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The Awakened World Synergy Seminars

The purpose of the “Awakened World Synergy Seminars” is to explore the evolution of spirituality and society in the 21st century, as a significant challenge and opportunity for the community and for the world. Collectively, local seminars will contribute to a body of wisdom and work that set the stage for the next decades of evolutionary activism. They are guided by the logic and conviction that quantifiably tracked and replicable models for change, when multiplied at the local level, can contribute to an evolved global set of values and practices.

The seminars are designed to serve religious and secular communities whose members are motivated by their faith, ethics, and sense of civic responsibility to directly engage in activities that might help build a more positive future. The Charter Domains aggregate the themes that most concern communities and the larger society of which they are part; however, these themes must be considered together as a whole system in order for challenges and solutions to be fully understood, and for practical action to be engineered. Because many organizations, associations, and spiritual centers may not have the time, staff or resources to convene such a conversation successfully, the “Synergy Seminars” provide a comprehensive, customizable package of templates that will assist any motivated leader in producing such an event (for their immediate or wider community) within eight weeks.

History of the Synergy Seminars

The Awakened World Synergy Seminar is a portable program based on the conference model co-convened in Rome and Florence. At this event, the living model was tested, and a draft Charter for Engaged Spirituality in the 21st Century was expanded and endorsed by spiritual and secular leaders representing a wide field of global diversity. Activities spanned a rigorously programmed 5 day conference utilizing a process by which specialized breakout groups explored one Domain in depth by moving through each of its Stages (Phase 1, Rome). As dialogue for all Stages in each Domain was completed, plenary sessions allowed for reporting by each Domain to the whole group so that a field of shared wisdom and information could incrementally emerge for all participants.

In Phase 2, when the entire conference moved to Florence, we were at last in position to evenly and systematically shuffle all participants among all the Domains, regardless of which one had been their focus in Rome. We called these vibrant new configurations, “Synergy Sessions,” the purpose of which was to model synergistic solution-building by demonstrating the interdependence of the four Domains. In the final sessions, we were then equipped to anchor that experience by transforming our insights into proposals for actions.

Your Local Synergy Seminar: Key Participants

The local Synergy Seminar revolves around a Mentor Group, featuring key members of your community joined by peers from other local spiritual, religious, and secular organizations. They might be drawn from the community’s defining institutions, including: government, commerce, education, the arts, science, intergovernmental institutions, and civil society. Members of the Mentor Group are invited on the basis of their commitment to the causes of peace, justice, and sustainability, and their role is to lead conversations in their assigned Domain, supported by a Facilitator and Scribe.

Local Spiritual Activists who register for the seminar will participate in plenary sessions and contribute actively in working sessions as they help to shape action plans to benefit local and regional programs in their areas of expertise. Spiritual Activist candidates should demonstrate an understanding of and involvement with some aspect(s) of the cultural evolutionary process. Their areas of interest should concern one or more organizations and/or initiatives that shape their community’s consciousness and well being. Each should be able to make a positive contribution to the Seminar and to assist in implementing the ongoing process of awareness and action.


Participants will come to understand local action as the embodiment of global consciousness: “the omni-local as the lived global.” This model builds upon ways to help participants in the seminar focus on what can follow. Mentors and Spiritual Activists will work together to ensure that the Charter remains a living initiative, a work-in-progress that can be adapted to the needs of their community by developing curriculum, programs, training modules, and collaborative action through ongoing meetings and in a dedicated online environment of which they are automatically invited to be members.

Your organization could host follow-up teleconferences connecting the Mentor Group with Spiritual Activists to support their local/regional initiatives “on the ground.” An online interactive course is available as advance preparation and follow-up to the seminar: A nine-module online Audio/Reading course hosted by AGNT and IEP21 features recordings of enlightening conversations with well-known interfaith and intercultural leaders, along with excellent lessons and resources.

As Action Markers linked to Axial Markers are explored in Synergy Seminars for the purpose of study, training, and implementation, participants will be invited to join in tracking and mapping the impact of A Charter for Engaged Spirituality in the 21st Century through a social media network. This online community is already active and ready to welcome new members at http://awakenedworld2012.ning.com

Synergy Seminar Toolkit

The toolkit is organized into ten electronic folders of templates that will allow users to create a day and half long seminar, or a three-day retreat, within approximately eight weeks of preparation. More detailed information will be available upon request, but the basic tools include:












It takes time, skill and commitment to organize a gathering of this quality and impact. Fortunately, the Awakened World Synergy Seminars offer not only a model tested at the global level but a comprehensive package for your community that walks you through the process and gives you all the tools you need to absolutely succeed.

Done right, you will lift the conversation about whole systems spiritual engagement to a stunning new level in your spiritual community, at the same time establishing important new relationships and sound financial benefits to carry your initiative forward.

By using this package, you will not need to spend time creating anything from scratch, and yet your community’s identity and emblem will shine through at every phase, in every aspect. The Awakened World Synergy Seminar creators will work with you as your gathering’s “personal consultants” and production support so that your creative team is free to bring the best of its wisdom to the table for the final result.