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New Thought News Service:
Live daily coverage of the Parliament, including photo galleries, hourly Twitter feeds, a YouTube video and dozens of features, profiles and other news stories. They organized this service for all of the 10 families among youths from across the U.S.

Blog and Photos from Noelle Jaskusz
Videos from Noelle Jaskusz

Faith Rivera's Blog:
Faith is one of the wonderful musicians who performed at the New Thought Pre-Conference and Programs, as well as other events throughout the week!

Jeremy Donovan:
Jeremy is recognised around the world as one of Australia's Finest Aboriginal Performers,Artists and Keynote Speakers. We were lucky enough to welcome Jeremy to our New Thought family when he performed for us at the Pre-Conference, Dec. 2nd.

The Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions is pleased to announce the creation of PeaceNext, our very own social network that will bring together the global interreligious community in dynamic and far-reaching ways.

Video Interviews at the Parliament by
A dozen people of different faiths are asked the same 4 questions:
What does it mean to be a ______ in today's world?
With the "shrinking" of the world through technology, how does that impact you and your tradition?
When you interact with others, from different traditions, what aspects of your tradition do they find it easiest to understand or accept - and what aspects to they find it more difficult to understand or accept?
What do you hope comes out of gatherings like this one in Melbourne?

Videos and Photos from the Council of the Parliament of the World's Religions

Notes from the Parliament by Rev. Laura L. Mancuso

Notes from the Parliament by Rev. Charles P. Gibbs

Blog by Eletrice Harris

Women at the Parliament Blog

EnlightenNext's Parliament Blog

Blog by Rev. Jacqueline Triche Atkins, J.D

Blog by Rev. Jill Iris

Article by Rev. Wanda Gail Campbell


Links from the Youth Plenary Presentation:

FaithsAct Fellows:
The Faiths Act Fellowship brings together thirty young people from different faith backgrounds across the UK, USA and Canada to spend 10 months facilitating multi-faith action.

Hugh Evans & the Global Poverty Project:
1.4 billion people on our planet live in extreme poverty. The Global Poverty Project seeks to invigorate the global movement to take effective concerted action on poverty through the presentation 1.4 billion reasons.

Soul Pancake:
Online community who's mission is to make discussions about Spirituality, Creativity, and Philosophy cool again. A collective discussion of "Life's Big Questions".

Interfaith Action's aim is to build understanding and respect between people of all faiths. We work towards a cohesive society where all faiths are not only tolerated but where individuals are respected and diversity is valued and celebrated.