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Season for Interfaith-Intercultural Celebration

Suggested Actions

The Basics        More Ideas

The Basics


• Use the Religious Directories as a guide to find and invite representatives from other religions to join your next meeting as a strategic partner. In your letter of invitation, describe the Interfaith Celebration for A Season of Interfaith Celebration in your own words. The Religions Directories will also steer you toward a mailing and contact list to invite the broader multi-faith community to your interfaith events.


• Host a meeting at your church, or other agreed upon venue, with your New Thought colleagues and representatives from other religious traditions. If they feel called to invite key members of their communities this is a good sign and should be encouraged.
• Make room for everyone to play, and share leadership! Our first task is to model new leadership and collaborative, non-hierarchical principles, including the power of collective wisdom based on spiritual foundations, shared vision, affirmation and empowerment.


• Host leaders and members from other local faiths. Begin the meeting by asking if other faith leaders there would share a blessing, prayer or invocation with the group.
• Make a basic presentation about the Season of Interfaith Celebration and then create an interactive dialogue.


New Thought churches and spiritual centers are well aligned to create an interfaith vigil for global healing to which you can invite your community. Make contact with your peers representing different religious traditions and share with them all the opportunities for connection and dialogue coming together at this important time. There is probably an Interfaith Council in your city; invite its members to engage in the planning and co-sponsor your events. There are four Sundays in September—all dates would be the perfect to schedule meditation services and sacred sharing. The International Day of Peace takes place on Sunday, September 21. Services and meditations is a great opportunity to sponsor citywide events in your church.

A search index for prayers, celebrations and invocations from all Faiths can be found at http://www.worldprayers.org/

• In a world that is torn by religious misunderstanding and strife an interfaith prayer for peace and reconciliation, forgiveness and wisdom, would be appropriate
• It is important that interfaith prayers be held on neutral ground with no religious symbols of any kind
• It is important that each Faith tradition, irrespective of their size, be given equal time and respect at the function
• If requested, an official letter can be sent from the Gandhi Institute and the Association for Global New Thought so that you may use it in inviting interfaith participants
• The objective during the Season for Interfaith Celebration is to understand different religions and to build meaningful relationships with other Faith groups. If there is respect for each other in a community there will be no violence


It is the right and privilege of your Interfaith Council to offer invocational prayer at City Council Meetings. Meet with your City Council leaders and ask them for an invitation to serve the Council by setting the tone for the meeting and recognizing the presence of a Sacred Power known by many names. Let them know that your interfaith group represents diverse faiths and religious beliefs (as well as non-religious) in your community and respects that we all live side by side in harmony with one another.




During this Season for Interfaith Intercultural celebration, AGNT has made it possible for you to conduct a FREE 9-Week self-study and dialogue course based on the edited recordings of conversations with 18 of the foremost religious and spiritual teachers on the planet. The interviews are co-hosted by Jim Kenney, former Global Director of the Parliament of the World’s Religions and an expert in world religion and culture. The course is designed for weekly individual study followed by a local group dialogue. Any leader can facilitate the course with materials provided here, and the course can be tailored to New Thought groups meeting in churches, community interfaith councils, living rooms discussions, or educational settings.

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ADDITIONAL ACTIONS: How to Be Effective In Your Community


Peace Day is supported by more than 1000 organizations in over 100 nations. Please ask your favorite group, organization, or religious institution to endorse the International Day of Peace. http://www.un.org/en/events/peaceday/2014/


Each year thousands of Peace Vigils take place for the International Day of Peace. These range from small vigils of just a few people to huge gatherings of up to 300,000. Make your commitment to hold a Peace Day vigil. Pathways to Peace International Day of Peace


Join millions around the world every day at 12 Noon in a Moment of Silence for peace. On Peace Day bring your community together at Noon around one of the more than 200,000 Peace Poles found in every nation that express the wish, "May Peace Prevail On Earth." FaceBook Group



From Peace Day’s first minute in Auckland, New Zealand until its last minute in Honolulu Hawaii, people around the globe will be able to enjoy PEACECAST 2014: 48 hours of music, video, film, documentary, poetry, dance, visual arts and individual expressions, all celebrating people’s appreciation and desire for peace. PeaceCast 2014 includes entries submitted from all over the world. The webcast will be available at http://www.peacecast.tv as long as it is Peace Day anywhere on the planet.


Volunteering for a service project in your community for Peace Day is a tangible way to make a difference for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. http://serviceforpeace.org


Many Peace Day events and activities have an interfaith component such as those coordinated by United Religions Initiative Cooperation Circles and at World Peace Prayer Society's flag ceremonies and peace pole dedications. A high level conference on interfaith cooperation for peace is being organized on Peace Day by the Tripartite Forum for Interfaith Cooperation for Peace, consisting of 50 governments, 15 UN agencies and 110 religious NGOs. Download Interfaith Prayers for Peace as PDF. For more information on World Peace Pole Ceremonies: http://www.worldpeace.org/activities_peacepoleproject.html For more information on Cooperation Circles: http://www.uri.org/Cooperation_Circles.html


Show children the pathways to peace by highlighting peace in classroom studies, having a special assembly to show the film "World Peace and Other 4th-Grade Achievements" by Rosalia Films. This wonderful and transformational film weaves the story of teacher John Hunter with his students’ participation in the World Peace Game. The game triggers an eight-week transformation of the children from students of a neighborhood school to citizens of the world. The core values of the World Peace Game are explained here: http://worldpeacegame.org/world-peacegame-foundation/core-principles


You can find out more about the film here: http://worldpeacegame.org/the-film/about-the-film


Kids for Peace has a peace pledge you can download.

"I pledge to use my words to speak in a kind way.
I pledge to help others as I go throughout my day.
I pledge to care for our earth with my healing heart and hands.
I pledge to respect people in each and every land.
I pledge to join together as we unite the big and small.
I pledge to do my part to create PEACE for one and all.

The Kids for Peace website has resources; you can join or start your own chapter of Kids for Peace. http://www.kidsforpeaceglobal.org/


Young people are playing a major role for Peace Day by helping to inspire their families, communities and other youth around the world through music and other creative arts, service and dialogue. There are many different activities for youth on the United Religions Initiative (URI) site: https://www.uri.org/browse_resources/youth/activities


We, the people of planet Earth, In recognition of the interconnectedness of all life And the importance of the balance of nature, Hereby acknowledge our interdependence And affirm our dedication To life-serving environmental stewardship, The fulfillment of universal human needs worldwide, Economic and social well-being, And a culture of peace and nonviolence, To insure a sustainable and harmonious world For present and future generations. Created by We, The World Inspired by the Earth Charter - http://www.earthcharter.org


More than 1350 schools and groups around the world created and displayed 1/2 million pinwheels for peace to inspire their communities to imagine whirled peace last Peace Day. This year many more will participate. (www.pinwheelsforpeace.com)


Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots chapters flew giant peace doves in 22 countries and 69 cities in 2005 to inspire their communities for the International Day of Peace. Bring the giant doves of peace to your Peace Day celebration. Download a PDF to make your own giant peace dove.


A Peace Day Parade or Peace Day March with colorful flags and positive peace messages is a powerful way to inspire your community with hope on the International Day of Peace. (www.PeaceDayParade.com)


Musicians and performers around the world are dedicating their performances to Peace on September 21 and during the Countdown to Peace Day. A globally telecast peace concert is being planned to air on Peace Day from stages in Geneva, Africa, New York, Jerusalem, the Great Wall of China, India and Montreal. www.PeaceDayConcert.org


The Global Peace Film Fest will take place in Orlando, Florida beginning on September 14 and concluding on Peace Day, September 21. Filmmakers may submit their films at www.peacefilmfest.org


Host an "Interfaith Cafe" using the World Cafe model. Download a PDF which includes excerpts from “Practicing the Sacred Art of Listening: A Guide to Enrich Your Relationships and Kindle Your Spiritual Practice” by Kay Lindahl, published by SkyLight Paths


You don't have to plan a BIG event to be part of the global Peace Day observance. Invite a few friends to get together to watch the Peace One Day video or to write letters for peace together, light a candle for peace or just talk about our shared wish for peace. www.PeaceDayParty.com


In United Nations General Assembly Resolution 55/282, all member countries of the United Nations agreed to observe a Global Ceasefire on September 21, The International Day of Peace. Urge your leaders to agree to honor their pledge to observe The Global Ceasefire. (www.GlobalCeasefire.org)


• Form a small, informal, discussion group that will meet periodically to discuss issues, talk about different Faiths and their rituals in a friendly atmosphere
• The group can meet periodically over dinner in a restaurant or meeting house, or take turns in one another’s homes
• This activity can go on round the year and not be limited to the Season


Ask your Mayor, Governor & Head of State to declare a Peace Day Proclamation. Which nation will be the first to declare a Legal Holiday for Peace Day? Here is a sample proclamation to download as PDF: https://www.uri.org/files/resource_files/URI%20IDP%20Proclamation%202009.doc.pdf

You can help to create a more peaceful world. Ask your Mayor, City Council, Governor and Head of State to declare a legal holiday on September 21, the International Day of Peace. Which nation will be the first to declare Peace Day as a National Holiday.Contact heads of state in all nations by contacting their ambassadors to the Permanent Missions at the United Nations. Request that they officially become advocates for a nonviolent solution. See United Nations Resolution below.


Dear Ambassador _______,

Thank you for considering to officially state your nation’s support of UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/55/282 fixing the date for the International Day of Peace as 21 September and declaring “that the International Day of Peace shall henceforth be observed as a day of global ceasefire and non-violence, an invitation to all nations and people to honour a cessation of hostilities for the duration of the Day..."

For the past 24 years, the International Day of Peace has been a catalyzing opportunity for individuals, nations and civil society to unite in our shared yearning for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. Thousands of events and activities have taken place for the International Day of Peace, coordinated by governments, agencies and a network of more than 800 civil society organizations in over 106 nations!

The issue of peace has never been more relevant, but the truth is that most people around the world do not know about the International Day of Peace. Global awareness about the Day will help to convince individuals and nations that we share a common wish for peace, and this year’s Peace Day can play a significant role in helping to increase global cooperation to strive towards this most worthy of goals.

Your nation can help lead the way to a more peaceful world by leading the call for the International Day of Peace. Please consider being one of the first nations to do one or more of the following: 1) pledge to honor the United Nations’ call for a Global Ceasefire on 21 September; 2) establish a National Holiday on 21 September for the International Day of Peace; 3) Convene a national Minute of Silence at Noon on the International Day of Peace.

Please consider this opportunity for your nation to lead the world towards peace.

May Peace Prevail On Earth,

The Republic of ________ supports UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/55/282 for the International Day of Peace.
__ Our nation pledges that unless attacked we will honor the UN’s call for a Global Ceasefire on 21 September.
__ Our nation will establish a National Holiday on 21 September for the International Day of Peace.
__ Our nation will participate in the Minute of Silence at Noon on the International Day of Peace.

Signature _____________________________Phone____________________________

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