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Kids United in the Human Spirit


The Youth PEACEPORT Program provides an active and tangible way for elementary age students to connect with the meaning of a culture of Peace and Nonviolence as they connect with each other. As students complete required tasks for a stimulating variety of activities and programs, they become “Peace Ambassadors” in those specific areas. Their achievements are rewarded by receiving the corresponding stamps, (like scout badges), to place in their individual PEACEPORTS, which are replicas of actual passports. If used as a course of study, part of a peace club, or extracurricular program, students can earn all 12 stamps – a level of mastery that adds a final certificate to their list of valuable accomplishments.

The Youth PEACEPORT Program incorporates principles from the history and philosophies of Mahatma Gandhi, M.L. King, and Cesar Chavez, along with key activities from the UNESCO award-winning “Peace Ambassadors” curriculum (the full Peace Ambassadors curriculum is available HERE).

The PEACEPORT is an incredibly strong learning tool that goes beyond providing a house for stamps. It provides solid nonviolence training in a kid-friendly format and represents the next generation’s commitment to Peace and Nonviolence. Affirmed by their teachers, parents and peers for choosing the path of peace, students are likely to be inspired toward further achievements in this critically important developmental arena.

The Youth PEACEPORT Program is perfect for schools, church and community groups, families, and organizational outreach.


After completion of all 12 PEACEPORT Activities, the kids graduate to become “Peace Ambassadors.” AGNT will recognize this important achievement with a certificate and inclusion of all the Ambassadors names on our website “wall of peace.” There are also many creative ways that you could acknowledge your group: holding an Awards Banquet or ceremony, organizing some kind of field trip, etc. Whatever method is chosen, it is important that these kids are rewarded for devoting their time and energy, and really taking a stand for peace and nonviolence.

After completion of the PEACEPORT Program, the graduated “Peace Ambassadors” are equipped with a strong foundation in Peace and Nonviolence education. Naturally, this makes them excellent candidates to take leadership roles in informing their communities about nonviolent philosophies and work. Peace Ambassadors, if they are willing, can speak to school/church/community groups, help organize events or forums, and encourage their peers to follow their example in promoting a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence.


First, identify a point person / committee, as well as the participating group (numbers, ages, etc.) and its needs. You can view the full Teacher's Guide by downloading at the link above. Take this information back to your group and order the necessary materials, and you are ready to begin. AGNT will be happy to support you throughout the entire process.