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Set-Up Materials

Time Line (A schedule to help you in preparing the series)
Newsletter Example (To announce the coming seven-week series)
Info Sheet (Download)

Program Time Line

Month One
Prepare article for newsletter

Month Two
Prepare bulletins
Prepare affirmation cards (single for personal use, or double so one side can be displayed at the church)
Arrange for host homes for study groups
Arrange for facilitators for study groups
Create art for sanctuary (photos, weekly themes, etc.)
Order copies of Gandhi the Man from Nilgiri Press (Tel: 1-800-475-2369)

Month Three
Put out sign-up sheets for Study Groups
Arrange for small group facilitators training
Provide facilitators with facilitator’s guide and 10 copies of each weekly “Study Guide Questions and Notes for Discussion”

Month Four
The program begins
Have copies of past Bulletins and Affirmation cards available

Month Five
The program continues and ends
Thank all volunteers at the end of the program
Optional: plan a gala banquet or all-church potluck or dessert celebration of the series

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Newsletter Example

An Adventure in Faith
Seven Weeks to a Full, Rich, Purposeful Life!

On (date) we will begin a seven-week series designed especially for you that focuses on the inner work of spiritual transformation. Our theme this year is:

"The Wisdom of Gandhi"

Each week we will focus our Sunday Service and our In-Home Study Groups on the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi

(Date) Gandhi the Man -- Purple
(Date) Ahimsa, Nonviolence -- Salmon or Pink
(Date) Satyagraha, Soul Force -- Orange
(Date) Yield and Prevail -- Green
(Date) Out of the Ego Cage -- Red
(Date) The Steady Mind -- Blue
(Date) The Illumined Soul -- Yellow or Gold

Join one of the study groups that will be organized to discuss the weekly themes and explore the many ways God expresses wisdom through us all. We will be using the book, Gandhi the Man, written by Eknath Easwaran. Copies will be available in the bookstore.

Questions on the reading assignments as well as notes on the readings will be available through the home-study groups.

This series can change your life! As Gandhi himself said: I have not the shadow of a doubt that any man or woman can achieve what I have, if he or she would make the same effort and cultivate the same hope and faith."

"An Adventure in Faith"
Gala Church Celebration

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