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Prayer #1 First Sunday of the Season
Contributed by: Rev.’s Les and Audrey Turner, The Creative Center for Spiritual Living.

As I light a candle and raise this single flame to the highest level of consciousness, where all is Spirit, all is Love, and all is Peace, I know that Love, Peace and Spirit are everywhere. I embrace with highest Love this season for Nonviolence. As this single flame entwines with a multitude of lights, I accept this magnificence that nonviolence is also everywhere present. I accept this for myself and for this community and for all communities of light. I see, sense and know this condition of nonviolent Life is expanding everywhere. I am grateful for this. With Thanksgiving I accept this new season for nonviolence, I claim a lifetime for nonviolence. My Prayer is the knowing of Peace.

What we resist persists, so I do not want to resist violence, I want to see beyond it to the truth of Peace. How can I be in this world, but not of it, not of the hatred, discrimination, and violence? I can be the solution. How can I have Peace, calm, perfection, and right action? By being it. Right here and right now I let go of the illusion of war, hate, fighting and violence and see only the Truth of Peace. Peace is where I came from, Peace is where I am, Peace is where I’m going.

P: Perfect
E: Evolution
A: Accepting
C: Creative
E: Experience

Perfect Evolution Accepting Creative Experience.

Peace the absence of war. Peace the absence of hate. Peace the absence of any kind of violence. Peace is the understanding of Love. I know and I know I know that Peace is all there is. Peace is God being God. I accept Peace, I am Peace, I see Peace, I smell Peace, I hear Peace, I taste Peace, I touch Peace, I know Peace is who and what I am. Peace is action. Peace in stillness. I experience Peace for myself, for every person, every animal, every living being on this wonderful planet, Mother Earth. Peace is, and so it is.

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Prayer#2 Second Sunday of the Season
Contributed By: Rev. Christen Sorensen, from Seaside Church of Religious Science

The breath of Spirit lovingly nourishes the Whole and breathes through this moment.
Wisdom which shines through mind and love warming the heart, unfolds Its glorious self.
The light dissipates darkness.
Faith consumes doubt and trust melts fears, inspiring the Spirit within to remember its Truth.
I dance the dance of happiness, and sing the song of joy.

I am liberated from the foes of misperception by the weapon of love.
I practice peacefully the fullness of the Divine Way, the way of Love and Oneness.
Conflicts that appear on this planet are now peacefully resolved through unparalleled thinking, inspiring communications and clearer understandings.
This beautiful heavenly Earth is the ideal habitat for the miracle of human life.
The young and old, rich and poor, those from the North, South, East and West, join hands, minds and hearts in an unprecedented way for the good of the Whole.

The recognition of one united family emerges with the acceptance of diversity.
I trust the Designing Intelligence of this Universe to successfully bring forth the next step of our Planet's maturing and evolution.
Leaders sit down together and come to know these next steps and find the courage to take them.

I see nations honoring one another's uniqueness and working together to support humanity's harmonious co-existence with our Planet.
I embody the concept all things are possible, the threat of war dissipates, man's inhumanity to itself dissolves, and the detrimental impact to the environment declines.

I joyously accept my place and involvement with this unfoldment upon the Planet.
I consciously make the right choices in support of the Whole.
My life is a reflection of a life of balance.
And so it is, Amen!

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Prayer#3 Third Sunday of the Season
Contributed by: Rev. Sandhi Scott

Peace is within us, each and all, peace is at the core of all creation and we are one with this allness, this peace, here and now. We breathe into the peace within us and with every breath we breathe in, peace expands in our minds, our hearts and our bodies. As we breathe out we offer peace to all creation. As we harmonize our thoughts words, and action with peace, we become a presence of peace. As like attracts like, peace attracts peace. And the peace that began with a thought and conscious breath becomes manifest as peace on earth here and now.

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Prayer#4 Fourth Sunday of the Season
Contributed by Rev. Sharon Hudson, Light of Life Church, Rancho Bernardo

Turning within I recognize the wonder and power of the Infinite Presence. The essence of this Divine Life is Wisdom, Peace and Love. I know that every person on this planet is one with this Presence. As I feel my Unity with All, I live a life committed to peace and nonviolence. I see through the eyes of compassion. I listen with understanding. I act from a powerful center of peace within me. My consciousness rests in peace for myself and for the world.

I know that through the power and wisdom of the One Mind, all life on planet Earth is being guided to live in peace. I see clearly that we are one in Spirit, in Life, in Love. I open my heart and mind to this truth now, accepting that the way is made clear for every need to be met, for deeper acceptance and understanding, for a sense of global community. I am grateful for knowing this truth.

In a spirit of Thanksgiving, I release this word to the activity of the Divine, knowing that it is already done. And So It Is.

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Prayer#5 Fifth Sunday of the Season
Contributed by: Rev. Diane Harmony

Centered in the awareness that
God is the ever present, ever loving
Life of the universe

I am aware that this holy spirit indwells
All of its creation as its peace, joy, harmony
And abundant grace.

From this place of unity, knowing there is only
God as its creation, I now claim the qualities
Of the divine expressing as each one of us.

I know that as holy beings of the most high
That the vibration of peace and harmony
Radiates from each sacred soul, and
That the divine quality of peace ignites the
Peace that is inherent in all beings on the planet.

As we recognize in each other the truth that
We are the peace of god,
We begin to live from that sacred place,
And heaven on earth is realized.

I am grateful for the words spoken. I thank god that
They are imbued with the power of the spirit.
I release them into the heart of god and know
That they are so. And so it is. Amen

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Prayer#6 Sixth Sunday of the Season
Contributed by: Rev Nancy Berggren, Fallbrook Church of Religious Science

Peace is the Power at the heart of God. In this moment, in this place, I call upon this Peace.

Knowing that this deep and profound peace resides at the center of my being, I call it forth to reign over my life, my mind, my heart and the body of my affairs. I invite this same deep and profound peace to resonate in every heart everywhere, releasing all fear and setting the captives free. All chains of oppression, suppression and depression fall away and a new consciousness of love, trust and open communication is born.

A deep and profound forgiveness washes over the land and across the seas. It rights all wrongs, ends all discord and heals all wounds.

We see in our minds eye now a world that works for everyone, where all people are fed--all people are clothed--all people are safe--all people are free.

Thank you God for this Truth that we feel and know right now at the deepest core level of our being. With a heart full of joy, we let it be so, and so it is. Amen.

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Prayer#7 Seventh Sunday of the Season
Contributed by: Rev. Jane Claypool, Center for Positive Living, Carlsbad

I know there is only One God and this God is present everywhere at all times. I know that I am a unique and individualized expression of God as is every person on the planet. We are all one in great Oneness of Life. We are connected to each other through our Spiritual Source. This is the Truth and that means that peace is possible now.

As a spiritual being who has access to this spiritual truth, I recognize that I am in a unique position to influence the course of world events through my personal choices. I also recognize that I must embody peace in order to have peace.

I choose peace as my personal experience. Every relationship in my life is established in love, harmony and respect. I am able to enjoy diversity as an expression of the richness of Infinite Intelligence. I choose to experience joy in the abundance of life, including the wealth of ways that others live and express themselves.

I choose peace in my national experience. This great nation was founded on principles of equality and religious freedom. Its strength comes from diversity. This nation has a powerful mandate to embody peace and I am willing to contribute to that choice in ways that seem appropriate to me as an individual.

I choose peace for the planet. I know that people are different from each other but I do not believe that differences need to lead to conflict. I understand that there is fear and belief in limitation in the world but I do not believe that fear is the truth. I see every person on the planet as a spiritual being seeking to express God in his or her unique way. I know that in his heart, once fear is dissolved, everyone chooses peace. I refuse to be a prisoner of fear.

My word is powerful because it seeks to light the way. I choose peace as an individual, as a citizen and as a spiritual being living on planet earth. The time for peace is now. I am here now and I choose peace now. And so it is.

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Prayer#8 Eighth Sunday of the Season
Contributed by: Rev. Carrie Masters, Hemet Church of Religious Science

There is only One Life, One Power, One Presence, and this Power and Presence is God, the Living Spirit Almighty. God is the Infinite being-ness at the center and circumference of all that is. From the center of this Divine One extends an Infinite Pool of Peace forever and ever expressing itself in all creation.

In this Peaceful Presence, we live, move, and have our being. We are creations of the Infinite One and in that Creation, the essence at the center of us is Perfect Peace and Unconditional Love. In the constant awareness of this abiding Love, I speak my word knowing that Love is the Truth of all life. We are all created in the image and likeness of Loving Kindness and Peace and I know that we shine this light of non-violence into our world, infusing everyone we contact with the Power and Grace of Infinite Peace.

In this season for non-violence, I know that we become the example of perfect Peace and thereby we create a peaceful world in which everyone extends their light of kindness and non-violence to everyone they touch.

I give thanks for the knowledge that my word goes forth into the Law of Mind to do it's perfect work. With a heart deeply grateful for the manifestation of peace and nonviolence I release my word into the Infinite Mind knowing it is done now. And I let it be. And so it is. Amen

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Prayer#9 Ninth Sunday of the Season
Contributed By: Rev. Gordon Bishop, Downtown Community Church, San Diego

God is Love.
Love is Peace.
I am one with God.
Therefore I am love and
I live in peace.

As I drink in the love-energy of the Divine,
it overflows.
Softly touching all that I encounter
with peaceful kindness,
I live the vision of a

The essence of my being is love.
The essence of Love is peace.
I am peace.

With a grateful heart I release my word into
the loving arms of the Universe.
And I know that the manifestation of this Truth
is full and complete right here and now.
And so it is. Amen

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Prayer#10 Tenth Sunday of the Season
Contributed By: Rev. Matthew E. Long, Peace Unity Church, Clarkston, Michigan.

As I light a candle and raise this single flame to the highest level of consciousness,
where all is Spirit, all is Love, and all is Peace,
I know that Love, Peace and Spirit are everywhere.

“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

In this holy instant I am choosing to be peace.
My every thought, word, feeling, and action radiates peace.
All I am, can do and be expresses divine peace and harmony.

With my mind’s eye, I reach out to all my friends, family and loved ones.
I touch them with the light of loving peace.
Their every thought, word, feeling, and action radiates peace.
All they are can do and be expresses divine peace and harmony.

Through my friends, family and loved ones I reach out to touch the entire world with the light of loving peace.
Every thought, word, feeling, and action radiates peace.
All of creation expresses divine peace and harmony.

Truly, the light of Peace surrounds us, the love of Peace of enfolds us, the power of Peace protects us and the presence of Peace watches over us. Wherever we are Peace is.

And so it is. Amen

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