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Interfaith Peacebuilding Self-Study Course


Week 1: Gratefulness, Contemplation and Action
Week 2: Restorative Justice
Week 3: Peace and Sufism
Week 4: Service, Human Rights, Social Justice
Week 5: Forgiveness in the Middle East
Week 6: Compassion and the Interfaith Movement
Week 7: Nature, Poverty and Migration
Week 8: Healing, Prayer and Meditation
Week 9: Eco-Feminism, Peace and Gender Equity 

How This Program Came to Be

The Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence sponsored two ten week live teleconference series featuring conversations with 18 of the foremost religious and spiritual teachers on the planet. They came from every world religious tradition engaging in dialogue on a wide variety of issues relevant to the evolution of our society. The Association for Global New Thought’s (AGNT) collaborator for this undertaking was Jim Kenney, director of The International Committee for the Peace Council (ICPC), and The International Interreligious Project for the 21st Century (IEP21). 

About the Course

During this Season for Interfaith Intercultural Celebration AGNT has made it possible for you to conduct a FREE 9-Week self-study and dialogue course based on the edited recordings of these rare conversations co-hosted by Jim Kenney, former Global Director of the Parliament of the World’s Religions and an expert in world religion and culture. The course is designed for weekly individual study followed by a local group dialogue. Any leader can facilitate the course with materials provided here, and the course can be tailored to New Thought groups meeting in churches, community interfaith councils, living rooms discussions, or educational settings.

The Process

Each week before the group meets, individual students can listen at their convenience to two, approximately 35-40 minute recorded dialogues online or downloaded from the AGNT website.
• The first dialogue will give a foundation background on one of the world’s great religions. It will be discussed by one of its respected spiritual teachers from the perspective of a unique quality essential to life and human society.
• The second dialogue features an expert teacher commenting on a specific set of themes who also happens to be a strong practitioner and representative of his or her religious tradition featured that week.



Brief study materials, excerpts providing concepts for thought, links to inspirational quotes and multi-media meditations are provided for each week, along with an extended list of resources for further reading and study.


Connect with Existing Groups

We sincerely believe that you will enjoy this very unique program and encourage you to take leadership in creating your own study group at any level you can. If you are unable to organize a group on your own, you might want to make contact with others in your area who might already be participating, or suggest working together to create a study group. You can search and connect with Seasons for Peace and Nonviolence groups by clicking HERE.