AGNT MEMBERSHIP: About & Benefits

The core purpose of the Association for Global New Thought
Is to consciously bring forth the evolving human and an awakened world
through the practice of universal spiritual principles
and the energy of unconditional love

“Omni-local IS global”
YOU can participate in a spiritual movement
that is helping to manifest an Awakened World in our lifetime.

Please join us…

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When you become a member of The Association for Global New Thought, you join a community of spiritually motivated seekers, thinkers, and activists. AGNT’s proven record in spiritually motivated action directly supports caring and informed citizens in their emerging role as moral and ethical community leaders. Spiritual activism is a term pioneered by the Association for Global New Thought and like-minded organizations to guide groups and individuals that are spiritually grounded, and who fully understand the need to take consciousness-based, meta-level action in our communities in order to embody change in this nation and beyond.

Whether you join as an individual, or an organization, you gain the ability draw from a pool of world-class opportunities and resources. Over time, AGNT will steer you toward those most relevant for your profile, needs, mission and vision. See more about programs to which members’ leadership is encouraged: Current Projects and Program Archives

As a member, you share benefits that include, but are not limited to:

• Making the CONSCIOUS CHOICE to be of SUPPORT to an organization that reflects and embodies YOUR values and visions, and invites you to take practical, active role in their evolution

• Networking with like-minded people; directories to find centers and peers in your area

• A prime place in the AGNT communications loop; through e-newletters and special announcements

• Exploring non-ordinary topics in conscious settings, with freedom of inquiry and thought

• Free access to screened online resources created by noted speakers, authors, religious and spiritual leaders, ministers, scientists, activists and others at the forefront of the conversation on consciousness and spirit

• Ability to upload and download your own events and activities to online AGNT EVENT CALENDARS that are utilized by a broad field of peers and colleagues

• Free Access to tools for personal leadership development for those who feel called to lead local programs and projects convened and sustained by AGNT

• Discounted registration fees, and “sneak-preview” announcements to teleseries with world spiritual and secular leaders where registration is preferred and/or limited.

• Discounted registration fees for conferences, workshops, events retreats and other activities produced by AGNT

• Free access to downloads of original videos and multi-media presentation tools that AGNT has created for programs, services, and dialogue groups that take place your spiritual community or center

• Free access to a wide variety of program materials to support your active participation in AGNT’s programs, such as the “Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence”

• Mentorship opportunities: Receive free counsel and support in launching the fundamentals of program participation, or become an advisor to others waking up to the value of the programs offered by AGNT

• A “through-line” to creating relationships with organizations, programs, and leaders that can enhance the quality of your personal work, and/or the vitality of your spiritual center.

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