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Omni-local IS Global: No Peace without Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding

The New Thought movement is taking leadership in demonstrating that spiritually-guided activism can support concerned and informed citizens in their emerging role as community leaders motivated to become agents of social change. The unique contribution of our new breed of evolutionary leaders is one that calls us to activate, here and now, our renewed commitment to deeply held ethics, values, and principles.

We may sometimes think we can have no impact as individuals but, multiplied in communities everywhere around the world, by choosing to engage in serious interfaith appreciation we will find ourselves in the midst of the more enlightened society we have insisted on creating. Gandhi pointed out that it is not just the right, but the responsibility of the spiritually motivated citizen to actively demonstrate his or her personal responsibility toward a higher level of compassionate dialogue. Until our religious and governing leaders understand the fundamental interconnectedness of the global family, there will be no lasting peace in the world.

Presentation for Group Inspiration and Planning

• Powerpoint Presentation: "Inspiring Respect through Omni-local Initiatives"

• Powerpoint Presentation Script

AGNT's "Omni-local" Model of Spiritual Activism VIDEO

Pomona Interfaith Walk SLIDE SHOW