The Women's Wisdom Forum

We are in a co-creative inquiry process, learning about who we are as a network of New Thought women by stepping up to conversations into which we all contribute our authentic experience and intuition about how to evolve our personal and collective spiritually motivated lives. Out of this process of listening and sharing, some strong themes and area of focus are universally emerging…

In our conversations we are asking the question:
“What strengths and challenges are unique to YOUR feminine leadership and consciousness that we together must fully empower if we are to be Be the Change we wish to see in the world?

We ask you to draw on your own personal experience, but to also hold in your mind and heart the community of women around you, and the vibration of global women beyond that…

What is actually unique about the dynamics of feminine leadership?

Each of us is Oneness embodied, a balance of inherent unity in the form of separated bodies, learning to know ourselves and one another as That. Achieving this balance is a process. Because many women gather together especially in times of stress, women face the challenge of achieving a true individuation when called by our natural impulse toward the collective. At the same time because women naturally have the inclination to form relational networks, we are better able to exchange relevant wisdom and accelerate mutual learning during this critical time. Our growing networks form the foundation for a new kind of leadership that is more feminine in style where the collective is ‘leaderful’ and each participant’s nature and skills emerge and lead under specific conditions. Women are reaching into this kind of leadership as they step into their own sovereignty and come together to guide the human heart toward a more balanced and sane world.