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On April 28th the government of Pakistan began military operations against the Taliban in the Malakand Division. According to the UN over three million people have been already been displaced.The displaced people have been moved to makeshifts and school buildings. Education has already been stopped in schools in the neighboring cities of the troubled areas. It has become very difficult for the government, UN, World Food Program and others to look after the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). The government has appealed civil society organizations to come forward and help.

Ravi Foundation collection campaign

Ravi Foundation has local contacts in the Sawabi and Mardan districts where these displaced people have been setlled. A team has been set up to launch relief collection camps. Students in Toba Tek Singh, especially young girls,are visiting house to house and setting up camps to collect the funds. Different groups and political parties have also contributed. Ravi Foundation has planned to organize youth talent shows like cultraul shows, exhibition of old currecny and coins, postages etc. to raise funds for IDPs.

An Urgent appeal is made with International Friends of Ravi Foundation under the following objectives:
Objectives of the Appeal :To provide adequate food and commodities  to 1000 IDP families.


  1. As soon as funds reach the account of Ravi Foundation,  the Coordinator Disaster Management Program will place the order to purchase of the food commodities.
  2. Purchase of food commodities and preparation of the weekly packages for the 1000 IDP families.
  3. Weekly food packages for one family 6 person includes, bread, wheat flour, rice, coocking oil, salt, chili, pulses, milk powder, biscuits for children.  
  4.  Guidence, Counseling and Rehablitation activties.

The campaign will help the IDPs to survive, having safe food and hygiene practices and better health in the camps under harsh conditions and hot weather.

Food Items: Beans, biscuits, flour/, lentils, milk powder, rice, sugar and tea
Personal care/washing products: Basic Medicines, soap and washing detergent, is washing tubs, water purification tablets. Bedding, Clothing and House Hold Items: Clothes (Stitched and unstitched), cooking utensils, mattresses, stoves, water coolers

Ravi Foundation has planned to support schools where IDPs are shifted, including 500 families in both the areas of Sawabi and Mardan districts. ( Non troubled areas). Rs. 6000 is required for each family to provide them the above mentioned need.

Official Website: http://sites.google.com/site/ravifoundation

If you can help, please contact span@agnt.org or send a check to:
220 Santa Anita Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

AGNT will send all funds directly to Ravi Foundation.



Noah's Wish
Saving Animals in Disaster

noah's wish


Noah's Wish came into existence in 2002, not to duplicate existing efforts to help animals during disasters, but to expand on what was already in place. Too often, efforts to help animals during life threatening situations have been gravely inadequate. We recognize that animals need and deserve an organized, consistent and professionally managed national disaster relief program. They will, otherwise, continue to pay for human indifference with their lives. How animals are managed during disasters is to implement well thought out, field tested policies and procedures that are practiced in all disasters. Relief efforts for people are managed this way and we feel they should be for animals too.

We are not involved in any other animal welfare issues. It's not that we aren’t concerned about all the ways animals are abused or exploited, but there are a multitude of national and local animal welfare organizations who are tackling the issues that adversely affect animals.


The singular mission of Noah's Wish is to save animals during disasters with our rescue and recovery services and to mitigate the impact of disasters on animals through our educational outreach programs.


An increasing number of animals will be saved as Noah's Wish expands its education, networking and disaster response services across the United States, Canada and in other select international settings. This will be accomplished by:

* Educating and preparing individuals, communities and organizations to mitigate the impact of disasters on animals.
* Recruiting, training and maintaining a committed team of volunteers and staff.
* Developing collaborative working relationships with emergency response agencies and animal welfare organizations.
* Continuing to provide the highest standard of disaster response services.

To donate, visit: www.noahswish.info/Donations.html
To volunteer in the US or Canada, find out more here



Durban University Peace Chair
South Africa

Ela Gandhi and the Gandhi Development Trust are working to establish a Peace Chair and programs at the International Centre On Nonviolence(ICON) at the Durban University of Technology. The Chair will assist with the development of accredited course work in areas such as:
Training for trainers
Experiential, interactive learning approaches (popular education)
How intergenerational relationships and mutual mentoring can help young peacemakers
How to integrate spirituality and social change
Training on human rights, diversity, mediation and negotiation techniques, emotional control mechanisms and issues of justice, forgiveness and reconciliation together with courses for skills development on the functioning of nongovernmental community based organisations.

ICON will establish a Knowledge Centre where local and international scholars will have access to a rich collection of books, articles and information on a variety of subjects such as:
Nonviolence and literature on Mahatma Gandhi, Chief Albert Luthuli, Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Tutu as well as other leaders who promoted peace and nonviolence
Information on global concerns such as food security, water and conservation
Information on other issues of interest such as economic philosophies, and current historic and philosophical texts
Information on various visions of how poverty may be eradicated.



Peace of the World International
Malawi, East Africa
malawi kids

According to the W.H.O., Malawi is one of the seven sub-sahara countries where the proportion of children orphaned is very high. Others are Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Zambia, Burundi, and the kingdom of Swaziland. This is a result of HIV/AIDS pandemic. This pandemic has resulted in the death of productive people in our society regardless of age, race, religion, etc. We have, for sure, a very big task ahead of us to address the dangers of this deadly disease in order to mitigate its impact among the societies.

Established in 2007, this satelitte branch of POWI caters to a wide catchment area which is sorrounded by six neighbouring villages. They have plans to extend their services beyond that as long as the resources will be made available. In the near future, they have an intention of looking at the growing demand to provide assistance to orphans, HIV/Aids patients, widows, the disabled and others who are in need.

Current activities include:
-Teaching and feeding orphans and vulnerable children at the nursery school[under 5yrs]
-Providing home-based care to the chronically ill
-HIV/AIDS counselling and educate the public about the disease and ways of preventing it
-Providing food, clothing, etc. to the orphans and other vulnerable groups
-Empowering orphans through education and vocational skills.
-Establishing Nonviolence programs and trainings throughout the region and country

To contribute, please contact Dr. Sophia Crocheron at: peaceowifounder@gmail.com

For more information and to view reports, follow these links:


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