, Humanity's Team and the Association for Global New Thought, Global Oneness Day succeeded as a phenomenal event!

Thousands of you joined us for the live calls, and thousands more are already tuning in to listen to the replays. And with over 40,000 participants registered from more than 140 countries, the spirit of interconnectedness, collaboration, and coherence, of Oneness, reached into every corner of the world! And, thousands of you celebrated with us in our on-the-ground programs around the world including: the Global Rhythm Circle, the Global Oneness Day Meditation, Oneness Walks, church services, food drives, celebration events, sharing the Oneness hand signal , participating in T.V. and radio programs, and much, much more.

From the stimulating opening panels with Michael Bernard Beckwith, Steve Farrell and Barbara Fields, through the deep exploration of Leadership Models with Ervin Lazlo, Jean Houston, and William Gladstone, to Catalyzing an Awakened World with Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, and Panache Desai, the profound and optimistic implications of the Science of Interconnection with Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, and Gregg Braden, the truly enlivening discussion about What’s Next with Steve Farrell and Ken Wilber, to the groundbreaking New Bottom Line for Business, fun-filled discussions on Transformational Entertainment, deep insights on Compassion and the Human Family, and the heartfelt Closing Ceremonies, today's conversations have set in motion a long lasting and far reaching positive impact in the world!