Script of United Nations Presentation

International Youth of Unity Co-presidents

Nathan Miller ~ Overland Park, KS

Stacy Moscow ~ Mesa, AZ

Mariah Landers ~ Merced, CA

Andrew Griffin ~ Cork, Ireland


International Y.O.U. Director

Cherie Larkin


  In 1993  22% of the population of the United States (about 40 million adults) were considered to be functionally illiterate.

83% of low income mothers in the United States have been victims of  severe violence and/or sexual abuse during their lives.

In 1995 there were 4,831 race motivated hate crimes and at least 735 hate crimes against             male homosexuals in the US.

There are at least 100 million unexploded land mines in over 60 countries where they kill             or maim 26,000 people every year.

Something's not right in the world. Something has to change. It has to start Right now.  Right here.

While we honor the courageous work of previous generations, WE, as the new generation, intend to make the vision of world peace a reality in our lifetime.

Peace has to start now within each one of us.  How can we expect ourselves or our children to make peace in the world if we  can t find peace within ourselves? Are you ready to commit to find peace within yourself?  As we are. Are you willing to take time to cultivate your own spirituality?  As we are.  Are you willing to find the inner strength to be peaceful?  As we are.  Are you willing to...  Pray... Meditate... Take time for inner reflection...  Can you honor the dignity and inherent worth of every human being? And can you honor your personal truth - whichever spiritual path that may be? We need to educate ourselves to be peaceful... Honoring those ways of education that recognize a person is mind, body and spirit, and that all three need to be nurtured.

We need curriculum that teaches understanding.

Understanding of different religions...  Different lifestyles...  Different cultures... customs... beliefs...

We need an educational system that teaches acceptance -not just tolerance of  ideas. If young people learn to accept other's individuality, they will come to truly  understand the beauty of diversity. If they understand each other, how then could they grow up and want to kill each other?

Major wars are fought over the acquisition of land, money, or resources.  Young  people need to learn that a human life is much more valuable than any material thing.

As members of a global society, we also need to learn respect for other human  beings.  Our everyday lives are full of spontaneous and unintentional acts of violence.  How often when driving do you let other drivers merge in front of you rather  than speeding up or cutting them off?  How often when treated rudely do you respond with kindness?  How often do you boost someone's self esteem rather than being critical?  Are there places in you that still need healing from violence?

We cannot create peace in the world until we create peace in our lives and      practice the principle that every human being deserves to be treated with  respect.

Can you make your everyday interactions with people peaceful, positive, and  uplifting?  Are you willing to become a part of the collective consciousness that will expand peace globally?

We are the new, dynamic generation ready to change the world. But we don't want to wait until we are in charge. We want it to start now. Right here. With you.

We invite you to join us in our vision.

We the youth of the world stand globally united as the leaders of not only tomorrow, but today. We are the power of the indwelling spirit, and with this power we have vision and purpose. We are the cultivators and facilitators of global change, empowering others to achieve greater levels of awareness and responsibility. We come together to love, laugh, learn, serve, speak, and live peace.

We are the Peacemakers.

We are the Dreamers.

We are the Doers.

We are the Generation for Peace!

Will you join with us in making our vision a reality today?