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Nature Walk

Excerpts and Readings



Earth Day Service


Let us know your plans..

• DEEP GREEN is about getting back to our spiritual roots, some of which are planted in America’s profound history of New England transcendentalism.

• This program invites you to re-immerse yourself, in a study group or on your own, in the wisdom of our fore-bearers whose depth of thought and feeling in relationship with the natural world may offer a fresh perspective for the challenges we face today.

• Form a study group through your spiritual center, Ask your minister/committee leader (or if you are the minister or leader) to announce the formation of a group at service or class and provide sign-up sheets. Do this as soon as possible if you want to have a DEEP GREEN WALK on Earth Day.

• If not associated with a spiritual center, take responsibility for forming a group in your school, community organization, your family, or with a group of friends. Guidelines for where, how often, and how long to meet should be decided by the participants. Make a list of names and email addresses.

• Take or share leadership by reviewing the readings, excerpts, and quotations on this site and choosing a few for each session that will be the focus of your meditation and discussion. It does not matter how many or few sessions you have, or how many or few readings you cover. Be led by what inspires YOU. Chances are, it will have the same affect on others in the group.

• Choose a venue. If a weekend morning or an afternoon is an option for the group, try to choose a place that is outdoors, or has lots of open windows.

• You may decide to play soft music to accompany your readings or mediations. You may choose, if you have access to computer projection, to use AGNT’s multi-media tool: Interfaith Video/Audio Meditations––Wisdom from 13 Traditions on the theme of NATURE. http://www.agnt.org/interfaith-video-meditations

• Organize a small team to send email reminders about meetings, print copies of the readings for that session, organize refreshments, or whatever else you desire to create.

• Once gathered, you will know exactly how you would like to conduct your sessions. Choose a reader in advance to read passages aloud, or share reading informally within the group. Everyone should have a copy of passages fof the session. Take in the words in a spirit of sacred listening; take time to repeat passages if they bear repeating. Pause for reflection and meditation after each reading before you begin the dialogue.

• The conversation can take any direction you want, but chances are, all you need to do to get started are a few simple questions:
1. What does this reading mean to you, personally, and what does it bring up for you from your treasure chest of authentic experience?
2. In what ways might this reading suggest to you something you would like to create more of, or let go of, in your own life?
3. What would it take, and what will you need, in order for this to be possible?

• On Earth Day 2013, conduct a DEEP GREEN WALK with your group after the Earth Day Sunday Service.