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Reports From
Season for Interfaith-Intercultural Celebration 2010

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Global Oneness Day Services

Thank you so much to all of the New Thought Centers that participated on Global Oneness Day! Browse through these reports and photos to see how the day was celebrated in different centers around the globe.

Atlanta, GA

Turtle Woman Peace Center
John R. Naugle
Time of Service: 4:00 PM

Global Oneness Day at Turtle Woman Peace Garden
Atlanta: City of Peace - 10.24.10
Facilitators: Geri Taran (Atlanta, GA)... Founder-Turtle Woman Peace Garden and ACP-Treasurer John R. Naugle (Atlanta, GA)... Director-Turtle Woman Peace Garden and ACP-President

We peacemakers here in Atlanta really enjoyed planning for and hosting an event at the Turtle Woman Peace Garden & Center in honor of humanity’s first ever Global Oneness Day on Sunday 24 October 2010. Although the
attendance was not as overflowing as we had hoped because we had discovered the celebration too late to promote it adequately, we very much enjoyed opening the peace garden to welcome all who came. In both a figurative and literal way we opened the gate to all sentient beings, spreading rose petals, and we held a spiritual presence to celebrate the first-ever Global Oneness Day. Literature was made available to inform visitors of the Mission for Atlanta: City of Peace, Inc. (ACP), which is dedicated to building the global peace legacy of Atlanta. This nonprofit was born at the Turtle Woman Peace Garden and Center and its interim headquarters is still being hosted there. Our Personal Affirmation for Global Oneness Day...
“Hello, my name is ____, and I celebrate being ONE with our Global Family.
I am also a Peace-builder and Co-Creator for Atlanta: City of Peace.”

Bainbridge Island, WA

Spiritual Wisdom Studio
Rev. Amy Aspell
Time of Service:
12:30 PM Meditation;
1:00 PM Service

We had a wonderful Global Oneness Day here in the NW!  We met in our usual place in Suquamish and had double our previous best attendance! Everyone was enthusiastic and eager to sign the petition. I printed the website addresses in the program so people could take it home and read more about AGNT or sign the petition.  I also gave them a form to fill out if they wanted me to enter their info and one person asked for that.  We had 3 little Baha'i children sing "God Is One" and a peace prayer sung in Russian and in the language of Kazakhstan.  We had guests from most of the world's religions who shared and were delighted with what we were doing to promote oneness, peace and understanding. Next year I hope we will have the Suquamish tribespeople drum and pray in their language.  Everyone is so appreciative of the work you are doing to advance peace in our world!  People enjoyed the videos too feeling it added another level of interest.  I played the peace meditations and the intro video.  

One consideration I need to work on is that our local Interfaith group always does an interfaith Thanksgiving service with all the religions participating and these 2 dates fall rather close together.  The Thanksgiving service is really a longstanding tradition.  However, everyone who came to ours said  "the more the better"!  


Toledo, OH
Sacred Threads Center for Spiritual Living
Rev. Barbara Walley
Time of Service: 10:30 AM

We had "The Blade" a local newspaper in Toledo respond to our press release.  They came for the whole service and took several pictures.  It was on the front of the second section of the paper.  www.toledoblade.com


Berkeley, CA

Unity of Berkeley
Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel
Time of Service: 10:30 AM

We had a beautiful Sunday at Unity of Berkeley. It was during our fall program series, Finding Peace in Challenging Times.  I had printed out Prayers for Peace from 10 different traditions.  We passed them out and in groups of 20 or so, people stood up and spoke the prayers to all those seated and listening.  We started with Muslim prayer, then St. Francis, Hindu, Jainist, Sikh, Shinto, Native African, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish. The link for prayers is http://www.unitypeacefilmproject.com/Gallery-prayers.html It was a very powerful and deep honoring of Oneness.  During the long silence in our meditation time I gave each person an intentional Oneness Blessing. Our Unity House Band played songs of peace. Many people commented on the power of the shared prayers and the depth of our meditation.


Charlotte, NC
Unity of Charlotte
Rev. Nancy Ennis
Time of Service: 10:30 AM
(Rhythm Circle following)

Unity of Charlotte started the celebration with a Global Oneness Day Service.  Rev. Nancy Ennis shared  the message "Celebrating Oneness" and guest musician, Rev. Michele Sevacko, supported the music program.  Following the service, there was a Rhythm Circle led by Rev. Michele.  The celebration continued through-out the afternoon with a Deeksha Oneness Blessing, then Oneness Day Videos and introduction to Humanities Team for Oneness - ending the day by joining with Conscious Convergence Charlotte in  "Chalk It Up To Love".


Bradenton, FL

Center for Spiritual Living Manatee
Rev. Elaine Silver
Time of Service: 10:45 AM

I was giving the Platform Presentation at The Center For Spiritual Living Manatee on Global Oneness Day.  My program was set months before I was aware of this glorious event.  What I did was announce "Today is Global Oneness Day, and we are aligned with many centers in our Oneness."  I told them about the wonderful and sweet You Tube of Yoko Ono talking about it and I sang my song, "We Are All One," which is also a Spiritual Mind Treatment.  I have attached the MP3 here.  The group sang on the refrain, "We are all One, we are all One, we all are One." It was enjoyable to be part of this expanding celebration.  The best is yet to come!

Listen to song:


Los Angeles, CA

Guidance Church of
Religious Science
Rev. Nirvana Gayle
Time of Service: 10:00 AM

Thank you.  Our G.O.D Service went extremely well.  We augmented the 9 prayers with sacred drumming underneath, also adding that master drummer doing some drumming while doing a sacred African chant, someone else doing a Hindu/Sanskrit chant accompanied by tamboura, and someone else doing an ancient language chant/prayer accompanied by a singing bowl, as well as a prayer in Spanish.  We did not show the video of Michael & Neal, we let my sermon message on ONENESS handle all of that.  My congregation loved it, particularly the chants/prayers in other native tongues. Oh, and we also added a Feminine Goddess based prayer to the mix.   This was an awesome idea my dear & a wonderful event.  We look forward to participating in the 2nd Annual G.O.D. Service next year.


Seal Beach, CA

Center for Spiritual Living, Seal Beach
Rev. Dr. Peggy Price & Rev. Joshua Reeves
Time of Service: 10:00 AM

Here is a recording of our service - it was really awesome!! Great music, our practitioners participated, and the whole concept inspired me in both the writing and delivery of my message. My message for Global Oneness Day was entitled "Taste Only Sacredness"

Listen now:


Tacoma, WA

Center for Spiritual Living Tacoma
Rev. Dr. Frances Lorenz
Times of Services: 9:30 AM & 11:00 AM

We had two Sunday services with the theme of Global Oneness, read prayers from all spiritual traditions, did the Oneness meditation and it was very well received. It was great to be a part of this global experience. Thank you for the excellent resources and opportunity.


Dothan, AL

Spiritual Enrichment Center
of the Wiregrass
Rev. Glenda Davis
Time of Service: 11:00 AM

The message focused on Oneness in general and on Global Oneness Day specifically.  I shared how a number of different people and organizations perceive Oneness (Charles Fillmore, the Global Oneness Day website, Panache Desai, Black Elk, Steve Pavlina, Peter Erbe, James Twyman, Eckhart Tolle).  A Vision for Oneness from The Vision Alignment Project of the Intenders of the Highest Good (www.intenders.com ) was shared.  People were encouraged to go to www.global-oneness-day.org to look at the list of suggestions on what they might do to celebrate and demonstrate Oneness  . . . on Global Oneness Day . . . and on every day of their lives.  People were encouraged to remember to behold the Christ in others, no matter what the outer appearances are.  We closed with a guided Awakening to Love meditation.  It was a ONEderful day!
Thank you for your part in all this, and for including the Spiritual Enrichment Center of Dothan.


Cape Town, South Africa

Agape South Africa
Rev. Gabriel Gonsalves (ArkGabriel)
Time of Service: 10:00 AM

Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to take part in this first Global Oneness Day! We had a fantastic service here in Cape Town, and invited representatives from other faiths to join us on this very special occasion. The service began with a 30 minute guided meditation on Oneness, followed by the most inspiring collaboration where we showed the Yoko Ono video, Michael Beckwith and Neil's video, read Oneness affirmations, practiced one of James Twyman's Oneness Practices, listened to the live performance of our own Lu Chase. The oneness prayer session had representatives from several faiths contribute their own prayers. Some of our special guests included Iman Muhsin Hendricks, Shelley Ruth Wyndham, Karen Baensche from the South African Peace Alliance, and Kersham Pancham. We truly were able to hold a space of love, oneness and joy where everyone enjoyed themselves, and also got to experience the interconnectedness with All. There was Agape Love everywhere you looked!

Again, thank you so much for all the materials, and guides. We found them so useful and used what we could and were guided to, and then allowed Spirit to do the rest, and it all worked out beautifully.


West Branch, MI

Unity of the Lakes
Rev. Eileen Patra
Time of Service: 11:00 AM (Prayer Service & Drumming)

It was a spectacular day! We had visitors who came specifically to a part of the event. Many of those who took part in the peace prayer readings were obviously moved by the emotional energy of it all.

We had a guest from the Baha’i faith who read the Baha’i Prayer for Peace and told us a little about the faith.

We had interfaith/intercultural displays and we had a 20 minute drumming meditation with an intention for Global Oneness followed by a discussion and then open drumming. The drumming meditation and the discussion that followed were especially moving.

I don't think we took any pictures, but we were certainly blessed and hope to repeat the event next year. Thank you for organizing this historic event.


Denver, CO

Mile-Hi Church of Religious Science
Rev. Dr. Roger Teel
Times of Services: 8:00 &
10:00 AM / 12:00 PM

It was an honor to be included.  Mile Hi Church honored Global Oneness Day at each service. That included a oneness prayer and the music that shared the same message. We included our children in all of the services as well.


South Africa

Soul Home - Teaching Centre for Spiritual Living
Gerd Pontow
Time of Service: 10:00 AM

We experienced a wonderful Global Oneness Day at our spiritual community “Soul Home – Teaching Centre for Spiritual Living” in Johannesburg South Africa on Sunday, 24 October 2010. How beautiful and inspiring to know that so many New Thought Spiritual Centers participated in this event! To a large extent we followed the suggested agenda for this celebration; the Peace Prayers reflecting various religious backgrounds created a loving vibration of ONENESS within our Sacred Gathering. The suggested prayers were read out by members of the community who so willingly and with an open heart volunteered to do the reading. Very touching! Also inspiring to know that these prayers were spoken on the same day in many countries and communities.
I attach a photograph of members of our beloved Soul Home community who attended this special celebration.
Thank you so much for providing all the meaningful guidelines for this event; they were received and used with deep gratitude.
From the bottom of my heart a deep desire seeks expression: May we remember, embrace and practice that EVERY DAY IS A GLOBAL ONENESS DAY - G.O.D.!!!


Wilmington, DE

Center for Joyful Living
Rev. Dr. Kathleen Johnson
Time of Service: 10:00 AM Kirtan Meditation; 10:30 AM Service

After visioning and discussing the purpose of Global Oneness Day and reviewing the format presented by AGNT, the Center For Joyful Living (CFJL)’s Spiritual Director, Rev. Dr. Kathleen Johnson, president, Candace Berkowitz, RScP, and our interfaith/intercultural minister, Rev. Dr. Irene Goldberg spoke as one voice. This was a day being celebrated around the world and the CFJL was a part of a huge community this day. This message was spoken in the Welcome, Invocation, in the Interfaith/Intercultural candle-lighting Ceremony, in the sermon on forgiveness, and the Kirtan Chants of our guest musician, Yvette, that facilitated the vibration of love and forgiveness. Rev. Dr. Kathleen’s message was that forgiveness, an inner cleansing, enables us to reveal the awareness of Oneness and God’s Love as compassion, understanding, and cooperation so necessary to the well-being of all life.

The CFJL created a service demonstrating Oneness, commonalties spoken through ancient wisdom and new thought, in nine different ways, all saying Let There Be Peace.

CFJL used eight of the nine prayers for peace, replacing the Baha’i Prayer for Peace with one from Science of Mind’s Ernest Holmes. Nine worshippers were invited to stand at his/her seat and read his/her prayer. Each took his/her role as a precious opportunity to contribute and delivered each prayer with conviction and reverence. Every member of the community felt peace down to his/her toes. It was a blessing to behold.

One of the speakers wrote this acknowledgment: “It was indeed a beautiful, joyful service, and I was truly honored to be invited to participate in the Global Oneness Day Service! Thank you for including me as you did.

How does this get better?” Linda Cooper So, how does this get better? One day at a time, each and every day is Global Oneness Day for CFJL. So it is!


Green River, Pickering, ON

The Inner Light Centre
Rev. Sachaa Gabriel
Time of Service: 10:30 AM

Please allow us to take this opportunity to thank the organizers of Global Oneness Day.  Ours is a peace ministry and we worked in conjunction with Humanity's Team and Interfaith to bring together a loving group of souls from varied walks of life.  We used the 12 Peace Prayers from 12 different religions along with the 12 Golden Rules from Interfaith as our central focus and the backdrop upon which we could see  that all paths truly lead to Oneness.  To this mixture we added the Universal power of music that engages the heart for an event that was truly uplifting and powerful.  May we all continue to see each other and  every day as a Global Oneness Day.



Other Reports from this Season:

Pomona, California

Second Annual Interfaith Walk:

View a video collage here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlqr_I1LWYM

Article in the local newspaper featuring Unity of Pomona's interfaith events: VIEW


Newark, Deleware

The Season of Interfaith-Intercultural Celebration was honored by the Center for Joyful Living of Delaware, Inc. September 10 in Newark, Delaware. World renowned Jazz musicians Harold E. Smith, Joe Rigby, Randy Sutin, and Doc Gibbs played American-born improvisational Jazz alternating with the chants of Tibetan Buddhist Monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery as a benefit for the Monastery and our center. This event was the inspiration of Harold E. Smith who also plays the didgeridoo.

During the welcome last night, I shared the vision of the Season for Interfaith-Intercultural Celebration as a "meaningful demonstration of interfaith and intercultural understanding that form the foundations of the global peace-building to which we are so deeply committed." All present received a copy of the Oneness Petition and I encouraged folks to go on the website and sign the petition.

The evening was a celestial experience of creativity, transformation, and deep love and mutual appreciation of diversity and our inherent oneness. This was the first event of our new center.

Living in Gratitude and Love,
Rev. Dr. Kathleen Johnson
The Center for Joyful Living of Delaware, Inc.