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World Café #1

New Thought Feminine Power Community

Question: When do you feel the power of the Divine Feminine
and how does it express itself in your life today?


Grand Synthesis of Concepts
Compiled by Jeanie DeRousseau

Key Insights: Seven Facilitated Groupos of Two Rounds Each
(facilitator notes from recording follow in order)


Collective wisdom about the power of the Divine expressed through the feminine

As women expressing our human-divine potential, we step forward together to create life-affirming environments and other new forms for ourselves and for the greater good. Our kinship to each other and to nature nourishes and empowers us, as we apply our intuition, nurturance, creativity, strength and passion wherever it is needed to unite the human family.



• Inner strength, holding ground in the “eye of the storm”
• The unshakeable mother’s love
• Trusting the invisible, unseen, darkness; trusting implicate timing
• Exploring uncharted territory and welcoming chaos in service of the highest good
• Breakthrough by unfoldment of the higher order

• Bringing intuition and creativity to government
• Creating active peace beyond the individual, to the systemic level
• Connection and interconnectedness with each other and the earth.

• The indivisible “oneness “ of all life and being
• Creativity as a birth and surrendering to the Divine Mind
• Fluidity of feminine energy, also contained in the male embodiment

• Feminine seen as the mother
• Moving through contention by growing compassion
• Embracing the Divine in everyone
• The multi-colored, multi-layered aspects of Divine Feminine
• Feminine expresses by learning to ask for what she wants

• Aligning through the willingness to listen and commitment to the process
• Allowing the Divine feminine to move through us, to be of service and healing to the very fullest extent of our being

• Authenticity and alignment with the Divine
• Many faces of the Divine feminine
• Nurturance, listening, creativity, alchemy arising in centered intuition
• Energy and context created by a the heart of women in community

• Awareness of nature stimulating consciousness
• Bringing nature into cities
• Getting in touch with our own inner nature, groundedness
• Deepening our authentic sense of self through creativity, connection, and nurturing


Bonnie Kelley:

words in my group were the “Eye of the Storm”, the inner strength of women, and the ability to hold and trust in the higher order. They love what is not seen, the invisible, going into the tear, meeting honestly in the invisible space, the imperturbability. And that the mother’s love- nothing can shake it. And that goes back to the feminine power, eye of the form, trusting in the organic unfoldment in the higher order. Very powerful energy in the un-seen; not being afraid of the un-seen, what does not meet the eye. Loving the darkness, which is like a womb.

Feminine strength, breakthroughs, inner strength, willing to go through challenges, Grace under pressure. THE EYE OF THE STORM. Holding groundedness in the midst of chaos swirling around. Spaciousness, Hold Both/ And .. Holding the ends coming into balance! trust of organic, come into own timing, IN "Spirit" holding and trusting...trust in the higher order, not afraid of newness, ambiguity, there is fun in exploration. FEEL the invisible threads that are unraveling and revealing .. how this all empowers and outpictures. Eliana-- from Galilee: She loves what is not seen! What doesn't meet the eye. She loves the darkness –like the darkness of the womb! Being in the womb... THE GESTATION THERE. The gestation period. Not knowing, the PREGNANT possibilities -- akin to birth, loves the messiness. WILLING TO GO INTO THE TERROR... MEET IT HONESTLY-- into the invisible space... Imperturbability -- don't run from it...(Groundedness)

LIKE MOTHER'S LOVE: nothing can shake it. This is feminine power!! "CHAOS IS A FRIEND"


Lisa Pasquinelli:

We were in the second group having a good discussion about intuition and creativity, and how those are connected to a feminine leadership style, and how in recent years there seems to be a paradigm shift that has happened and is happening. At the end we were talking about our hope for governments worldwide in order to help create world peace that it will move from where it seems to be at the personal level and the corporate level now to the government level. In our first group we talked a lot about connection; connection from the heart, connection to the earth and to people, and service, and the energy and the flow and the interconnectedness of ALL both within ourselves and to others and to the earth and how important all of those are when thinking about the Divine Feminine and being lead by that.


Peggy Price:

What really set off our conversation was the very first person who spoke on the first call who set the tone which was- first she had difficulty isolating the Divine Feminine because of the oneness and the all-ness of it, and really got to the place where she realized that it was the Spirit side of her- that “do-er” of the Divine mind that expresses itself. We picked up on that theme to talk a lot about creativity and how that gets embodied, and one person said that I feel this great sense of creativity when I’m giving birth to new ideas and what a great metaphor that is. And working around the heart, a deep sense of surrender to the Divine. And to see that sense of knowing when we’re in it because it’s fluid and it’s plastic and it’s malleable when we’re in that feminine energy. As distinguished from the masculine aspect. And we all agree that it’s embodied in us in the feminine form, but it’s in male/female also, and we all embody this in some way.


Patricia Bisch:

It was beautiful and the Divine feminine in leadership was seen in loving, and hugging grandkids. That contention in all ways, when we move through contention and are loving and compassionate, that is the Mother holding the child, that is the way through contention. There was another speaking of the Divine feminine as an innate acceptance of people, seeing the Beloved in people’s eyes, and accepting everyone. And embracing the Divine in everyone. We had words such as moistness, recognizing that the black turns into colors was in both groups, that the feminine turns into colors, it enriches. Speaking about flowing down and being engaged. And asking for what you want- learning to ask for what you want is how the feminine expresses, that was a big point.


Joya Comeaux:

We had someone in our group from Israel, and that brought us onto ancient wisdom, literally being in that place of mirium, being in that energy and how when you’re in that willingness and willing to listen, you feel that connection and the nurturing and all of those things that you can align to the Divine feminine when you’re in that place of commitment and power and observing yourself and others and the experiences in their evolutionary growth, spiritual growth, and their ability to be happy and powerful and be committed to the process. And also in rising up, watching this progression over the last ten to twenty years, expanding, watching that nurturing energy and also the innate experience within ourselves to want to be used up. I love the analogy that someone said that when you’re watching a candle and all the wax is burned out, how that flame will keep going as long as it can until it’s used up. And I know for myself that I’ve felt that and we were talking about how we’re here to be of service, we’re here to listen and to really act upon these energies and urges coming through into us through that Divine feminine energy that is healing the planet and ourselves.


Jeanie Rousseau:

I think the word authenticity came up in both of the groups, and it signaled the alignment of the self with that Divine feminine. And in the different contexts, different faces of the feminine might arise. There was a strong sense of nurturance, listening, creativity, alchemy arising when one is centered in intuitive, and there was another strong sense of power, energy, strength, passion that could arise when that was the context that was given the Divine feminine. The many faces of the Divine feminine was a strong current of energy and the alchemy that can take place when many women coming from that place are together in one space, creating a context, a heart space, from which what is needed can arise.


Pat Watson:

It’s interesting that in both groups, the theme that really arose was around nature and being the stimulus for awareness and consciousness and nature being water’s creativity, mountains. One of the key things that was talked about too was the importance of getting nature into the cities, greening our cities and looking at ways to do that. And the other was going into our own nature, which needs to start within us, and connecting and really what it means to be a woman from the inside out, and looking at that from a sense something that’s organic and authentic, and about being our authentic self and how we express that through creativity, through nurturing, through greening our planet earth. That takes us into an area of groundedness, that whole idea of groundedness as women and how we go about being that and getting in touch with our bodies, etc.