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From Revs. Les and Audrey Turner


Introduction to the Peace Prayers Network

In San Diego County Revs. Les and Audrey Turner asked ministers to submit a prayer for peace to be used each Sunday at the service of each participating Church. The objective was to have 30 churches in San Diego County offering the same prayer on any given Sunday on the subject of: "A Nonviolent World that works for everyone in which no one is left out." Now we offer these to the entire Season for Nonviolence network as well.

Prayers were emailed from a consortium of participating churches. Rev. Les Turner compiled them and got them back to us for use in Sunday Bulletin, services or how-ever SNV ministers wish to distribute them.

Season for Nonviolence Prayers

Thank you for joining with the New Thought Churches and members of many faiths to participate weekly in the 64 day Season for Nonviolence, Beginning Jan 30 and completing April 4th. Inspired by the memorial anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the two men who stand out most vividly in our minds when we think of people who stood for Peace.

Please reproduce the prayers and include them in your Sunday bulletins.

The Practice:

1. Light a Candle during the Sunday Service or Celebration,

2. Physically elevate the candle to symbolically raise our consciousness,

3. Read the Prayer for the Week as all churches will be doing the same prayer (holding in consciousness “The possibility for Peace and Nonviolence Now.”)

4. Invite the congregation to daily light a candle and read the prayer for that week, expanding the consciousness of Peace and Nonviolence globally.