Here I simply would like to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH, for your invitation and the arrangement for my lodge and foods, especially for your very skilfully designed super program for all the participants. It was a wonderful moment for me to spent few days with Mr. Tenzin Tethong La and Samdhong Rinpoche, of course I greatly enjoyed staying with your group - marvelous spiritually motivated social engaged group and following the program of AW2012.

In Dharma,

geshe Gedun Tharchin

It was lovely to see you all again and at such a special occasion. Everyone was so loving and enthusiastic and the process worked well. I am sure you are pleased, but tired after all your planning and hard work. can you send me a copy of the declaration when you have time, please.

Revd Dr Marcus Braybrooke

This is to express our gratitude to all of you for inviting us to AGNT conference and the hospitality provided to all participants. Your efforts were great and we pray for the success of all such efforts in establishing peace on earth. Nusba joins me in expressing the same.

Warm regards,


Greetings from Dharamsala!

I reached Dharamsala safely on 25th Oct. 2012 and fully recovered from the fatigue of long journey. This is just to express my gratitude for your hospitality and assistance extended to me during the recent Conference in Italy. I congratulate you for all the success of the Conference. Wish you all the best.

Yours sincerely,

Samdhong Rinpoche

THANK YOU beyond words for the most EXTRORDINARY experience for all who attended the AWAKENED WORLD 2012 gathering. All of which, will be of interest to those in the EARTH FAMILY dialog and also to others that I spoke with at last week’s AMAZING event.

Blessings and thanks!




I echo the gratitude. It was a phenomenal experience, and one I hope we can revisit (at least musically) sometime in the not-too-distant future. It was an honor working with all of you...

Be well,


I have shared with others that the experience of Awakened World 2012 is one of the top 10 experiences of my life. There was such an incredible richness of interaction and connection into topics that really matter that were explored from the profound awareness that if we are going to be part of the awakening transformation all of our work and all of our being must be rooted in the sacred. The whole event was truly an amazing experience (enhanced by our willingness to learn together how to move toward a new model for connecting to our combined wisdom). Awakened World 2012 will continue to influence and impact my calling and my work in significant ways.

With deep gratitude,


I am working up a press release to use in a November newsletter. If you have anything that would be appropriate to use for that or any high-resolution photos, I would appreciate the content. I will do a feature on the conference, too, but that won’t be able to make it into the magazine until spring since we work so far ahead with the print magazine. It was a fabulous conference. I sure appreciate your wonderful, hard work.



Greetings from Coventry. Annie and I were delighted to share some great and memorable moments and times with you. Indeed, we had a very rewarding and fruitful encounter and conference. Our warmest thanks and appreciation to the co-conveners, leaders, supporters and volunteers, as well as the organisers in Italy. We thank them all, we thank you all for who you are and what you do.

God bless you all.

Kamran Mofid

Globalization for the Common Good

It is truly an almost never-ending process, but I feel enriched by this exchange of views. Interfaith dialogue, precisely because of the axial dimension and the engagement of people following different faiths, and religions, coming from different cultural background is multifaceted. I feel we have to keep in mind this in all respects. As you say very rightly the different approaches are a way to enrich dialogue and ourselves.

Thanks a million for all this insights and for sharing future plans.


I will surely keep in touch.


Robert Catalano (Focolare, Vatican publications)

I cannot imagine a better first run for a conference that was so unique and a much needed change of format. You two and all your staff are to be congratulated for the way the conference was run and for the way you handled asking for feedback. I would love to hear about what you learned in running this conference. It was a beautiful learning curve for us all and I so enjoyed being a part of it. I liked the combination of honoring expertise and honoring the group wisdom in dialogue and feedback sessions. There was such a variety of experiences both socially and professionally and I am grateful for all your dedication to the One Work.

Jacquelyn Pogue

University of Virginia

I have not yet moved through all the emotions and exhilaration of the happening of AWAKENED WORLD. So I can only imagine the process you must be navigating. Be very gentle and kind to yourself. You were the deep heart and the wise relational energy that grounded this event/experience. There was enormous transfertilization that has moved out world deeper into the transition. I am personally tremendously grateful to you.

Your generosity and courteousness were manifesting the feminine divine of the inner marriage. I can only say thank you.

I was intuitively aware, and sometimes actually observant of many struggles and suffering for you. I walked in compassion and blessing with you.
Today, I hope to begin and article to my community and friends about my experience of the experience. I will send a copy along to you.

Much love and sistering wisdom surround you,

Sr. Georgene

The play was fabulous and the experiences were truly awe inspiring. Thank you is such a small token to express for such a life changing event.
Love, Peace and Blessings,

Peggy Carpenter

Barbara, you are an amazing creature and I am blessed having spent some precious time observing and admiring you and how you moved through the week with ease and grace. Thank you for taking such exquisite care of us and providing an awesome experience. I know there's more to come but I wanted a sincere and big thank you to come your way now.


Kathleen Lenover

Wonderful ~~~ Bravo ~~~ Thank You and All for this Awesome Awakened World Work ~~~

Love Sophia

Thanks to you, and Everyone involved for putting together such an amazing event. I felt so privileged to be able to join you and take part and hope to continue in any way possible.

This last week has been an adjustment to return to awaiting business and home demands after having an experience of a life time I am not ready to let go of. It must be an even more dramatic adjustment for all of you who made this event possible. Realizing that your years of work became such a successful reality and yet there is so much more to do to continue this work. A thank you is not nearly enough to express the gratitude for all of your efforts. In my humble view you could not have done it any better. The service, people, accommodations, participatory programing, and follow up have been exceptional. No doubt many good works will be a result of this event. You should be extremely proud.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Christine Neill
Neill & Company

Thanks so much. I am still in the possibility zone that the conference inspired.

Brother Ishmael Tetteh

Thanks for your steadfast work and coordination of the conference. You did a great job on behalf of us all.

Jeannette Baust

Congratulations once again for pulling it all off. It was an amazing feat of logistics! We also greatly enjoyed many new friends we met through the Conference. As for projects that will arise from the Conference, I believe you heard about the extensive conversations i had with Sadhvi to save Mother Ganga. I'm completely serious about it as i have been researching that subject for more than 10 years. In fact, saving the Ganges was a major motive for me to invent the H2 Hydrolifter. I'll keep you posted.

Again, Congratulations from Lalla and I. We are glad we made the effort.


Rinaldo Brutoco

All beyond fabulous Barbara! Loved every moment in Italy!
With love and appreciation from Liberia,

Deborah Lindholm

I am delighted to learn of the major follow-up to our gathering. We all worked hard to support your vision and think the final Charter reflects all the group contributed. We appreciate all the work you put into making the Forum possible – and unusual amount of work on your part really paid off. I look forward to participating with the group to evolve our work even more.

Nancy Roof

Publisher, Kosmos Journal

Thank you! I've attached a PR template, modeled after one that I sent to our local papers upon return from Italy. Please feel free to share it with others, as it might be useful in helping to engage the local media and calling attention to the Awakening.

Blessings, gratitude & love,

Sue Dixon

Wonderful! I am on board with whatever we need to do. I have had some amazing experiences since my return that I would love to share. I am presenting what I learned and have committed to doing to the City of Arvada. It will be an hour presentation and I would love to share what I have put together for your awareness, response, approval? :-D

Anyway, a wonderful job by you and all. I am honored to be a part of this.

Light and Love,

Dr. Ginger Charles

Bless you our brilliant designer and consciously evolving friend! Can't wait for the sharing you are sending along and to see you soon to talk about this "moment of a lifetime." THANK YOU!!!


Judy Cauley (Birth 2012 and Foundation for Conscious Evolution)

On the plane home, I sat next to a man who was returning from a month-long visit to his home country, Cameroon. I asked him how things were there. He told me Somali refugees are streaming into Cameroon. They cannot find work so they turn to crime. He said, “We must learn that we are all neighbors. When our neighbor has a problem, if we don’t help him, it will soon become our problem.” I thought, “Gee, Barbara Fields must be a genius to have placed this man next to me on my flight home as a final reminder of all we discussed.” OK, so it was really God, but I couldn’t help but smile at what he said and how clearly he echoed the message of Awakened World.

I loved the conference. It was so over the top. I struggled with bronchitis which still lingers, but I couldn’t bear to miss a minute of it. You did a brilliant job. Even the chaos that came about was a beautiful test of our resilience and willingness to work through any difficulties. You probably didn’t plan or intend it, but it couldn’t have been more perfect. I thank you from the bottom of what feels like a greatly expanded heart.

Karyn Lindberg

Olympia, Washington

Thank you indeed for the landmark Conference. Surely, the Awakened World 2012 is an axial marker in its own world. So much warmth hatched in so brief a meeting among such a variety of attendees. I am convinced so many like us are out there. I believe, this will catch on. Thank you indeed and a big, big congratulations to you two and the whole team.
Kamar Oniah

I just want to thank you and your staff and all the people who worked so hard to create an endless array of amazing experiences in Rome and Florence. It has been life changing. I have been wakened gently and inspired to look at the world differently. It has opened up many connections for me. I look forward to even more.


Thanks again,

Ginny Bitting

I am enormously impressed with your organizational ability, the ease (seemingly!) of synthesis to bring all these thoughts to a cogent, useful format that can start the march into the second axial age! The passion you have for this path which is palpable, awakens in others the possibilities!

Blessings to you ~ many big thank yous!!



Kiki Bill