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October 16 & October 19

October 16
2:00 - 3:30 pm • Exhibit Hall 2

A Spirituality for the 21st Century
New Thought’s Uniquely American Contribution to New Religious Community


Michael Bernard Beckwith
|AGNT President and founder of Agape International Spiritual Center

Dr. Roger Teel | Founder and senior minister of Mile Hi Church, Denver, CO
Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell | Spiritual Leader, Founder and CEO of The Unity Center in San Diego, CA
Rev. Dr. Kenn Gordon | Spiritual Leader, Centers for Spiritual Living
Rev. Temple Hayes | Spiritual leader at Unity Campus, St. Petersburg, FL


In Varieties of Religious Experience, William James referred to New Thought as the "only truly American contribution to the world body of religious thought." He also called it the "religion of healthy mindedness".

The various branches of New Thought include Religious Science, Divine Science, Unity, and Independent works, all of which teach the principle that consciousness is the leading factor in the creative process; that humans are endowed with the potential to make this world a place of peace, compassion, and abundance. We revere the underlying unity and interdependence of all life, and affirm that our sacred Source is variously conceived and called by many names. At the 2009 Parliament in Melbourne, New Thought was finally welcomed into the family of the world’s religious and spiritual traditions, honoring its origins from the mid-nineteenth century. Presenters have chosen a creative way in which to feature their message. Themes of the 2015 Parliament will be discussed from the perspective of underlying spiritual principles that can catalyse a shift in consciousness, transforming negative conditions and challenging circumstances. Importantly, those in “privileged” societies have a responsibility to practice and evolve their own spiritual discernment in order to be of service to those in need


October 19

UNPACKING PEACE: New Models for Spiritually Motivated Social Action
Within, Among, & Beyond Communities of Faith



Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell |Spiritual Leader, Founder and CEO of The Unity Center in San Diego, CA
Rev. Mary Omwake (Maui, HI) | Serving thriving Unity ministries for 25 years
Rev. Jim Lee | Senior minister of the Renaissance Unity near Detroit, MI,


The annual Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence takes place from January 30- April 4. Now celebrating its eighteenth year, SNV is a 64 day spiritually-motivated educational, media and grassroots awareness campaign inspired by the memorial anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Co-founded in 1998 by the Association for Global New Thought and Arun and Sunanda Gandhi, the campaign is spearheaded by congregations and activists representing multiple faiths communities in over 900 cities in 67 countries.

The omni-local muliti-faith model by which this campaign became successful is as important as its results. With the support of AGNT--the hub of communications and resources--New Thought denominations banded together and invited other local faith leaders into dialogue to explore shared leadership of this annual spiritually-motivated community campaign to identify and demonstrate local practices in nonviolence education and service.

Eighteen years later, a multi-faith worldwide network stewards hundreds of ongoing programs in peace and nonviolence involving thousands of local participants annually. The secret to success is in the way we “unpack” the critical issues of community and justice that must be addressed for peace to become sustainable. Join leaders to discuss the spiritual and social value of bringing this inclusive model to your faith community.


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