Exploring the. . .

Feminine Face of New Thought Leadership

AGNT and women leaders in the New Thought movement need your help and expertise in formulating a next phase approach to a spiritually guided women's leadership network in New Thought. It will be co-designed and co-facilitated by the women forming and leading local and regional groups already based in our centers, or those of us inspired to form new ones.

By conducting a series of informal calls with a growing circle of our New Thought "sisters," including ministers, church associates, and grassroots group leaders, we have been building collaborative guidance around this vision. It is consistent with a deep wave of women's leadership empowerment gathering now on planet, getting ready to "crest."

Now we feel called to explore the possibility of co-creating a New Thought Women's Network, including women who are closely aligned with our spiritual mission whether or not they are directly involved in NT churches. There is not yet a "plan" in place... it's a leap into new territory. What such a network would do, or not do, can't yet be known because it yearns for YOUR input, too.

We reach out to you today seeking guidance and solidarity. If you are a woman or a man who feels resonance with this idea, or if you know a woman or man who might be, please take a little time out to explore the menu items on this page.

It has come to light that we share a wisdom and belief that the process, itself, has to model a new way to affirm sacred leadership among women. Something else which might be stirring in us is a genuine curiosity about what it would mean to be more consciously engaged with the feminine face of New Thought, growing in synergy with the evolving masculine energy of our spiritual community as a unified whole.