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in Seeking Private and Corporate Sponsorship for
YOUR Season for Nonviolence

What is the Purpose of the Season for Nonviolence Campaign?
How Will These Goals be Achieved?
Should This Issue be Dealt with in Such a Public Way?
Is This a Local Campaign Only?
Will an awareness campaign make an impact on violence?
What have we done as a society to alleviate violence and to build a nonviolent culture?

How will the money raised be spent?
Is this a church related event?
How will the success of this campaign be measured?
In addition to financially supporting a Season for Nonviolence, how can our business/organization become involved during these “seasons” of action?



What is the purpose of the Season for Nonviolence campaign?

To Educate the public in the philosophy and practice of NONVIOLENCE.
To Give people practical and effective tools to apply NONVIOLENCE daily.
To Identify communities, organizations and individuals who are making NONVIOLENT choices to alter and impact personal, public and social challenges.
To Empower and support communities, cities and the nation in seeing NONVIOLENCE as a powerful alternative for creating respect, justice, equity and understanding among all people.

Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it . . . . .M. GANDHI

How will these goals be achieved?

By inviting organizations, businesses and individuals to plan and implement an event(s) supporting and demonstrating the effectiveness of nonviolence within their own community / culture. The purpose is to empower others to find a responsible and creative way to deal with this issue.

We are holding general informational meetings in which organizations, businesses and individuals are invited to learn more about this campaign and to present ideas of the kind of events they can organize.
Examples are:
Host dialogues ranging in subjects from ‘nonviolence’ to ‘interracial harmony’
Presenting educational programs within the school system on nonviolent principles
Encouraging businesses and community groups to partnership in mentoring programs from gang members

One day we must come to see that peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek but a means by which we arrive at the goal. We must pursue peaceful ends through peaceful means . . . . . M.L.KING

Should this issue be dealt with in such a public way?

Violence permeates every segment of our society and every aspect of our culture. It includes but is not limited to Gang violence, Domestic violence, Workplace violence, Child abuse, Animal abuse, Drug related violence. The effects of violence takes a toll on families, children, employees, productivity, morale, academic performance, health cost, consumer spending decisions, and more. Violence precipitates hopelessness and despair. Violence is a loud voice calling out for help.

I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the way our world is made. No individual or nation can stand out boasting of being independent. We are interdependent. . . . .M.L. KING

Is this a local campaign only?

Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence is an International education, media and community action campaign. Hundreds of cities throughout the United States and the world are participating. Examples are: Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Seattle, Detroit, Nashville, Portland, Memphis. Some of the other countries participating are Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Israel. More are signing on daily.

True nonviolence should mean a complete freedom from ill-will and anger and hate and an overflowing love for all. . . .M.GANDHI

Will an awareness campaign make an impact on violence? What have we done as a society to alleviate violence and to build a nonviolent culture?

Isn’t it time to explore new possibilities? Isn’t it time to shift our attention from the problem to the solution, that already exist? What better way than to give everyone an opportunity to find new solutions and share what’s already working?
The impact we anticipate is:
Increase options available to individuals in responding to personal, professional social, political and economic challenges.
Increase social and political responsibility, such as voting, participation in community forums and neighborhood watch groups.
Identify and share models of success for solving problems using nonviolent means.
Build common ground through experiences shared during this campaign.
Promote networks of support among organizations and individuals with common interest centered around nonviolent solutions.
Link volunteers and funders to service programs and organizations available throughout the greater Los Angeles area through media coverage and the Internet.
Share altruistic models of leadership.
Increase public awareness of resources and services in there communities.

Those who discovered the law of nonviolence in the midst of violence were greater geniuses than Newton.. . . . .M.GANDHI

How will the money raised be spent?

Our organization is raising money to cover selected programs and operational costs associated with the planning and implementation of this campaign. Money raised will also support the local opening and closing events. See attached financials for more information.

I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality, and freedom for their spirits. I believe that what self-centered men have torn down, other-centered men can build up.. . . .M.L. KING

Is this a church related event?

This is a non-partisan, secular campaign. While there is a local church involved in the planning of Season for Nonviolence, it does not benefit in any way nor does any money go to the church. Throughout history, churches have been on the forefront of social change. Our intention is to partnership with organizations and institutions with every aspect of our community. It is not any different this time!

All the power I may have comes from God. But He does not work directly. He works through His numberless agencies. . . . . M. GANDHI

How will the success of this campaign be measured?

Law enforcement agencies are an integral part of this campaign. During this period, we are asking them to monitor change in crime statistics as a measurement of success. As an annual event, we are looking at the following as a baseline of success:

Number of financial sponsors
Percentage of operating expenses covered
Percentage of in-kind donations given

People involvement:
Number of events held per day and per week
Number of event sponsors (organizations, businesses, individuals planning and facilitating an event during an given “season”)
Number of people who attended events
Number of diverse groups sponsoring events
Number of people requesting collateral materials such as souvenir book
Number of people using our website
Number of people responding to daily TV / radio / newspaper charge

Media involvement:
Number of local TV and radio stations featuring daily “nonviolent message”
Number of local newspapers featuring articles and daily “nonviolent message”
Number of PSA run during 64 day period
Number of interviews conducted
How much PR support provided

Building of on-going relationships:
Development of database and library resources for nonviolence
Development of newsletter and the number of subscriptions

Long term impact:
Development of tools to measure the effect of a nonviolence “awareness campaign”
Development of meaningful ways to utilize and share outcomes from campaign
Development of yearly nonviolence campaigns establishment of national database
Development of national / international nonviolence network

The nonviolent approach does not immediately change the heart of the oppressor. It first does something to the hearts and souls of those committed to it. It gives them new self-respect; it calls up resources of strength and courage that they did not know they had. Finally it reaches the opponent and so stirs his conscious that reconciliation becomes a reality . . . .M.L. KING

In addition to financially supporting a Season for Nonviolence, how can our business/organization become involved during these “seasons” of action?

Training and Employee Relations
Conduct trainings on Conflict Resolution, Effective Communications, Diversity, etc.
Present nonviolence awareness workshops for employees
Give employees opportunity to determine relevant issues within the workplace with employee / management teams to develop solutions
Invite employees to create nonviolent projects to be carried out during the year
Invite and support dialogue between employees, management and unions
Put paycheck inserts with nonviolent slogans
Publish articles in corporate newsletters supporting non-violence:
feature employees who actively work on non-violent issues, i.e. in the school system, on hotlines, etc.
include quote from Gandhi and King
invite employees to come up with ideas on how their department can incorporate non-violence during these 64 days
obtain reprints of articles on the effects and cost of violence to companies and what can be done

Principles and Policies
Create company nonviolent mission statement
Review and revise policies to lend support to nonviolence
Conduct symposiums to create innovative policies and practices that humanize the workplace / demonstrate that price is profitable
Give emphasis to a values based business philosophy
Set up partnerships and alliances with other companies practicing nonviolence and share models of success

Community Service
Create an annual non-violence award for a community based organization or individual
Invite young gang members to spend a day with an employee
Set-up partnerships with local school systems to assist in training about non-violence
Partner with other organizations to support programs in the community and workplace that are the nonviolence response/solution to social and economic issues
Sponsor nonviolence event

I have learnt through bitter experience the one supreme lesson to conserve my anger, and as heat conserved is transmuted into energy, even so our anger controlled can be transmuted into a power which can move the world. . . . .M.GANDHI


Recognition that your company/organization is socially responsible
Become part of a solution to a problem that effects a broad segment of society including many of your employees
Increase goodwill, employee morale, boost employee productivity
Increase name recognition among consumers
Create a image of care and concern for what is happening in our communities and on our streets


Name and logo on all print advertisements as Presenting Sponsor
Name and logo on all local Season for Nonviolence stationery
Acknowledgment as Presenting sponsor in all press releases
Signage at opening and closing events
Signage at Season for Nonviolence community events
Participation by senior executives at opening and closing events
Opportunity to distribute collateral materials at opening and closing events
Complimentary prominent booth placement at opening and closing events
Free front cover placement of ad in souvenir book
Gold appreciation plaque
Name and logo displayed on street banners

Name on all printed advertisements
Acknowledgment in all press releases
Acknowledgment as Sponsor during opening and closing events
Signage at opening and closing events
Opportunity to distribute collateral materials at opening and closing events
Silver participation plaque
Complimentary booth placement at opening and closing events
Prominent placement of free full page ad in souvenir book

$15,000 - $25,000
1/4 page ad in souvenir book
Acknowledgment at opening and closing events
Framed certificate of participation

$500+ or In-kind donations
Name listed in souvenir book
Certificate of participation

Suggested Sponsorship Package Contents

Categories of Sponsorship
Benefits of Sponsorship Sheet
Season for Nonviolence Info Sheet from AGNT
Questions and Answers
List of National Co-Sponsors (National Steering Committee)
Financial Summary