Global Oneness Day

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Tens of Thousands in 40 Countries to Celebrate Global Oneness Day Oct. 24

CITY, STATE. -- Tens of thousands of compassionate activists worldwide will show what it is like Oct. 24 to live for a day demonstrating humanity's inner unity on Global Oneness Day.

Earth Day, launched in 1970, has inspired millions of people around the world to support environmental protection. It also inspired an organization called Humanity’s Team to create “Global Oneness Day,” to awaken millions of people to the timeless truth that we are all interconnected, and collectively invested in the challenge to restore health and well-being to our global community.

Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury, a former Undersecretary General for the United Nations, said “until there is a sense of solidarity among the peoples of the world, all of our efforts for peace and security will go nowhere”. We agree. The illusion of separation has become a dangerous impediment to the health and well-being of life at all levels and there has never been a better time to act on our common vision.

Global Oneness Day has rapidly grown from 1,000 participants in 2010 to 40,000+ people in the last years, and we are on track to increase participation to 100,00 and more. REGISTER NOW

On Global Oneness Day October 24th, Humanity's Team and the Association for Global New Thought will bring together social experts, scientists, business leaders, spiritual mentors, entertainment professionals, and unsung heroes doing the work on the front lines. For a full day we will explore how awakening to Oneness -- to who we really are -- deepens our connection to all of life, inspiring compassionate service to each other and the world around us.