The Women's Wisdom Forum

We are in a co-creative inquiry process, learning about who we are as a network of New Thought women by stepping up to conversations into which we all contribute our authentic experience and intuition about how to evolve our personal and collective spiritually motivated lives. Out of this process of listening and sharing, some strong themes and area of focus are universally emerging…

In our conversations we are asking the question:
“What strengths and challenges are unique to YOUR feminine leadership and consciousness that we together must fully empower if we are to be Be the Change we wish to see in the world?

We ask you to draw on your own personal experience, but to also hold in your mind and heart the community of women around you, and the vibration of global women beyond that…

Periodically, we will choose a theme from the list of “Themes of Focus” that reflects our shared ideas about strengths and challenges women face in the journey toward full empowerment. Each FORUM is linked to a page that allows you to enter your contribution on the current theme, and while you’re there, to browse contributions entered by other women. You can enter into any forum with your contribution.

Here you will consider the theme and enter a QUOTATION that inspires you in direct connection to the theme.

Here you will consider the themes and enter an ORIGINAL AFFRIMATION that women could work with each day in connection to the theme.

Here you will consider the themes and enter a SUGGESTION FOR ACTION OR PRACTICE that women could undertake in seeking new mastery in relation to the theme.

Here you will consider the themes and enter a KEY INSIGHT that has not been stated fully, and that you believe is really the key, or the core wisdom at the heart of this theme.

For each theme, we will ask for a team of volunteer leaders, from among our community of New Thought women, including YOU. The team’s role will be to simply pay attention to the four forums as new themes are introduced. At intervals, we will have a call with the team to discuss and synthesize the contributions in each forum.

Finally, we will share our collective creation immediately with the entire network, and AGNT will provide a variety of tools that will make it possible for you and your spiritual communities to make use of the new ideas as they emerge.