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Organizing a S.P.A.N. Task Force



STEP ONE: Read this page carefully. It is your simple guide for organizing and will save you many steps as you undertake creating a Season for Peace and Nonviolence group in your community.

STEP TWO: Browse through the entire S.P.A.N. website. This will give you an idea of the many tools available to you.


STEP THREE: Call a meeting of key people in your church, spiritual community, or organization.

• These would include, ministers and executive assistants, program directors, staff, core volunteers, members.

• Use the website to prepare handouts and discussion points. Check out the Programs and Resources for the current Season. The offerings listed online are hand-picked to bring you to the best resources available as quickly and easily as possible. We have already done the extensive research for you, so take advantage of this opportunity.

• Ask meeting participants to read the handouts and think about possibilities. Schedule a brief meeting or conference call to determine if the group wants to go further.


Your Task Force will consist roughly of the following constituents:

A. An organization in your community demonstrating commitment and leadership in this area

B. Task Force Leader - You, or someone within your organization

C. Core group of volunteers to serve as local Steering Committee:
• Administrative, database, records, phone
• Person who knows local media
• Event planner
• Meeting facilitator
• Funding and promotion
• Graphics and artwork; printing services

D. 2nd “ring” of volunteers from community, to assist in:
• Mailings
• Promotion in the community to support events
• General legwork
• Offer hospitality, rides to visiting speakers

E. Local leaders of organizations outside the core group

The Task Force Leader will coordinate activities such as:
Organize meetings
• Coordinate task force volunteers and their activities
• Communicate and transfer information to AGNT
• Represent your city on national steering committee
• Coordinate local events
• Work with local media


STEP FIVE: The primary role of the local task force is to identify organizations and individuals that are engaged in work promoting nonviolence, sustainability, humane service, or interfaith diaglogue.

These organizations and individuals will describe a specific project, program, or initiative that emphasizes these focus areas. Featuring these programs and projects during each respective Season will build trust and enthusiasm within your community.

A local task force will work to profile the organizations and individuals in their city who reflect the principles delineated by each Season. This will eventually create a “map” of “what’s working.” The search process will begin through recommendations by the core group, and reach outward into the community.

These will be of basically two types:
A. Projects and events to be featured which take place at a specific date and time during a particular “Season”
B. Ongoing projects and programs which will be featured in press materials and publications



STEP SIX: Use the PROGRAMS and RESOURCES from each particular Season to create events such as:
• Sunday sermons; services
• Speaker engagements
• Movie Nights
• Book Discussion Groups
• Conferences and meetings
• Workshops
• Days of prayer, meditation
• Celebrating in ceremony and ritual
• In service of local needs & issues
• Local school programs and teaching curriculum
• Artistic and cultural events
• Community “Works” and “Walks”



STEP SEVEN: If you would like to create a regional event, contact other Task Forces within working distance of your center. AGNT will be happy to provide contact information if you don’t already have it, and you can always find a current list on the website: Task Force Directory




A second important role of the local task force will be to research, list and possibly serve as spokespersons to contact local media outlets. The local task force may want to create a specific sub-committee for this purpose. This means getting contact information for:

• City-wide and community newspapers
• Local television network affiliates
• Local cable community access television
• Other local print and broadcast media

HOW: Go to your local newspaper and television affiliates. Ask them to cover your Season in articles and stories. Tape events and meetings where respectfully possible. If there is multi-media expertise in your group, edited clips of activities will become increasingly valuable when incorporated into the context of all other Season Celebrations in progress.

For Press and Media tools, click here: http://www.agnt.org/span-media