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UNDER THE SAME SUN: Host a Screening


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under the same sun  

These instructions are designed to help individuals and organizations who want to have a public screening of the documentary film "Under the Same Sun". Our goal is to help educate, raise awareness, understanding and promote enlightened action. We see you as our partners in promoting healing on a community wide level by using this film and this tool kit, and we are more than open to suggestions to help make this experience as positive for you and your community as we can.





1. Choose Film: "Under the Same Sun" or "Admissions" or both! Purchase the film(s) you wish to screen. You can buy Admissions here and Under The Same Sun here.

2. Choose your date and a location where you will have the screening. (See media timeline)

3. Once you have chosen your date and location,please let us know about it by adding it to our calendar here.

4. Plan your workshop / panel / discussion, using se our Resources and resources on the "Under the Same Sun" Website.

5. Download a poster of the film to promote your screening.

6. Make sure your logistics and program details are in place.

7. Publicize and spread the word.

8. Hold your event

9. Follow-up




1. Location, Screening Venue:

In our experience, finding a location for the screening first makes all other decisions easier - it gives you a place and a time and a date, and then you can aim everything else at these. A few options:

▪ Invite the community to your church or spiritual center
▪ Invite family or friends to your home.
▪ Contact your local library or community center for a suitable space and video equipment
▪ Partner with local organizations, groups or businesses to co-sponsor a screening.
▪ Partner with your church or any other place of worship
▪ On campus, in dorm, library, theater or classroom
▪ Local businesses or gathering spots that you know host similar events in your community
▪ Local Independent Movie Theater

As you choose a location, you may want to keep in mind who you are inviting and their needs/interests, parking, public transportation, easy access and easy to find.


Advertising Your Screening:

Please feel free to use the Media Tips / Timeline on our web site. These are specifically there in order to support your efforts to get the word out in your communities.There are many ways to publicize your event. Write emails to family members, friends, neighbors and community members. Ask people to RSVP for your event online via Facebook. Ask your school, place of worship, and any other organization you are a part of to help you publicize your film screening. Post flyers in your community and make announcements at community events and online through email listserves and social media to let everyone know about your event.

Co-Sponsoring Organizations

We strongly encourage you to work with co-sponsoring organizations in your community—churches, Interfaith organizations. This film is intended to bring people and groups together and bringing in co-sponsors makes this real and also increases the contacts likely to hear about the screening. Building coalitions will have long lasting and very positive widespread effects on the whole community.


Prepare materials and Workshop

For workshop materials please click here to download. Review these materials carefully. They will help you formulate your program.

If you have a panel or a discussion, it is a good idea to have a facilitator moderator who can keep an eye on time, point out audience members who want to speak or to encourage specific panelists to address a question or comment. You can determine who your local experts are, and reach out to several of them. Ask for their ideas and what they think about the film and materials. Consider doing a Skype or call in if you do not have the resources to accommodate having from someone involved in the making of the film come to you. Be sure to get commitments from panelists and facilitator early and check in with them often to encourage comfort and connection with the event.

Consider carefully what you want to come from this part of the evening. This will determine how you set up the post screening discussion and workshop and should reflect the interests of your organization and whoever your co-sponsors are.

After seeing the movie many in the audience will want to know what they can do - what action they can take. Have a list of local organizations, including your own, available to give to them. Be sure to make this a part of the post screening conversation, and make it as relevant to your particular audience as you can.



•Prepare the location. Be sure to arrive early to set up chairs and screening equipment. Nothing is more frustrating than faulty equipment with an audience staring at a blank screen! So please make sure you run through things before the crowds arrive.Make sure the seating arrangements will accommodate the amount of guests you are planning to have. Set up a table with the sign-in sheet and materials you prepared so guests will see them when they arrive. It might also be helpful to have the film ready to go before guests arrive so all you have to do is press play.
•Bring workshop materials or information packets so that your participants can learn more about the background information and core questions to be discussed.
• Bring sign in sheets so you can keep track of who comes to your events. Decide whether or not you want to offer an advocacy action for participants to take.
• Start the screening. Welcome guests and thank them for coming. Discuss what made you decide to host the screening and be sure to describe the context of the film you are about to screen. If you’d like, give them a couple questions to think about during the film.
• Discuss the movie. Ask the audience about their initial reactions. Discuss major themes and be sure to talk about why or how the film is relevant. Brainstorm ways your friends or community can get involved. If you chose to take action, explain the petition, letter or action you’re taking to your guests and invite them to join you. Be sure to thank your guests for coming and find out who is interested in future events.
•Document your event with pictures that you can share with your audience (and us!) on Facebook and other sources, and so that we can help get the word out about your successful screening. Nearly everyone has a smart phone these days, so this should be easy.


Just because the screening is over doesn’t mean you’re done! Keep in touch with guests who attended the event and be sure to follow through on ideas that came out of your discussion. Evaluate the success of the event. If you weren’t able to get everyone to your first screening, hold another and be sure to invite your friends, family or community members who weren’t able to come.

Let us know how it goes!
Please let us know how it went! What worked, what didn't, what could have helped, etc. Don't be shy about making a comment on our website about the event and what happened there. We are all in this together and the input is needed by all of us.Email us at: info@agnt.org and give us your feedback.