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Rediscovering the Spirit: From Exclusivism to Enlightenment


We envision a world in which spiritual growth is recognized as a genuine human possibility and the most authentic goal of every life. We trust in the emergence of a rich, mutually-irradiating interspirituality among the world's religions.



We call on the World’s Religious and Spiritual Communities and all concerned groups and individuals…

· To deepen our own spiritual lives – and those of others – by learning about the riches of interspirituality, by deepening awareness of spiritual convergence, and by sharing the power of the mutual irradiation of every spiritual path by every other.

· To engage the energies of the next generation in the great work of interspirituality.

· To explore the power of interdependence as the most important philosophical / spiritual insight of our age and as the key to the evolutionary transformation of human values.

· To broaden understanding of the oldest human wisdom story – now perhaps the greatest meme for our time ­– the tale of the interpenetration of the One and the Many.


Beyond the Charter:


What we need and what we are
Strong enough inside to do the work, making our spiritual practice of utmost importance
GLOBAL Consciousness
Sacred shift between I and We
Seeing the sacred within ourselves
Accept the sacred in every person
Spiritualize the work we do
Use our stories to reach others and tell about ourselves
Search for deeper purpose and look toward the bigger picture
Don’t be afraid to engage
Going deep to our roots, we will meet each other there
Being what we’re trying to accomplish; ex: our health



Group One
1. University Dialogue Exchange Program
2. Transforming education; student based leadership, creativity of the child
3. End child hunger- ‘Nourishing the Children’,
4. Promoting literacy (in prisons, with children: ‘Save the Children’)
5. Music, arts, dance, humor, soulful engagement
6. Defunding of Trident submarine in U.K.
7. Global effort for disarmament


Group Two

1. Continuation of teleseminars based on domains
2. Replicate Awakened World conferences
3. Bring conference design into other settings and projects
4. Engaging youth in interfaith centers in colleges and universities
5. Global online network structured under domains; linking projects
6. Online resources for each focused area


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