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A seven-week study series that highlights Mahatma Gandhi's
spiritual practice to make nonviolence a force in everyday life


Program Introduction

It is our joy and privilege to offer The Wisdom of Gandhi series as a freewill gift from Unity of the Valley in Eugene, Oregon.

The Gandhi series, which was written in 1999, became the most popular seven-week program ever offered at Unity of the Valley. We hope that every person touched by this series will be inspired by Gandhi's selfless example to pursue a higher level of spiritual living.

The Wisdom of Gandhi was based on the book, Gandhi the Man: The Story of His Transformation, by Eknath Easwaran. If you order directly from the publisher, Nilgiri Press, tell them it is for the Unity Gandhi Series and that you qualify for the 50% nonreturnable discount for this program. Their Web site is Email: Telephone: 800 475 2369; Mail Post Office Box 256,Tomales, California 94971.

The Wisdom of Gandhi Series is made possible by:

The Ministers of Unity of the Valley, Eugene, Oregon; creators of The Wisdom of Gandhi series

Nilgiri Press of the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation for publication of The Wisdom of Gandhi Series in Web-ready format

The M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence for the Sermon on "Ahimsa, Nonviolence" and the use of the Institute's logo.

Patricia Keel for excerpts from her Facilitator Training Manual.

To Download a Wisdom of Gandhi series kit go to: and click on invitation at bottom of page