Gandhi King Chavez SNV logo Season for Nonviolence

January 30 - April 4, 2011

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Dear Colleague in Spirit:

Thanks to you, the Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence is preparing to launch for the 14th consecutive year! This model of spiritually guided social transformation by citizen leaders was a rare occurrence twelve years ago; because of leaders like you, today it is virtually a “new norm” in the mainstream of grassroots community action.

This year, we are thrilled to announce that we will launch Season 2011 in partnership with the Spiritual Social Action Core team of the United Centers for Spiritual Living, the Peace Team, a Spiritual Social Action Ministry Team of the Association of Unity Churches International, and the Universal Foundation for Better Living. At work behind the scenes, collectively supported programs like the Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence are bringing the New Thought movement together as a unified force on the international stage, and expanding the wave to include many other secular and faith communities committed to the vision of harmony and healing right here and right now. As a leader of this movement we hope you take as much pride in your group’s achievements as they truly warrant.

If you are leading a local task force and have not already signed in for 2011, please officially "sign in" with your complete contact info and (if applicable) the names of your team members so that we can keep you updated and informed with the latest developments and resources. The sign-in form will also enable you to initiate leadership for a new group. Click to submit form: SIGN IN HERE OR Email to:

If you are not already planning with an SNV task force for 2011, you can find out if there is other task force activity you might join in your area. Click here to view a list of all our Task Force Leaders for 2010 which will incrementally be updated for the current year, 2011.

When you sign in for 2011, you will notice that we have added some questions intended to dig deeper into the specific needs of your local task force. Since the SNV website offers so many valuable and diverse resources, we know it can be overwhelming. This year, we have edited and re-structured the SNV program a bit to better steer you toward the sets of resources that will best serve your goals, whether your primary outreach is toward church/spiritual centers, schools and youth, community base, the workplace or in your own home.

As always, we invite ALL levels of participation. Please know that there is no act too big or too small to be a valuable contribution. Don't delay--the best time to get a head start on task force activities is before the holidays!

Blessings and gratitude,

Dr. Barbara Fields, GK-SNV Project Director, Association for Global New Thought
Dr. Michael Beckwith, President, Association for Global New Thought