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Dear xxx,

What difference could you make in choosing to support an idea of nonviolence as a way of life in your company /business, your community, your city and your world?

Violence, once considered isolated from the mainstream, is now found in every segment of our society. It is in our workplace, in the homes of people we know, in our schools and on our streets. It affects employees, their children and families. It also affects work productivity, your company’s bottom line, consumer spending and how our tax dollars are spent. The methods we use to deal with violence -- overloading an already burdened criminal justice system, tougher sentences, bigger jails, more prisons -- are no longer viable solutions.

Isn’t it time to refocus our attention on choosing nonviolence as a way of life? We believe it is time to shift our attention to educating ourselves and others on how to incorporate nonviolence into our thinking, our attitudes, and our moment by moment choices.

This is the goal of a powerful public awareness campaign called A Season for Nonviolence - A Reverence for Life. This 64 day campaign will bring to the public’s attention in major cities throughout the world the power of nonviolence as demonstrated by Mahatma Gandhi ,Martin Luther King Jr., and Cesar E. Chavez.

Commencing on January 30th (the memorial anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's death) and continuing to April 4th (the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's death), A Season for Nonviolence will reconvene each year to focus our attention on peaceful solutions in our everyday lives. Through conflict resolution programs, community forums and dialogues, corporate workshops, educational programs in schools, media involvement and more, the seeds of nonviolence will start to germinate in our society and throughout the world.

We invite you to become involved in this powerful awareness campaign by choosing to become a financial sponsor. By doing so, (company name) will be a catalyst for change in our society and in the lives of so many individuals. A sponsorship package is enclosed. We encourage and welcome your support of this important campaign and look forward to discussing with you the level of commitment you are making.