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Women find themselves positioned at different levels in the system, called to show up, empower themselves and other women, stay connected, and co-create. Some are focused on care of the body-brain self as a level that needs to be integrated to become an authentic modeling for others. Others are called into collectives to develop trusted relationships, align passions, and build systems of true exchange and power-with leadership. Still others are standing on the edge of an unknown infrastructure, called to create bridges across long-standing boundaries, and unfold potential synergies that impact human evolution in exponential ways.

Voicing the Commitments

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The Calls:

• To self-care
• Toward one’s passion
• For more authentic relationships
• To circle
• To spiritual community
• To action
• To empower through conversation and writing
• To step forward in projects that value diversity
• To create bridges across traditional boundaries
• To connect on a regular basis
• Through technology and the intuitive
• To contribute to some sort of infrastructure

Inner shifts happening/ qualities arising:

• Letting go
• Allowing the flow
• Opposite qualities arise to be seen
• Resistance falling away
• Greater patience
• A deeper knowing
• Following one’s intuition
• Being willing to trust
• Process feels miraculous
• Integration
• Being bold
• Exciting and scary… feels really good

Aspects of leadership now:

• Gentle leadership as ‘power-with’
• Spirit-led
• As a way of living
• Natural and authentic modeling
• Within families
• In mentorship
• Build relationships
• Embrace diversity
• Noticing what’s working and what’s not
• Aligning passions with like-minded women
• Sharing the wisdom
• True exchange and power in circle
• Midwives to something greater

World views:

• There is one story of humanity unfolding.
• Our personal evolution facilitates the whole system.
• Collective power is gained in each other’s presence.
• Deep mutual respect and support is important.
• We become both anchor and sail to one another.
• We step into a greater experience of Oneness in bodies.
• Right and left brains together. • We are in uncharted territory.
• Synchronistic connections and opportunities to lead/support/mentor arise.
• We co-create organic tapestries through synergy.